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School ppt

  1. 1. OUR SCHOOL J.A.Komenskeho Most , Czech republic
  2. 2. You can see our school and surrounding from the aeroplane view. There are school buildings and the new modern playground. (Karolína)
  3. 3. Our school logo Our school supports Healthy life style many ways
  4. 4. Our hallway is very long and there are some pets as a parrot and budgies. There are pictures of flowers and tree and butterflies on the wall. Our teachers painted the pictures. And there are exercise machines.Students can use them in the break. (Kristina)
  5. 5. There are symbols of Czech - the national tree is lime and you can see a lime leafe too. There is Czech national anthem . There is a Czech flag. In Czech sign you can see a lion and two different eagles. (Martin)
  6. 6. This is our another hall with two big flags-flag of EU and flag of Czech. On the walls there are little flags of another countries of Europe and on the notice board with the map of EU. ( Nikol)
  7. 7. E-twinning is one of optional subjects at our school. We practice English language in real communication with new friends from European countries. We use ICT for communication. There is the noticeboard about etwinning activities. Can you find your team photo ?
  8. 8. In our canteen we can buy some drink, chocolate donuts, cheese rolls, potatoes, milk, sanitary towels, sweets etc. I often buy drinks and cheese bagets. Canteen is opened every day. (Šarlota)
  9. 9. This is our parrot „Saša“. It is photo from the long corridor connecting two school buildingds. The home for parrot is a large black cage with many ornaments. Children take care about our school pets. There are three budgies in the cage with the parrot. ( Bara, Julie )
  10. 10. In our school there is also big modern dining room. School cooks cook teasty meal every day. Students and teachers can have lunch there. We must pay for lunch but it isn‘t too expensive. (Bohdan)
  11. 11. There are 2 gyms in our school. First gym is small and second gym is bigger. We play a lot of sport games there in PE lessons . For example : floorball, football, voleyball, basketball, dodge ball etc. PE is favourite subject for most students. (Vasek, Alex)
  12. 12. Recycling centre We have some containers for recycling of paper, plastic, glass, electronic materials and other. We learn how important is to protect our environment.
  13. 13. There is our classroom for ICT lessons. We write texts, invitations, make posters, we work with photos, pictures etc. We learn to use Word, Excel, Corel, Power Point and more tools.
  14. 14. Kitchen is downstairs. We can cook sweet and savory food there. Students can cook according to their choice. We have got two lessons every Friday. We like cooking. (Karolina and Michel)
  15. 15. In our school club is time for relax, play games, talk with friends, make homework, enjoy fun. We can go there in our free time. Our students are very good in sports. They have a lot of prizes and medals.
  16. 16. School subjects We have 12 main subjects: Czech language, English, German, Maths, History, Geography, Physic, Art, ICT, Biology, Music, Home studies and Citizenship. Main subjects are Czech languagee and Maths. We have some optional subjects as etwinning, PE, media education (to make school magazine or videos) and other. We like mostly Art, Music, ICT and English  We don’t like Maths! It is difficult for us.
  17. 17. Marks at Czech school 1 EXCELLENT * * * (it is the best mark and students are happy ) 2 3 GREAT GOOD 4 FAIR 5 LOW (it is the worse mark and students are very sad  when they get it)
  18. 18. Schedule / timetable
  19. 19. Special school activities • • • • • Learning in nature Halloween Christmas performance Skiing course Teachers‘ day – kids become teachers for one day • Culture performance • Earth day • Olympic games
  20. 20. Key facts about our school 523 students 37 teachers The program The Health Promoting School Supporting healthy life style Friendly atmosphere Education for life
  21. 21. Komenskeho School, Most Czech Republic 2011