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Czech republic


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for etwinning project made by Turkish students

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Czech republic

  1. 1. Who are famous people from Czech Republic
  2. 3. Together @ctively and cre@tively
  3. 4. Most of these information have been found and written down from different web-sites online by our students/ Turkish Team. I hope that's not a mistake. If so, we're really sorry.
  4. 5. Milan Baroš Milan Baroš (born 28 October 1981) is a Czech footballer who plays as a striker for Galatasaray and the Czech national football team. He is known for his direct style of play, pace and dribbling skills. Turkish people like Milan Baroš
  5. 6. Petr Čech Petr Čech (born 20 May 1982) is a Czech football player. He currently plays for Chelsea in English Football Premiership. Before playing for Chelsea, he played in Ligue 1. He became a player for Chelsea in June 2004. Čech is thought to be one of the best goalkeeper in the Premier League. He had the record of the least losses in his first season playing for Chelsea. That season he helped Chelsea to win the title of Premier League. He also helped Chelsea to win the same title the next year.
  6. 7. Martina Navrátilová Professional tennis player born in Prague, Czechoslovakia*. Started playing professional tennis in 1972 and emigrated to the USA in 1975. Won Wimbledon six times in a row (1982 - 1987) and set several records during her career. Won 167 singles championships and 158 professional tennis titles, and became the oldest tennis player who beat a no. 1 ranked tennis professional (then Monica Seles) at the age of 37. Retired from playing singles in 1994.
  7. 8. Eva Herzigova Herzigová was born in Litvínov, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic). She began her modeling career after winning a modeling beauty contest in Prague in 1989 . at the age of sixteen. After arriving in Paris, her popularity increased.
  8. 9. Lucie Bílá Lucie Bílá is a fantastic singer. She was born on 7th April in 1966.She was born in a town called Otrokovice. She is a very beautiful woman.She has got long,black hair and she has got brown eyes.Her smile is nice.She is clever.She is a talented actor and singer. At the start of her career she sang with a music group called Rock- Automat.Now she is a solo singer.She sings in a new musical Carmen.She has got her own theatre Ta Fantastica. She was in a fairytale called Princess from Windmill.She has got a son. His name is Filip. Her voice is fantastic. Everybody in the Czech Republic likes her because she is friendly.
  9. 10. He’s the most famous singer in the Czech Republic. He was born under the sign of cancer on 14th July 1939 in Pilsen. He won a lot of music awards. He’s the king of Czech pop music. Karel Gott is famous almost in whole Europe, especially in Germany. He’s one of the biggest legends of the Czech music scene. When he took up singing , he was not very popular, because he was very strange and he sang a lot of modern songs which people didn’t like that time.People call him „A gold voice from Prague“. KAREL GOTT
  10. 11. Gregor Johann Mendel (1822-1884) The father of genetics and the laws of heredity - Mendel's Laws. Born in Heinzendorf (now Hynčice, Czech Republic), Mendel received his education at the Augustinian monastery in Brno where he also performed his experiments with plants. Mendel also taught at the technical school in Brno. He coined the terms dominance and recessiveness , still used in present-day genetics.
  11. 12. Prague is like a woman: tender and hard, capricious and deep as a well in which you can recognise your real face. To many, Seifert is thought to be the embodiment of the Czechoslovakian poet. His poetry is still read and admired in his homeland. In 1984, his autobiography 'Vsecky Krasy Sveta' (All the Beauty of the World, 1981 ) brought him the Nobel Prize for Literature, making him the first Czech to win this honour. During his lifetime, Seifert published more than 30 volumes of poetry. Among the most notable are 'Mesto v Slach' (1921), 'Sama Laska' (1923), 'Svatebni Cesta' (1925), 'Slavik Zpiva Spatne' (The Nightingale Sings Badly, 1926), 'Jablko z Klina' (1933), 'Ruce Venusiny' (1936), 'Zhasnete Svetla' (Put Out the Lights, 1938) as well as 'Morovy Sloup' (The Plague Column, 1977). Jaroslav Seifert (1901-09-27 - 1986-01-10 )
  12. 13. Jaromír Jágr He is an ice-hockey player.He was born on 15th February in 1972 in Kladno and he grew up in Hnidousi.When he was 16 years old,he became a very famous person.He plays with number 68 vhich also his grandfather wore.In 2001 he decided to leavePitsburgh and now he represents Russia.He likes Czech dumplings, sauerkraut and pork.
  13. 14. Tomáš Rosicky Tomáš Rosický is a sportsman. He was born in 1980. He started his football career when he was 4 years old. He is a football player, he played in Czech team AC Sparta Praha with all Czech football stars e.g: Petr Czech, Jan Koller, Pavel Nedved, Karel Poborský and others... In 2000 he went to Borusii Dortmund. Porusii Dortmund is a very good, rich German football club. He was the best player in this team. In 2003 he played with his friend, Jan Koller. In 2005 he was bought by the best English team '' FC Arsenal London ''. Now he plays in FC Arsenal London, but he isn't the best football player here. He plays with Adebayor, Fabregas, Van Persie and others... He will become part of Czech football history.
  14. 15. Tomáš Dvorák Tomáš Dvorák is a Czech sportsman and a former holder of the world record in decathlon. He has got brown hair. He is tall and slim. He is muscular.He is 36.He was born on 11th May in 1972.He comes from Zlín.He was born under the zodiac sign of Bull.Tomáš was a sports instructor when he did the military service.He won the award for the best Czech Athlete.Many people know him.His career started when he placed second in Junior Championship in Europe in Solun.He is very successful.
  15. 16. Lucie Vondráckova Lucie Vonrácková is a very young Czech talent. She is a singer and an actress. She was born on 8th March in 1980. She is tweny seven years old. Her mother is Hana Sorrosová. Her father is a musician and his name is Jirí Vondrácek. She has gotone brother. Her brother is David. She is a very good singer, dancer and she likes forein languages. She played in film Snowboardaci. She is beautiful. She has got blond hair. Shes has got her own style and image. Her best song is Jeans. She is very funny and clever. She likes to read books,to go to the cinema or theatre and to meet her friends.
  16. 17. Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Austrian-Czech writer born in Prague, a significant figure in the 20th century literature. Kafka is recognized as an icon of dark existentialist literature. He wrote in German and his best known novels are The Trial (1925), The Castle (1926), and America (1927).
  17. 18. Vojta Kotek He is an actor.He was born on 8th January in 1988 in Prague. His dad plays in Jára Cimrman’s theatre and his mum studied at artistic university. We often see Vojta Kotek on TV. He acts in film Tuláci, Smrt pedofila and Josef a Ly. Next he plays in a soap opera called Pojištˇovna štestí. His famous film is Snowboardáci. This film is very funny.Vojta has got experience with dubbing. He dubbed Daniel Ratcliff in Harry Potter. He likes to play golf and he goes snowboarding and he can ride a horse.
  18. 19. Ema Destinnová (1878-1930) A great Czech soprano and patriot, also known as Emmy Destinn. She sang at some of the most prestigious opera houses in the world, including the Covent Garden, the Berlin Hofoper, and the New York Metropolitan Opera, and also sang with Enrico Caruso.
  19. 20. MAGDALENA KOŽENÁ   Magdalena Kožená is well established as a major concert and recital artist.   Magdalena Kožená was born in Brno, studied at the Brno Conservatoire and with Eva Blahová at the College of Performing Arts in Bratislava.  She was awarded several major prizes in both the Czech Republic and internationally, culminating in the 6th International Mozart Competition in Salzburg in 1995.
  20. 21. Václav Klaus He was born on 19th June in 1941. He is our third president. He became the Czech president in 2003 when he was 62. His wife’s name is Livie Klausová. Václav Klaus is very likeable . He wears glasses. He is tall and plump. He is clever. Before he became the president, he was a member of the Civic democratic Party. He likes basketball and tennis. He was in Italy in 1966. He has got two sons by his wife.
  21. 22. Jirí Paroubek Jirí Paroubek is a politician. He was born on 21 st August in 1992. He worked as an economist. He was promoted to be the chairman of the Czech government in the year 2005. He isn`t very popular with Czech people. There are many jokes about him - for example he is known under the nickname of buldozer. He is a member of Czech Social Democratic Party. He has got wife, Petra Kovácová . She`s a translator and a French teacher. He was charged with manipulatingthe police investigation just a few days before polls. He is tall and overweight.
  22. 23. Miloš Zeman Miloš Zeman is a politician and an economist . He was born on 28th November . After he passed his school-leaving exam at a business hgih school , he went to univesrsity . During the Prague spring season he joined Dubcek s communist party . In years 1990-1993 he worked as a scientist . In the year 1992 he became a member of social democratic party . He is tall and overweight . He has got brown eyes .Now he isn t in government. He lives in a small village .
  23. 24. Václav Havel was born on 5th October 1936 in Prague. When he finished basic school, he studied at high school and worked in a laboratory. After that, he worked in a theatre. In 1964 he married his first wife, Olga Splichalova. He was the opponent of communism. In 1975 he wrote a letter for president Gustav Husak and then (in 1977) he published Charta 77. That s why he was put in prisoner for five years. On 29th December 1989, Federal council elected him the president. He was the first non-communist president of Czechoslovakia. When Slovakia separated from us(in 1993), he became the first president of the Czech Republic. He is an excellent writer and he has written a lot of books. He was one of the most important people in the time of communism. Václav Havel
  24. 25. Greetings from Istanbul/Turkey