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What is eDiscovery?


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UBIC helps enterprises build preventive legal strategies. Our services employ the latest technologies to address the growing legal risks faced by businesses today. In a global economy, where one small event in one place can trigger a series of unexpected events across the globe, businesses need to adopt flexible and robust legal practices that can be translated quickly and efficiently.

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What is eDiscovery?

  1. 1. eDiscovery How eDiscovery changed theinformation gathering system in courts
  2. 2. eDiscovery Slide 1• Electronic discover or eDiscovery have been proven to be a vital source of information when providing pieces of information that are required during litigation or during a legal process. eDiscovery was first amended in 2006 and since then, eDiscovery evolution have come a long way.
  3. 3. eDiscovery Slide 2• During that time, the United States Federal rules of Civil Procedure approved that gathering litigation- worthy facts and data. These facts should be done in the initial phase of a civil lawsuit. Whatever piece of information found that can serve as a proof to defend both sides’ cause is called as the electronically stored information or ESI. These includes documents typed in word format, spreadsheets or those written in excel can be presented as an evidence. Along with the eDiscovery evolution, the facts found from the internet through email and even phone mobile conversation valid
  4. 4. eDiscovery Made-Easy
  5. 5. eDiscovery Slide 3• It is very undeniable that each human being uses technology for communication, transaction, leisure, business negotiation and the like. No matter what positive result it brings, there will always be glitches and misunderstanding that will cause civil lawsuits. Experts have studied the relevance of including electronic data to be presented in courts and they have found out how big of an impact it can bring.
  6. 6. eDiscovery Slide 4• What lawyers like about eDiscovery evolution is that it is precise, intangible, and it contains rich information that may serve as a key in winning a lawsuit like copyright infringement, breach of contract, employment problems, and many others. Although a Microsoft document or the spreadsheet can be deleted nor edited, it contains metadata or hidden files that even the person who alters it is not aware.
  7. 7. eDiscovery Slide 5• The metadata can record information like IP address or internet protocol address, the date a certain document was revised, the time and date when an email was sent, etc. Audio and video conversation especially in the internet and mobile phone can be accessed through conversation history. The time, date and content of the conversation are logged and it cannot be altered.
  8. 8. eDiscovery Slide 6• Because of eDiscovery phenomena, IT industries offered their services to lawyers, courts and clients who seek electronic data that can be very useful in their cause. This is another eDiscovery evolution wherein it combined the law and information technology. The court is aware that due to the overwhelming email exchange and long conversation some information may be irrelevant. Because of that, IT companies conduct special training to extract valuable information that may change the course of the lawsuit in favor for their clients.
  9. 9. eDiscovery Slide 7• As of today, there is no doubt that eDiscovery evolution will continue since IT companies are still looking for ways on how to make data retrieval faster to speed up civil litigations. Aside from that, the continuous development of internet applications and software which people use is prone to copyright issues, piracy, fraud, breach of contract and the like. along with these changes, it would lead to changing of rules and regulations when it comes to gathering facts through electronic gadgets but rest assured that these changes are for the better.