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  • Mostadmiredcompanyandmostvaluablebrandin TurkeyTurkey’ssocialresponsibilityleaderandthemostdesiredcompanytoworkforbyCEO’s
  • Turkcell Tone&Win

    1. 1. Turkcell’s Tone&Win First and Best Mobile Ringbacktone Advertising Platform 10.06.09
    2. 2. Turkcell Group: Leader in the region Operations in 8 countries, 62 M subscribers Belarus Ukraine Kazakhstan Moldova Georgia Turkey Azerbaijan Northern Cyprus *Turkcell is holding a 41.45% stake in Fintur and through Fintur holds interest in AzerCell, K’Cell, GeoCell and MoldCell.
    3. 3. Turkcell is A Player In The Forefront Turkey’s leading provider with 37 million subscribers. Europe’s 2nd and the world’s 13th largest operator in terms of subscribers * First and only Turkish company listed in the New York Stock Exchange First and reachest PERM DB reaching 7.6 mio Tone&Win selected as Best Mobile Advertising Service in GSMA, 2009 (* Sep 30, 2008)
    4. 4. Turkcell Mobile Marketing Timeline 3G Affiliate New Ad Media 2009 Sponsorships Wap Banner 22 Product Co-Branding 2008 MM Emp: 14 Product and Project Dev. Permission Based Marketing 650 Camp. 2007 Dijital 16 Product Content 2006 370 Camp. MM Emp: Campaign 9 Product 12 Credits/Airtimes 2005 296 Camp. MM Emp: 9 MMA: 22 Campaign 8 Product MMA: 15 2004 167 Camp. MM Emp: 3 Product 5 Sweepstakes MMA: 12 Campaign 2003 78 Camp. MM Emp: 2 2 Product MMA: 8 2002 Project Group MMA: 4 Revenue ve Ecosystem Development Interactive media with new and alternative the highest enabler media response rate and measurability
    5. 5. Tone&Win*: An Award Winner Service! GSMA Awards/2009 TESİD / 2008 Best Mobile Advertising Service Creative / Innovative Idea Finalist Meffy’s Awards/ 2009 Altın Sim Kart / 2008 Ad Campaign Finalist BEST VAS of the Year Visiongain’s MAMA / 2009 Altın Örümcek / 2009 Best Creativity or Innovation in mobile marketing Best Telecom Web Site by Public and advertising *TonlaKazan in Turkish
    6. 6. Tone&Win : World’s first Ringbacktone Advertising Platform TonlaKazan is the world’s first RingBackTone mobile advertising platform. It is a service that mixes web 2.0, RingBackTone technology and media all in one.
    7. 7. Subscribers “TonlaKazan combines the power of simplicity with a value proposition to all involved in the ecosystem – the advertisers, the consumers, and the operator making it a uniquely successful and revenue-generating service. Mobile companies around the world should take a look and learn.” Chetan Sharma President, Chetan Sharma Consulting
    8. 8. Tone&Win : www.tonlakazan.com www.tonlakazan.com Logged in to www.tonlakazan.com
    9. 9. Tonic Experience Win Artimes&MinutesReklam as your callers listen branded RBT… 1. Visitor enters wap/web sites and preview brand 1 jingles Preview latest branded RBT 2. TonlaKazan member “Tonic” log in to platform and see branded rbt according to his profile. 3. “Number of Branded RBT” shows how many 2 Tonic could select the content. Branded RBT according to Tonic profile 4. Tonic could select branded RBT for a week and RBT subscriber could win up to start to win airtimes&minutes as he answers 150 units / 40 minutes while voice call. Non-RBT subscriber could win up to 90 unites / 25 minutes. Units are valid for a week in onnet voice calls
    10. 10. Tone&Win : wap.tonlakazan.com 1. Entering Wap Site 2. Selecting Brand Jingle 3. Balance Check Out
    11. 11. BRANDS
    12. 12. Brand Experience Fantastic reporting! 1. Brand send brand jingle, logo and budget confirmation doc. 2. Platform profiles Tonics according to ASL and Education info. 3. Brand Jingle goes online! 4. are charged according to listened branded RBT over 5 seconds. 5. Platform sends fantastic reports.
    13. 13. Brand Experience Amazing profiling! 1- TonlaKazan platform profiles tonics according to AGE, SEX, LOCATION and EDUCATION data. 2- Only selected Tonics could see&select branded RBT. 3- There is a correlation of %85 between Callee and Caller profiles. So, targeting callee’s means targeting callers! QOS 007 branded RBT was only visible to Tonics 15+, male living in 25 cities that shows 007 movie.
    14. 14. Pricing Model CPL (COST PER LISTENING) Budget= (Branded RBT) x (CPL) Budget: Total Cost of TonlaKazan Campaign Branded RBT: Amount of the branded RBT* listened by the customers CPL: Cost Per Listening ( Constant for all brands) TonlaKazan has a performance-based pricing model, Cost Per Listening (CPL) in which advertisers are charged according to the amount of branded RBT that callers hear *Call duration over 5 seconds will be charged
    15. 15. Tone&Win Tonic Community http://blog.tonlakazan.com/ Facebook Fan Pages (Click) News about latest Tonics become fan! developments&campaigns Tonics give comments about Turkcell’s first blog page campaigns&developments!
    16. 16. Tone&Win Architecture CRM CRM TonlaKazan.com Reporting 1001 APIs Tonla Kazan Platform Ring Back Tone Platform Tonic Fulfillment Encryption Server Minutes/ Units PCPM RBT Istanbul IVR RBT Ankara IVR RBT İzmir IVR
    17. 17. Tone&Win Pepsi Campaign •Campaign Dates: 15.05.2009 – 31.07.2009 •Scenario: Send the password, get Tone&Win, get 10 units. Other prizes: 10.000 TL x 1 consumer and 1.000 TL x 10 consumer everyday •Expected response rate: •13 mio SMS/ 3,25 mio unique consumers •Other Media: TV, web, radio, outdoor, pr activities •Highlight: First TV+ Tone&Win campaing with celebrity. Watch TV Ad
    18. 18. Tone&Win BP Campaign •Campaign Dates: 01.04.2009 – 31.07.2009 •Scenario: Buy BP Motor OIL, Win up to 135 credits (Instant Win + Surprise Win + TonlaKazan) • Expected Response Rate: •150K SMS / 110K unique consumers •Other Media: Press announcement, web, wap, radio, POP and TonlaKazan 18
    19. 19. So far… More than 500.000members reaching 15.000.000 people/month creating 100.000.000 impression/month
    20. 20. So far…
    21. 21. Thank you