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Descripcion de personajes famosos


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Lifestyle
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Descripcion de personajes famosos

  1. 1. LEONARDO DI CAPRIO<br />lefttopHis name is Leo di Capprio. He is 36 years old. He is a Famous. His hair is short and blond; his eyes are blue and have a fantastic smile. He is small and he has white skin. <br />VANNESA HUNGENS<br />She is Vanessa Hudgens, her stature is medium, she is thin, her brown hair and wavy. Her skin is white and her brown eyes. <br /> JENNIFER LOPEZ<br />She is Jennifer Lopez, her skin is brunette and she is thin and tall, her hair is blond, wavy and long and her eyes brown.<br />MARLON MORENO<br />He is Marlon Moreno, he is tall and thin, his hair is black and his skin is brunette and his eyes brown.<br />CAROLINA CRUZHer name is Carolina Cruz, she is very beautiful, his hair is brown and long and his skin is burnette. She is very tall and very elegant. His eyes are brown and she is thin because is model.<br />