Addressing Institutional Research Data Management - University of Edinburgh Roadmap


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Addressing Institutional Research Data Management - University of Edinburgh Roadmap

  1. 1. Tutorial: Addressing InstitutionalResearch Data Management[University of Edinburgh Roadmap]Robin Rice, Data LibrarianEDINA and Data LibraryCOAR 2013Istanbul: 6-7 2013
  2. 2. Timeline• RDM policy passed the Senate followingconsultation with colleges in May, 2011.• Information Services Plan, 2012-13: “Researchdata management & storage – policies, training,curation, preservation, baseline 0.5Tb/user…”• RDM Roadmap drafted and approved, for aninitial 18-month period August 2012-January2014. Living document.• Last week: capital funding approved for storage.Recurrent staffing needs being addressed.
  3. 3. RDM Roadmap governance• Implementation Committee - membership fromacross Information Services (Library, DataLibrary, IT Infrastructure, User Services, DCC)• Charged with delivering services that will meetpolicy objectives which can be achieved in thenear term• Reports to academic Steering Groupwhich ensures services are‘researcher-shaped’.
  4. 4. Data Management PlanningData Management Planning• Support and services for planning activitiesthat are typically performed before researchdata is collected or created– Addresses policy points 3, 4
  5. 5. Data Management Planningobjectives in the roadmap1. Tailored DMP assistance for PIs submittingresearch proposals– Analyse plans and collate a set of successfulexamples– Consultancy service for researchers wanting advice2. Customise DMP Online for optimal UoE use– Evaluate DMP Online with Edinburgh researchers– Brand / customise DMP Online for Edinburgh– Develop custom guidance with Schools
  6. 6. Active Data InfrastructureActive Data Infrastructure• Facilities to store data that are activelyused in current research activities, toprovide access to that storage, and tools toassist in working with the data– Addresses policy points 5, 8
  7. 7. Data infrastructure requirements• Globally accessible cross platform file store withsufficient capacity to meet majority needs• Support mobile devices and collaboration• Mechanisms for backup and synchronisation• Ensure integrity and long term retention of‘golden copy’ of data
  8. 8. Data store recommendation:single site solution
  9. 9. Data StewardshipData Stewardship• Tools and services to aid in the description,deposit, and on-going management ofcompleted research data outputs– Addresses policy points 6, 7, 9, 10
  10. 10. Data stewardship services– Data (dark) archive service - vault– Data asset register– Data repository (enhanced)– PURE Current Research Information System(CRIS) integrated with other systems
  11. 11. The data repository andUniversity RDM policy“9. Research data of future historicalinterest, and all research data that representrecords of the University, including data thatsubstantiate research findings, will beoffered and assessed for deposit andretention in an appropriate national orinternational data service or domainrepository, or a University repository.”
  12. 12. Does Dspace work for data?• Communities, collections, data items, files• Metadata subset from DCMI “dcterms”vocabulary, RDF-compliant – aidsdiscovery• Persistent identifier (handle) assigned• Suggested citation provided; viewabledownload statistics• Single-sign on with EASE• Embargo option – delayed publication
  13. 13. Challenges from Pilots• Linguistics and English Language. School of Philosophy,Psychology, and Language Sciences. A Collection of Dinka Songs: Also digitised audio files.• Roslin Institute – lots of ‘omics data• Informatics (2) – big data, software, licences• College of Art – high resolution output• Clinical Psychology – postgraduate work and “sensitive”data
  14. 14. Planned development• Better documentation and guidance• Metadata enhancements• Usability improvements for depositors• Better use of faceted search & browse• Curation tasks / preservation procedures• SWORD / batch ingest• Data visualisation / display• User registration??
  15. 15. Data Management SupportData Management Support• General consultancy and support servicethroughout the research process– Address policy points 1, 2, 4
  16. 16. Supporting and trainingresearchers• Online guidance for academic staff• Embedding RDM training into postgraduateprogrammes (MANTRA)• Training librarians & IT staff• Awareness-raising and service roll-out acrossschools and research units• Data management consultancy; grant-costedeffort such as in-depth planning or metadatasupport; assisted deposit of large collections
  17. 17. Why do we needawareness raising?• A common question: “Why has nobody told meabout this before?”• A common statement: “We need help withkeeping up to date with the new tools/servicesthat are continually appearing … I generally onlyhear about these by chance...”
  18. 18. MANTRA online training course
  19. 19. URLs• Research data guidance–• MANTRA online training–• Edinburgh DataShare–• Research Data MANTRA & DIY Training Kit forLibrarians:•• Edinburgh Data Blog: