UK LOCKSS Alliance Member’s Briefing


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Presentation given by Adam Rusbridge, 22 October 2009.

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UK LOCKSS Alliance Member’s Briefing

  1. 1. UK LOCKSS Alliance Member’s Briefing Adam RusbridgeEDINA, University of Edinburgh October 2009 1
  2. 2. Open Access Week• Central to UK LOCKSS Alliance, and CLOCKSS, is access.• The UK LOCKSS Alliance is a co-operative organization whose goal is to ensure continuing access to scholarly work in ways that are sustainable over the long term.• Access to content is central component of licenses – Secure continuing access to scholarly content within license terms – Where possible, taking steps to encourage Open Access * LOCKSS is building local collections, but Open Access and Creative Commons license allows greater freedom for use. * For CLOCKSS, Open Access following release is integral.
  3. 3. The Developing Environment• UKLOCKSS and CLOCKSS separate payment from access and put libraries in control. – UKLOCKSS is all about you, your collections, your scholars. – CLOCKSS is a global initiative where you have influence on the global stage.• Together, the two initiatives ensure all publishers are covered, both large and small.• They ensure that content is in your custody and control – locally with UKLOCKSS; globally with CLOCKSS.• Open access ensures that libraries are the benefactor – Where not possible, secure continuing access as entitlement of subscription• Governance model allows libraries to take active leadership – locally, nationally and internationally
  4. 4. UK LOCKSS Alliance: Transition to Service • Nascent organisation needs time to develop • Activity driven by members, collectively – Economic and cooperative benefits – EDINA and JISC Collections supporting the initiative • Introducing an approach for governance and participation – Focused on establishing the correct model for the UK • UK LOCKSS fits into wider national activity – CLOCKSS – Piloting An E-Journals Preservation Registry Service (PEPRS) – Pilot for Ensuring Continuity of Access via NESLi2 (PECAN) 4
  5. 5. Awareness and Best Practice still needed • Uncertainty about best practice and strategy – ALPSP publisher survey report indicates demand for industry-wide working group modeled on Project TRANSFER or Project COUNTER – Stakeholders map out future development plans – • Collaboration among UK activities a good first step towards clarity.
  6. 6. Development • New member of LOCKSS team – Dimitrios Sferopoulos – • Improve resources, stability and knowledge • Working on: – Metadata Extraction for OpenURL link resolvers – Content Processing
  7. 7. UKLA Communication • Member web area – Steering Committee reports – Archive of documentation and reports • Webcast for December – Date to be announced 7
  8. 8. UK LOCKSS Alliance Institutions • University of • Leicester University Birmingham • London School of • University of Bristol Economics • De Montfort University • University of Newcastle • Durham University Upon Tyne • Edinburgh University • University of Sussex • Glasgow University • University of St Andrews • University of • University of Warwick Huddersfield • University of York • University of Hull • Kings College London 8
  9. 9. Content Development 9
  10. 10. Content Development • New publishers – Taylor and Francis * Began development earlier this year * LOCKSS web pages now being tested * About to begin plugin development * Hope to release content by end of 2009 – Emerald Publishing Group * Publisher development near completion * Plugin has been developed * Content is in testing – Springer in development * Responding to library demands • Preparing further releases for: – Annual Reviews – Oxford University Press 10
  11. 11. At-Risk Content • NOW AVAILABLE: Pain Reviews (Hodder Arnold) • LOCKSS negotiated Creative Commons Open Access License * OA content stays freely available * ANYONE can re-publish content * Content can be moved from one archive to another without permission from publisher 11
  12. 12. At-Risk Content • DrogoResearch – LOCKSS negotiated content out from behind pay-wall * “8th July 2009: from today you no longer need to login to the Journal to view whole articles” – LOCKSS negotiated Creative Commons Open Access License 12
  13. 13. At-Risk Content • ICTHES World Care – In contact with editors at two journals – Summer board meetings: discuss LOCKSS / OA policy 13
  14. 14. • Thank you for your attention• Adam Rusbridge – – 14