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EDINA Supporting Digital Research


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An overview of what EDINA has to offer to researchers in UK HE and FE. Presented by Nicola Osborne and Lisa Otty at Supporting Digital Scholarship in CHSS on 2 December 2015

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EDINA Supporting Digital Research

  1. 1. Supporting Digital Research Lisa Otty Nicola Osborne
  2. 2. Areas of Expertise
  3. 3. Research Services
  4. 4. Statistical Accounts
  5. 5. Palimpsest / LitLong
  6. 6. Trading Consequences
  7. 7. What EDINA does… • Develop and manage online projects and services. • Develop mobile apps, projects and prototypes. • Provide development consultation and advise on the process and costs of developing new digital collections, tools, and research sites. • Advise on communications and social media.
  8. 8. Get in touch Edina supports digital research locally within the University of Edinburgh and within the UK more broadly: tell us how we can help… • • Lisa Otty: @LlynO • Nicola Osborne: @suchprettyeyes