Fieldtrip GB: A customisable mapping and data capture app


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Fieldtrip GB: A customisable mapping and data capture app

  1. 1. Fieldtrip GB: A customisablemapping and data capture appBen Butchart apps, maps and Augmented Reality, British Geology Survey, 14thMay 2013, Keyworth, Nottingham
  2. 2. Challenges developing data captureapps• Relatively high cost• Rapid advances in technology…, so can become redundantquickly• Multiple operating systems• Mobile Network signal coverage is patchy – urban focus.• Versatile apps for data collection…do not allow apps to be‘branded’ …- proliferation of standalone apps could create clutter• Users expect apps to be intuitive and have high usabilityRoy, H.E., Pocock, M.J.O., Preston, C.D., Roy, D.B. & Savage, J. Tweddle,J.C. & Robinson, L.D., (2012)Understanding Citizen Science and Environmental Monitoring, UK Environmental Observation Framework, 29/01/2013)
  3. 3. Fieldtrip GB - Overview
  4. 4. Fieldtrip GB – Overview 2Home Screen Save maps for use offline
  5. 5. Authoring tool: Form BuilderCreate your own datacollection form anddeploy it to your phone
  6. 6. Authoring tool: Record ViewerSearch and filter recordsExport as GML / geoJSON and collate data
  7. 7. Fieldtrip GB Open data mashup• Strategi• Vector Map District• Land-Form PANORAMA• OpenStreetMap• Natural England
  8. 8. Why Fieldtrip GB needs its ownmap?Fieldtrip GB OpenStreetMapGoogle Maps EDINA Openstream
  9. 9. ArchitectureSERVICE ARCHITECTURE• Apache web server• Mapcache (Tile cache)• Python WSGI (PC API)• Citrix Netscaler load balancer• VSphere VMWare (SUN X4150 cluster)Map GENERATION ARCHITECTURE• OpenStack private cloud• Apache Web Server• Mapserver 6.2• Mapcache seeder• PostGISClient Architecture• PhoneGap• OpenLayers• JQuery MobileWhy PhoneGap?• OpenLayers map library more versatile• Easier to implement custom forms• Lower cost of delivering to multipleplatformsData storage outsourced (Dropbox)
  10. 10. How it all works
  11. 11. PC API Concepts• Editors: forms for capturing data and creatingdigital assets.• Records: Data captured using editor with linksto assets• Assets: Images, audio files, GPX files…• Providers: a personal cloud (storage) providersuch as Dropbox.
  12. 12. PC API Examples•• login)•••••,format&id=Animals.edtr&frmt=csv
  13. 13. PC API: Editors<form id="form410" data-ajax="false"><div class="fieldcontain" id="fieldcontain-text-1"><label for="form-text-1">Title</label><input name="form-text-1" id="form-text-1" type="text" required="" placeholder="Placeholder" maxlength="10"></div><div class="fieldcontain" id="fieldcontain-radio-1"><fieldset data-role="controlgroup"><legend>Animal</legend><label for="form-radio-1">Frog</label><input name="form-radio1" id="form-radio-1" value="Frog" type="radio" required=""><label for="form-radio-2">Crow</label><input name="form-radio1" id="form-radio-2" value="Crow" type="radio" required=""><label for="form-radio-3">Duck</label><input name="form-radio1" id="form-radio-3" value="Duck" type="radio" required=""><label for="form-radio-4">Rabbit</label><input name="form-radio1" id="form-radio-4" value="Rabbit" type="radio" required=""></fieldset></div><div class="fieldcontain" id="fieldcontain-image-1"><div class="button-wrapper button-camera"><input name="form-image-1" id="form-image-1" type="file" accept="image/png" capture="camera"required="" class="camera"><label for="form-image-1">Take</label></div></div></div></form>W3C Media CaptureHTML5 Forms
  14. 14. PC API: Records{"records": [{"fields": [{"id": "fieldcontain-radio-1","val": "Duck","label": "Animal"},{"id": "fieldcontain-image-1","val": "1366535731001.jpg","label": "Take"}],"point": {"lat": 55.93927759949593,"alt": null,"lon": -3.145817487354138},"editor": "animals.edtr","timestamp": "2013-04-21T09:15:53.246Z","name": "animal"}],"error": 0}
  15. 15. Future Direction: Citizen Science andAugmented RealityWe are planning…• Add “Project Builder” to Authoring Tool– Streamlined interface– Single capture form– Pre-cached map downloads– Image overlays• App Builder: generate an app (apk)?• Line and Polygon annotations• Citizen Science– More complex forms , classification workflows– Reward contributors with context driven information– More sensor capabilities• Augmented Reality (Wikitude PhoneGap plugin and ARML 2.0)– Visualize and capture GPS tracks and POIs in landscape– Add simple 3d models (wind turbines etc.) and capture in landscape– Capture Thematic 2.5 overlays– Location triggered events• Develop PC API for use by other organisations data storage (Digimap, BGS)
  16. 16. THE Fieldtrip GB TEAMBen Butchart ( project manager)Addy Pope ( product design)Murray King ( engineer)George Hamilton (engineer)Panos Terzis (engineer)Michael Koutroumpas (engineer)Tim Urwin (GIS / cartography)Fiona Hemsley-Flint (GIS / cartography)Jackie Clark (graphic design)