RJ Broker: Automating Delivery of Research Output to Repositories


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Presentation during Webinar given by Muriel Mewissen of EDINA, 29 May 2013.

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RJ Broker: Automating Delivery of Research Output to Repositories

  1. 1. RJ Broker:Automating Delivery of ResearchOutput to RepositoriesMuriel Mewissen - EDINARSP Webinar - 29 May 20131
  2. 2. Overview• Need for a broker• Development of the RJ Broker• Publisher & Subject Repository Trials• Future• ConclusionRSP Webinar - 29 May 20132
  3. 3. The need for a BrokerRSP Webinar - 29 May 20133
  4. 4. FocusSupport Open Access & Funder mandates:• To increase the number of deposits to UK repositories• To minimise effort by depositors and IR managersInstitutional RepoSubject repoPublishersAuthor 2 /RepresentativeFundersPublisher SystemIRIRIRAuthor/PIRSP Webinar - 29 May 20134Broker
  5. 5. Development of the RJ BrokerRSP Webinar - 29 May 20135
  6. 6. Previous & Current Projects• EDINA led several projects in the repositoriesarea since 2006:– Prospero, The Depot, OpenDepot.org, EM-Loader, OA-RJ, UK RepositoryNet+ (RepNet), ORI and RJ Broker– http://edina.ac.uk/projects/• RJ Broker– April 2012 to March 2013– Extension to July 2013– Component of the RepNet infrastructureRSP Webinar - 29 May 20136
  7. 7. Abstract Model: A Delivery Service• RJ Broker is a delivery service for researchoutput– Deposit: parcel or letter– Metadata: address– Notification: postcard• Vision:– http://oarepojunction.wordpress.com/2013/01/10/rj-broker-a-research-output-delivery-service/RSP Webinar - 29 May 20137
  8. 8. RJ Broker• RJ Broker is an independent middleware tool– Accept deposit of research articlesNLM DTD, bespoke format, SWORD, Eprints– Process the deposits into a common formatRJ Broker code– Identify target repositories from metadataOrganisation and Repository Identification (ORI)http://ori.edina.ac.uk/– Handle deposition to registered repositoriesSWORD, plugins (Eprints, DSpace,Fedora,…)– Provide tracking ID to content supplierURIsRSP Webinar - 29 May 20138
  9. 9. RJ Broker• RJ Broker also– Allow browsing, search and downloadGUI & APIs (Eprints)– Notify other repositories with relevant contentMonthly email“View”useful for non SWORD systems (CRIS),individualsRSP Webinar - 29 May 20139
  10. 10. Proposed RJ Broker ServiceRSP Webinar - 29 May 201310
  11. 11. Publisher & Subject RepositoryTrials with the Pilot RJ BrokerRSP Webinar - 29 May11
  12. 12. Pilot RJ Broker• Demonstrate the functionality• Real data• Test the scalability• Publisher: Nature Publishing Group (NPG)• Subject Repository: Europe PubMed CentralRSP Webinar - 29 May12
  13. 13. Publisher: NPG• Record includes– Metadata: rich, embargo, funder, multiple authors,ORCID in the future…– Content: Multi-part publication (some content may beembargoed) i.e. full text• Development work:– Agree format for the record (NLM DTD based)– EDINA developed an importer for the data– Transfer using SWORD 1.3– NPG added new stream in their publication workflowthat send data to the RJ BrokerRSP Webinar - 29 May 201313
  14. 14. NPG• Legal agreements to respect embargo periods– Between NPG & EDINA– Between EDINA & IRs• MIT signed the IR agreement– Working on data importer for DSpace• Worth considering to receive:– Quality: Full text publication & rich metadata– Timely: Straight from the publisher during thepublication process even if embargoed• Template agreement on requestRSP Webinar - 29 May 201314
  15. 15. NPG• Set up took several months– Time difference– Relies on voluntary participation– Requires small amount of development work– Legal framework• Successful data transfer trial between NPG& RJ Broker in February 2013• NPG ready to start continuous data feed– A couple of journals first to increase with take up• Transfer to test IRsRSP Webinar - 29 May 201315
  16. 16. Subject Repository: Europe PMC• Use case supported by Jisc, RepNet & WellcomeTrust– UK focus– Support funders mandate• Record includes:– Metadata only: funders, grant numbers, first authoronly, DOI to full text…– Fully Open Access– New publication or Update to existing publicationRSP Webinar - 29 May 201316
  17. 17. Europe PMC• Development work:– Agree format for the record (bespoke)– EDINA developed an importer for the data– Transfer using SWORD 1.3– MIMAS/EBI get regular data feed from PMC– Push data from their regular feed to the RJ Broker• Set up took a few weeks• Successful data transfer trial betweenEurope PMC & RJ Broker in February 2013• Ready to start continuous data feed– Average 160,000 records per month• Transfer to test IRsRSP Webinar - 29 May 201317
  18. 18. Europe PMC Trial in Numbers~67,000~60,000~58,500~22,500~14,5001,665RSP Webinar - 29 May 20131867,000 records in the trial dataset(~12 days based on an average 160,000 per month)7,000 no affiliation 60,000 sent to RJBroker1,500 errors (bad format) 58,500 successfullyreceived by RJ Broker36,000 with no identifiableorganisationRJ Broker identifiesorganisation for 22,5008,000 no repositories 14,500 haverepositories13,000 worldwide (not UK) 1,665 in the UK
  19. 19. Europe PMC Trial in NumbersRSP Webinar - 29 May 201319
  20. 20. Europe PMC Trial in NumbersRSP Webinar - 29 May20Number ofassociatedrepositories forrecords with oneorganisationidentified
  21. 21. Europe PMC Trial in NumbersRSP Webinar - 29 May 201321CountryCodeCountry Number ofrecordsus USA 5934gb UnitedKingdom1665ca Canada 1099jp Japan 722au Australia 655se Sweden 313es Spain 304nl Netherlands 299de Germany 239tw Taiwan 181fr France 180br Brazil 179it Italy 176be Belgium 174th Thailand 168za South Africa 160sd Sudan 15555 other countries withless than 1% of recordseach1836
  22. 22. Top UK Institutions Destination Number ofrecordsUniversity of Oxford 170University of Cambridge 139University College London 119Imperial College 103University of Edinburgh 88University of Manchester 63University of Bristol 61University of Nottingham, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne 56Liverpool 55University of Glasgow 52RSP Webinar - 29 May 201322Europe PMC Trial in Numbers78 UK Institutions in total
  23. 23. Europe PMC Trial in NumbersRSP Webinar - 29 May 201323
  24. 24. RJ Broker Trial Installation• GUI preview access• OA records from NPG & Europe PMC areavailable for browsing & downloading– Check what we have for your institution!– http://devel.edina.ac.uk:1203/– !!! It is only trial & development installation– !!! Not a service yetRSP Webinar - 29 May 201324
  25. 25. RJ Broker TrialDemonstrate features:• Importing records from different suppliers• Storing & Processing (~2s per record)• Repository Identification• Delivery• Browsing & DownloadMore end-to-end use cases• External IRs• Different IR platforms (Eprints, DSpace, Fedora…)RSP Webinar - 29 May 201325
  26. 26. The FutureRSP Webinar - 29 May26
  27. 27. Immediate Future• Project extension (31 July 2013)• Prepare transition to service– Service installation– Add functionality• Email notification to all (non-registered) IRs• Improve support for different repository platforms• Bulk transfer of data backlog• Support RIOXX metadata export– Early adopters• IRs• Data suppliers to establish data feeds– Start building data store• Content kept for 1 year to start withRSP Webinar - 29 May 201327
  28. 28. Future (after July 2013)• Transition to Service– Within RepNet Infrastructure– SLD– Roadmap for adding further functionality• Open for recruitmentRSP Webinar - 29 May 201328
  29. 29. Proposed Service to IRs• All IRs:– Browse and download OA content through public APIsand GUI to the RJ Broker– Ready to accept registration of new IRs– Info „pack‟ on how to register to the RJ Broker deliveryservice– Monthly email notification to IRs with a list of citationsfor the OA publications which have been supplied tothe RJ Broker in the last month and are relevant tothe institution, includes instruction on how to accessthe APIs and GUI for browsing and downloading thecontent and an invitation to register to the RJ Brokerdeliver service.RSP Webinar - 29 May 201329
  30. 30. Proposed Service to IRs• Registration process:– IR provides SWORD endpoint credentials to RJ Broker– IR is configured to accept RJ Broker data– Option to opt-in to receive embargo content requires tosign a legal agreement• Registered IRs:– Direct delivery of new OA content from all suppliers toIR sword endpoint– Direct delivery of embargoed content from all suppliersto IR sword endpoint subject to legal agreementRSP Webinar - 29 May 201330
  31. 31. Proposed Service to Data Suppliers• Ready to accept new data suppliers• Info „pack‟ on how to become an RJ Broker data supplier• Enable regular data feed into RJ Broker• Forward supplied content to registered IRs (whenidentification of target IRs is possible)• Email notification of supplied content to relevant IRs• Expose supplied OA content through APIs and GUI forbrowsing and downloading• Allow tracking and full access to own contentRSP Webinar - 29 May 201331
  32. 32. ConclusionRSP Webinar - 29 May 201332
  33. 33. Conclusion• Effective solution to content dissemination• Benefits all– Increase OA & transparency– Help with reporting– Support promotion– Saves time & effort (money)• Appeal of service will grow• Small amount of development work neededlocally but it is worth it!RSP Webinar - 29 May 201333
  34. 34. Thanks• You• RSP• EDINA Team– Ian Stuart - Cesare Bellini– Muriel Mewissen - Christine Rees– Peter Burnhill - Theo Andrews• NPG, MIT, Europe PMC, MIMAS, EBI, WellcomeTrust• UK RepositoryNet+• JiscRSP Webinar - 29 May 201334