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Slides used in a webinar on 28th November 2012. Covered the Ordnance Survey data that is available for subscribers to download from the Digimap Ordnance Survey Collection. Digimap delivers maps and map data to UK further and higher education:


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  • Give an overview of some of the considerations involved in the onward use of data.
  • Topography Layer is a detailed, intelligent, geographic database. It contains almost half a billion features from the built and natural landscape of Britain. Detailed and surveyed to a high degree of accuracy, the Topography Layer is continually revised to incorporate changes to the urban and rural environment. It consists of nine themes: land area classifications; buildings; roads, tracks and paths; rail; water; terrain and height; heritage and antiquities; structures; and administrative boundaries. The ITN Layer is a detailed, accurate and up-to-date digital dataset consisting of a Roads Network theme and a Road Routing Information (RRI) theme for Great Britain. The Roads Network contains road categories, from motorways and primary routes to named and unnamed minor roads and local streets. RRI contains features such as height, weight and width restrictions; traffic calming; turn restrictions; and one-way roads as well as vehicular access and time restrictions. Other OS Layers – not available within Digimap Address Layer The most complete national address dataset for the whole of Great Britain. Imagery Layer The OS MasterMap Imagery Layer is a maintained dataset of  high-quality aerial photography and provides a detailed aerial map of Great Britain.
  • Code-Point consists of two separate elements, Code-Point itself and Code-Point polygons: Code Point provides a National Grid reference for each unit postcode in Great Britain. Multiple postcodes in a single block of flats or offices will share one National Grid reference. With each co-ordinated point there is information about the postal delivery points within the postcode unit and codes for a number of administrative boundaries, which coincide with the postcode unit. It is Code-Point that is used in Digimap when a postcode search is entered to locate a map. Code-Point polygons represent postcode unit boundaries in Great Britain. The boundaries are derived from ADDRESS-POINT®, an Ordnance Survey product which provides a National Grid co-ordinate for each postal delivery address in Great Britain. Each postcode unit boundary is created to surround all addresses with the same postcode. Where appropriate, the boundaries follow major roads, railways, rivers and Royal Mail postcode sector boundaries. Often, tower blocks or similar buildings will be assigned with more than one postcode. Such buildings are called vertical streets and are represented in the polygon dataset as small squares. A separate look-up table links postcodes to vertical streets using a unique vertical street reference code. Some postcode units are omitted from the dataset, due to issues of accuracy or because they are PO boxes (i.e. non-geographic postcodes). These are listed in separate tables, included with the Code-Point polygons. Boundary-Line is the key dataset of administrative and voting boundaries in Great Britain. Available in NTF, SHP and MIF / MID formats. Differences in the download for different formats: The NTF files available for download are divided by area. There are individual NTF files for each County, Unitary authority and European Region of Great Britain. NTF files for each County and Unitary Authority contain all the boundaries for all the other datasets within them. These datasets will vary depending on the country that the area is in. Shape and MID/MIF files have Great Britain wide coverage for each boundary type; e.g. A Shapefile of all the European Regions or a MID/MIF file of all the Westminster Parliamentary Constituencies. County County Electoral Divisions District Borough Unitary Authority District Borough Unitary Authority Wards European Regions Greater London Constituencies Scotland and Wales Constituencies Unitary Authority Electoral Divisions Westminster Constituencies
  • Give an overview of some of the considerations involved in the onward use of data.
  • Ordnance Survey Data Download

    1. 1. Digimap Collections • Download Ordnance Survey data: – Which OS map data products are available? – How to download: • OS data from the Data Download facility – MasterMap Download – Digimap OpenStream – Onward use of data – Resources
    2. 2. Data download services • Users can download a wide range of OS map data products in Data Download • MasterMap Download is for OS MasterMap data in GML (vector) format • Boundary Download provides OS Code-Point (postcode data) and OS Boundary-Line • From early 2013, everything will be available in Data Download
    3. 3. How often is data updated? • Image of 1:25000 scale raster updated in July (OS creation date May 2012) • Used to be one annual update - now update data more regularly • Data Download offers different versions • MasterMap GML data – September and May • MasterMap raster data – created annually
    4. 4. Available datasets and dates• http://digimap.edina.ac.uk/webhelp/os/data_information/os_data_iss ues/os_update_dates.htm#
    5. 5. 2 types of map data • Vector map data allows identification or individual features. • Range of vector formats available, not consistent over all map products. Some formats may require conversion to use in GIS/CAD. • Raster data all in TIFF image format (you cannot select individual features in raster maps).
    6. 6. Data Download products
    7. 7. Data Download products
    8. 8. Data download products
    9. 9. Data Download products
    10. 10. MasterMap Download• Ordnance Survey have 4 layers of MasterMap data (Topography, Imagery, ITN and Address Layer - Digimap offers two of these layers:• Topography layer – 9 themes• Integrated Transport Network (ITN) layer
    11. 11. MasterMap Download • Most detailed mapping available of GB • Scale 1:1250 to 1:10000 • Widely used by architects and planners
    12. 12. OS MasterMap Topography data http://www.ordnanc esurvey.co.uk/osweb site/products/os- mastermap/index.ht ml
    13. 13. MasterMap ITN data http://www.ordna ncesurvey.co.uk/o swebsite/products /os- mastermap/index. html
    14. 14. Boundary Download products •Code-Point – postcode listings or postcode polygons •Boundary lines – e.g. counties, unitary authorities, electoral areas •National GB boundaries
    15. 15. Code-Point •Code-Point provides listings of postcodes, with their geographical coordinates and other associated information.
    16. 16. Code-Point • Code-Point data, on 1:10000 Scale Raster background •Available in CSV or NTF format
    17. 17. Code-Point Polygons • Code-Point polygons are post-code boundaries • Image shows Code-Point data and Code-Point Polygons, on 1:10000 Scale Raster background •Available in SHP or MIF/MID format
    18. 18. OS Boundary-Line • Image shows all available boundary types • Different data provided depending on format selected. For SHP and MIF/MID format – select boundary type, then you are given those boundaries for all of GB.
    19. 19. OS Boundary-Line • NTF format – select your region (county, urban authority, electoral area), then you are given all available boundaries for that region.
    20. 20. Boundary lines sample • Raster map of Edinburgh • Scotland constituency boundary lines overlaid
    21. 21. 1:50000 Scale Gazetteer • All place name searches in Digimap use the OS 1: 50000 Scale Gazetteer • Same database that is used on the Landranger Maps • Download entire database in Data Download (approx. 250,000 entries)
    22. 22. Gazetteer Plus • Download selected place name records in Gazetteer Plus • Limit search by any combination of place name, feature type, coordinates. • Download a file that can be used to place point data on maps.
    23. 23. Digimap Collections • Download Ordnance Survey data: – Which OS map data products are available? – How to download: • OS data from the Data Download facility – MasterMap Download – Digimap OpenStream – Onward use of data – Resources
    24. 24. Data Download• All steps to download data on one screen• Allows for selection of multiple data products in one order• Can select the version of the data you prefer, e.g. 2011, 2012• MasterMap Download and Boundary Download will eventually be incorporated into Data Download
    25. 25. Data Download • Step 1 – Select area • Step 2 – Select data • Step 3 – Add to Basket
    26. 26. Data Download
    27. 27. Options • Some map data products have more than Format option or Version • Change the default selections within your Basket:
    28. 28. Preview Area • Receive all intersecting National Grid tile covering the selected area • Likely to receive data for a larger area than the one selected • Each map data product information box tells you its tile size • National Grid tile sizes: – 1 x 1 km, 5 x 5 km, 10 x 10 km, 20 x 20 km, 100 x 100 km
    29. 29. Link to collect data
    30. 30. Collect data
    31. 31. Exercise • Access Data Download • Download data for area around the City of York – 1:1000 MasterMap raster – 1:25000 raster, April 2011 version – Profile DTM, TIFF format – VectorMap District, SHP format
    32. 32. What area?
    33. 33. What area?
    34. 34. What do I download? • Download zip file • Unzip to access the data
    35. 35. Unzip
    36. 36. What do I download? • Citations text file • Contents text file • Separate folder for each map product you ordered
    37. 37. What do I download? • Note the conditions of use text file. Data from Digimap OS is covered by the Digimap licence OR the OS OpenData licence. So each separate data folder has a conditions document that specifies which conditions apply for that map data product. • http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/opendata/d ocs/os-opendata-licence.pdf
    38. 38. What do I download? • Shape files – one for each layer e.g. buildings, boundaries • Note there are other files with same name – keep these in same folder!
    39. 39. What do I download? • TIFF files • You will find TFW or TAB files in the same folder. These contain the geographic coordinates – keep in same folder
    40. 40. Formats • MasterMap GML format. NOTE: MasterMap is also available in raster format from Data Download. • NTF format – National Transfer format – may require conversion. • Shape file format – ArcGIS format. Also compatible with many other CAD and GIS software. • MIF/MID format – MapInfo format. • TIFF – raster image format. Straightforward to use in GIS and CAD. • DXF – CAD Drawing Exchange Format.
    41. 41. What do I do with the data? Download data file Help available 1. Unzip the from: Digimap data •Digimap help Process file the data 2. Conversion may pages •Digimap be required YouTube Import data •eLearning units to •ArcGIS help software pages Create •Other software a map help pages and/or analyse map data
    42. 42. Digimap Collections • Download Ordnance Survey data: – Which OS map data products are available? – How to download: • OS data from the Data Download facility – MasterMap Download – Digimap OpenStream – Onward use of data – Resources
    43. 43. MasterMap download • Why is there a separate MasterMap download? – Historical - the old Data Download facility could not cope with MasterMap vector data – Additional security requested by Ordnance Survey – Allow delivery of Change only updates • MasterMap vector data will shortly be available via Data Download
    44. 44. MasterMap Download MasterMap Download - Steps: 1. Select the required data layer and themes 2. Search for your location 3. Select location from search results 4. Refine area if required 5. Review download request summary 6. Set download options 7. Retrieve data from Your Account
    45. 45. 1. Select data layer and theme(s) – Select Layer – Topography or ITN – Choose Themes
    46. 46. Your Account
    47. 47. Your Account has a full order history Can re-order current data, original data or achange-only update
    48. 48. Unzip MasterMap data files • GZ (GZip) file included in MasterMap download zip file • GML data file within the GZ file • Depending on how data is used, may need to remove GML data file from GZ file (use 7Zip, Gzip, WinZip…)
    49. 49. Unzip MasterMap data files • MasterMap download folder contents, after extracting GML file
    50. 50. Digimap Collections • Download Ordnance Survey data: – Which OS map data products are available? – How to download: • OS data from the Data Download facility – MasterMap Download – Digimap OpenStream – Resources
    51. 51. Digimap OpenStream
    52. 52. Digimap OpenStream • Free service to academic community – NOT just for Digimap registered users • Allows users to stream certain OS datasets directly to their software without downloading and storing large quantities of data • Digimap OpenStream provides access to the following OS OpenData products: – MiniScale® – 1:250,000 Scale Colour Raster – OS Vector Map™ District (Raster) – OS Street View® • http://openstream.edina.ac.uk/terms
    53. 53. Training & Support Resources
    54. 54. Digimap OS Collection Help • Get help with formats, conversion requirements, conversion tools, viewing and styling data in GIS/CAD
    55. 55. Elearning modules
    56. 56. YouTube
    57. 57. Ordnance Survey • Ordnance Survey website: http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/products/