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JISC MediaHub

  1. 1. Andrew BevanEDINA User Support
  2. 2. JISC MediaHub 1. Service introduction 2. Collections 3. Overview of key functions 4. Terms of use 5. Subscription 6. Keeping in touch
  3. 3. • Service includes copyright-cleared film, image and sound files for educational use,• plus searching JISC MediaHub delivers results from other collections of film, image andsound
  4. 4. Login options
  5. 5. Collection types
  6. 6. JISC eCollections content • 130,000 media items • Digital Images for Education content • ITN/Reuters archives, including Gaumont cinema newsreels • Other collections of film and sound, including Performance Shakespeare, Culverhouse Classical Music, Imperial War Museum, Getty, Royal Geographic Society, St Georges Medical School and more. • http://mediahub.blogs.edina.ac.uk/collections/
  7. 7. TV news
  8. 8. Cinema news
  9. 9. Documentary film
  10. 10. History
  11. 11. Medicine
  12. 12. Science
  13. 13. Humanities
  14. 14. Contemporary images
  15. 15. Social history
  16. 16. External Collections • 595,000 media items
  17. 17. JISC MediaHub Home page – next version • Search available at top right of each page, more options underneath • Images shown are proposed update of interface, subject to external usability testing. Likely launch data February 2013.
  18. 18. Results page • Sorted by relevance – date, title, relevance sort options • Relevant Refine/filter options on left • Hover over small images, pop up box with more details on left
  19. 19. Refine results
  20. 20. Classification changes • Icons changed to better reflect access. • Possible to have a result with more than one icon, e.g. Requires login and Hosted on another website.
  21. 21. Individual results • Icon to denote access attributes, e.g. JISC eCollections, requires login etc • Icon to denote media type, e.g. still image • Preview, mark, or click MORE…
  22. 22. Full record Click to browse other items from this collection Share, mark, Download bookmark options options
  23. 23. Full record • Description, Comments from users • Click on any of the highlighted Description fields to generate a new search • Links to similar content and recently viewed items
  24. 24. JISC eCollections content - images • Download image, 2 size options
  25. 25. JISC eCollections content - videosVideo•For Inside MediaHub videos, you will see a frame from the video. You can play the videowithin the full record page and download in a range of formats.•NOTE: if your video is longer than average, you may see a list of clips on the right handside of the video image. Select each clip separately to play:
  26. 26. JISC eCollections content - audio • Audio player to allow you to listen to the file. You can download the audio file in a range of formats:
  27. 27. External content For items external to JISC MediaHub, you will see a small image representing the media item, but you link to an external website where you may have to login to view/play/download the item:
  28. 28. JISC MediaHub Explore • Explore by Collection, Time, Subject, Learning Materials, Place or Advanced Search • What new Learning Materials would you like to see?
  29. 29. Explore Collections
  30. 30. Explore using a timeline • Search to create a timeline • Zoom in to see more detail using control on right • Move along timeline using blue arrows on right
  31. 31. Explore Subject • This area allows you to explore the JISC eCollections content, which has been catalogued with one of two subject classifications • Unesco subjects – Film & Sound Online content • IPTC subjects – DIE and NFO content • Click on top level subject to start, click blue figures to see results
  32. 32. Advanced Search • Combine keywords, selected collections, other optional fields • Live search results at bottom of page Input keywords and/or subjects Select collections to search Media type, date, Number of results access, genre, displayed here duration
  33. 33. Bookmark items • Users must sign in via UK Federation to bookmark items
  34. 34. Mark items
  35. 35. Leave comments
  36. 36. Share items
  37. 37. My MediaHub
  38. 38. My MediaHub
  39. 39. Terms of Use You can: •Create local cache to improve access •Download metadata, films and scripts •Print metadata, stills and scripts •Use in course materials •Use in coursework •Include in secure VLEs, MLEs •Display, download & print for promotion, testing & training •Display at seminars, conferences, workshops
  40. 40. Terms of Use You cannot: •Display without appropriate acknowledgement •Sell or resell the licensed material and/or metadata •Remove or modify copyright •Alter, adapt or modify •Publish content on the open web •Commercial use or any other non-education purpose
  41. 41. Terms of Use • External to JISC MediaHub • User needs to check terms of use • Full record page links to Terms of Use on external site
  42. 42. Terms of Use
  43. 43. Future development• New version launched January/February 2013 – subject to amendments following usability testing• New JISC MediaHub licensed content• Check out the Roadmap section of the blog for updates: http://mediahub.blogs.edina.ac.uk/category/roadmap/
  44. 44. IET.tv • 3000 hours of footage • The archive contains programming from practising engineers, technologists and key industry speakers including prestigious lectures and presentations from major IET and other organisations’ events, and interviews with experts from industry and academia • In total, there are over 3,000 presentations in 8 Technology Channels which are aimed at the engineering academic and research market covering core engineering & technology subjects:  Communications  Control & Automation  Electronics  IT  Management  Manufacturing  Power  Transport
  45. 45. Feedback • New survey in place for 2012-13 – please complete and tell us what new Learning Materials you require • 2011-12:  74 responses to survey  Results summarised and sent to JISC Monitoring Unit
  46. 46. Subscription http://www.jiscecollections.ac.uk/
  47. 47. Advisory Boards
  48. 48. Subscribe to blog Recent posts to highlight content include: •Eric Hosbawm: Marxist Historian •Great JISC MediaHub Bake-off! •Pre-Raphaelites invading London •London 2012 Paralympics •London Olympics 2012 •Soup cans and Spray cans •Happy 50th Anniversary of Independence, Rwanda and Burundi •The Talented Mister Turing •Farewell to our Man from Mars: Ray Bradbury dies aged 91
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