Introduction to Digimap's Ordnance Survey Collection


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EDINA webinar delivered 24 October 2012. Introduces the map data and services available in Digimap's Ordnance Survey Collection, a subscription service for UK further education and higher education.

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Introduction to Digimap's Ordnance Survey Collection

  1. 1. Content • Overview of Digimap Collections • Make maps to view/print online • Download map data for use in GIS/CAD • Support
  2. 2. Digimap Collections • 4 JISC-licensed collections of mapping data • EDINA designs, and hosts the data for, the 4 browser-based Digimap Collections • Colleges and universities subscribe to each Digimap Collection separately •What can I do…?
  3. 3. Authentication • No separate login page • Users can choose to login via UK federation, or to Explore Resources
  4. 4. Digimap’s Ordnance Survey Collection View and print PDF maps Download data – 3 facilities Query tools
  5. 5. Copyright and Terms of Use In summary: • maps produced from Digimap are for Teaching, Educational Research or Academic Research by registered users. • there are some restrictions on the size and form of publication of maps from Digimap. • copies may be made of maps printed from Digimap providing they are required for Teaching, Educational Research or Academic Research purposes. All copies must continue to show the copyright acknowledgement. • all maps must carry an appropriate copyright acknowledgement, for example: "© Crown Copyright/database right 20(yy). An Ordnance Survey/EDINA supplied service."
  6. 6. Copyright and Terms of Use • Guidance on the OS licence agreement:
  7. 7. OS licence • JISC Collections has made progress with this negotiation and the OS has agreed to cap the liabilities they seek from subscribing institutions. • There will be an End User Licence Agreement - work is ongoing to make this as simple for the user as possible.
  8. 8. Content • Overview of Digimap Collections • Make maps to view/print online • Download map data for use in GIS/CAD • Support
  9. 9. Digimap’s Ordnance Survey Collection •Roam – fixed scale mapping. Zoom levels, or views. Each view uses an OS data product, the product used will be the one most appropriate for that scale. Print A3, A4 PDF. •Carto – user selects scale of map. However Carto will not display a product if it is not sensible to do so at the selected scale...e.g. very detailed mapping will not be displayed if the user selects a small scale, say 1:500000. Print A4 to A0 PDF.
  10. 10. Roam Map tools: hill shading, measure, annotate, print Hints & Tips Task menu: Map panel Search, Map Content, Map Info, MyMaps
  11. 11. Roam • 13 fixed scale map views • Some views customisable, can select which features to display • Search options: full postcode, place name, grid reference • Slippy maps – click and drag • Print in PDF format - A4, A3, landscape or portrait • Copyright statement included on PDF file
  12. 12. Gazetteer • Place name search uses the OS 1:50000 Scale Gazetteer • Same database that is used on the Landranger Maps • No street name searching possible
  13. 13. Customising maps in Roam • Map Content Control – select the features you wish to display • Annotations – add shapes, lines, labels, measurements to your map Digimap Training Workshops
  14. 14. Map Content Control List of layers
  15. 15. Map Content Control Note: Layers only available in vector mapping data...not for raster Uncheck data boxes to remove layers
  16. 16. Data in Digimap – 2 types
  17. 17. Annotations • Add lines, symbols, polygons, labels • Print PDF with polygons
  18. 18. PDF print
  19. 19. Map Information Map product, map date, coordinates, print scale
  20. 20. Carto
  21. 21. Carto Additional facilities: • Specifying the scale of a map • Search using Easting & Northing • Refine place name search • Printing at a range of (A4 to A0)
  22. 22. Carto Home page Task / functions menu Navigation and measurement tools
  23. 23. Carto will be replaced • Digimap team working on replacement, to be available 2013 • Too difficult to maintain - changes to web browsers and Java • Your feedback appreciated on development: – carto-we-need-your-help/ Digimap Training Workshops
  24. 24. Content • Overview of Digimap Collections • Make maps to view/print online • Download map data for use in GIS/CAD • Support
  25. 25. Download data for GIS/CAD • Users can download a wide range of OS map data products in Data Download • MasterMap Download is for OS MasterMap data in GML (vector) format • Boundary Download provides OS postcode and boundary lines
  26. 26. Updated data • Image of 1:25000 scale raster updated in July (OS creation date May 2012) • Used to be one annual update - now update data more regularly • Data Download offers different versions • MasterMap GML data – September and May • MasterMap raster data – created annually
  27. 27. Available datasets and dates• os_data_issues/os_update_dates.htm#
  28. 28. Data Download• All steps to download data on one screen• Allows for selection of multiple data products in one order• Can select the version of the data you prefer, e.g. 2011, 2012• MasterMap Download and Boundary Download will eventually be incorporated into Data Download
  29. 29. Data Download • Step 1 – Select area • Step 2 – Select data • Step 3 – Add to Basket
  30. 30. Data Download
  31. 31. What do I download? • Download zip file • Unzip to access the data
  32. 32. What do I download? • Note the conditions of use text file. Data from Digimap OS is covered by the Digimap licence OR the OS OpenData licence. So each data folder has a conditions document that specifies which conditions apply.
  33. 33. What do I do with the data? Download data file 1. Unzip the Help available Digimap data from: file •Digimap help Process 2. Conversion pages the data may be •Digimap required YouTube Import data •eLearning to units software •ArcGIS help pages Create •Other a map software help and/or pages analyse map data
  34. 34. Quick poll Screensharing – what do you want to see? •A – Demo of Roam •B – Demo of Data Download •C – Tour of support materials
  35. 35. Content • Overview of Digimap Collections • Make maps to view/print online • Download map data for use in GIS/CAD • Support
  36. 36. Possible support needs • Map creation • Data downloading • Printing • Map data products - specifications and uses • Onward use of data • Copyright queries
  37. 37. Context sensitive help pages
  38. 38. YouTube Digimap Training Workshops
  39. 39. Training & Support Resources
  40. 40. Training & Support Resources • eLearning units new in 2012
  41. 41. eLearning Units
  42. 42. eLearning units • No prior knowledge of topics assumed • Units 1-3: estimate 2 hours completion time • Unit 4 – 1 hour
  43. 43. Forthcoming eLearning units
  44. 44. Local Support information
  45. 45. My Digimap area
  46. 46. Site Rep usage statistics • Generate usage stats for your institution • You need to have site rep status • Only for OS at present
  47. 47. Site Reps – Getting Support • EDINA Helpdesk – email: – telephone: 0131 650 3302 – fax: 0131 650 3308 • EDINA Digimap website: – • Email discussion list for Site Reps: –
  48. 48. Forthcoming • Prototype mobile app • Learning/resource centre • Replacement for Carto – non-Java based • Feedback survey for 2012-13 to be added shortly to the Collections page – Really important for us to get your feedback – our funders require this