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Slides used in an EDINA webinar on Geology Digimap, on 27th February 2013. Covers the British Geological Survey map data and services that are available in Geology Digimap, a subscription service for UK further education and higher education.

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Geology Digimap

  1. 1. Geology Digimap • Online service, available since 2007 • British Geological Survey geological map data, licensed by JISC for use in education • Subscription service • User registration is required • Functions: • View/print/download maps online • Download map data, create own maps • Access Lexicon of Rock Units
  2. 2. Geology Digimap•Geology Roam - create, view, print and downloadmaps online•Geology Download – download geological map data•Using geological map data in ArcGIS
  3. 3. Geology Digimap Geology Roam – view geological maps with OS maps as background Download geological map data – 4 products available
  4. 4. Geology Roam Tools: fade out maps, annotate, measure, print Task menu: search, customise, active legend, Navigation and map info, save, hints/tips view geological Photos
  5. 5. Search options
  6. 6. Search - place name •List of matches for Liverpool returned •Click once on your choice to generate a map centred on that location
  7. 7. Search - place name • Place name database - 1:50000 Scale Gazetteer • Any place name on OS Landranger maps can be used • Street names cannot be used
  8. 8. Search – place name
  9. 9. Postcode search Detailed view returned
  10. 10. Map Views
  11. 11. Map views • Can no longer see map view name in the top left corner • Found in the Map Information area
  12. 12. Panning Or use compass to pan NSEW Click and drag on the map to move in any direction
  13. 13. Zooming Use the scale bar to zoom in or out to next view •Double click to zoom in to that point •Use scroll wheel on mouse to zoom in/out •Click on the drag zoom tool and draw a box
  14. 14. Map Content Control •Control display of geological map layers
  15. 15. Map Content Control •Check / uncheck boxes to display / hide layers •Content reflects geology at the map location
  16. 16. BGS datasets
  17. 17. Map fade slider
  18. 18. Map fade slider
  19. 19. Map fade slider
  20. 20. Map Information • map view • BGS map product • map extent • cursor coordinates • Current print scale
  21. 21. Geology Roam JIDI images • JIDI Image links: • Over 3000 images mainly found in geologically rich areas such as Cumbria, North and South Wales, the Dorset coast, Edinburgh etc. The images cover a wide range of features from details of bedding planes and large crystals in rock faces to aerial photographs of valleys showing glacial erosion features. • Available at 5 most detailed zoom levels in Geology Roam
  22. 22. Geological Photos •Available at 5 most zoomed in views •Click the camera icon at top right or on Task Menu, to display image locations
  23. 23. My Maps Click Save Current Map
  24. 24. My Maps Map is now permanently available in My Maps
  25. 25. Feature info. Click i to activate get feature info. tool
  26. 26. Feature info. • Click on any area of the map for info. • Places marker and highlights polygon
  27. 27. Active Legends • Active Legend displays all the rocks shown on your current map • Sort Alphabetically or by Frequency
  28. 28. Active Legends • Select a rock in the legend, or on the map – the rock is highlighted on the map
  29. 29. Active Legends • By default, the legend does not automatically update when you pan around or zoom in or out • Options to change the default settings at bottom of legend
  30. 30. Annotation tools • Click icon to activate annotations toolbar • Add symbols, shapes, lines, labels
  31. 31. Measurement tools • Click icon to activate measurement tools • Box appears with distance/area measurement options
  32. 32. Print Click Print icon at top right
  33. 33. Print Options: title, NG lines, annotations, rock labels, layout (A3/A4, portrait/landscape) Check satisfied with print area selected – can click and drag on map to change
  34. 34. Print PDF print generated, with copyright statement, date and time created
  35. 35. Geology Digimap•Geology Roam•Geology Download•Using geological map data in ArcGIS
  36. 36. Geology Download
  37. 37. Geology Digimap Download •4 data sets available, in 2 formats •Can select to download layers of interest only
  38. 38. Geology Digimap data • BGS Offshore Data 1:250000 • DigBath250 – vector digital bathymetry of UK • Mapping and modelling of the sea bed and sub seabed. It may also be useful for regional scale tidal, current and water column modelling. Includes the whole of the UK continental shelf and slope and extends into adjacent European waters to cover the whole of the Irish Sea and North Sea.
  39. 39. BGS OpenScience
  40. 40. BGS OpenScience Maps Section
  41. 41. Access Geology Download
  42. 42. Geology Download interface Step-by-step download process: 1. Identify the product/format 2. Search for your location 3. Choose the required tiles 4. Make download settings 5. Download data files
  43. 43. Step 1: Select product/format • Select product • Choose data format: – Shape (ArcGIS) – MID/MIF (MapInfo)
  44. 44. Step 2: Searching for data • Select a location search method • Choose a result from the list generated by the search
  45. 45. Step 3: Select tiles • Select the required tiles from the list or map • Select the required layers for those tiles • NOTE: Offshore data is available as 1 tile only
  46. 46. Step 4: Download settings • Archiving and compression – Unix, PC, Mac? • Large numbers of component files mean no individual file downloads • All downloads delivered in .zip or .tar archives
  47. 47. Step 5: Downloading • Click the link to go to the download page • Right-click, ‘Save link as..’ or ‘Save Target As…’
  48. 48. Geology Digimap•Geology Roam•Geology Download•Using geological map data in ArcGIS
  49. 49. Geology Download - file contents • For each SHP or MIF/MID file downloaded, an AVL file is supplied. • AVL, or layer, files, allow us to style the data in GIS with BGS cartography.
  50. 50. Geology data in ArcGIS • Step 1 – add the Shape files
  51. 51. Geology data in ArcGIS • Step 2 – view the unstyled data layers
  52. 52. Geology data in ArcGIS • Apply AVL files to each Shape file
  53. 53. Geology data in ArcGIS • View styled data