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Geology Digimap

  1. 1. Geology Digimap January 16th 2013 Higher Education Network Annual Meeting
  2. 2. Geology Digimap: What is it? • Geology Roam – View, Print and Annotate DiGMapGB-625, 250 and 50 datasets on Ordnance Survey Mapping – Control Layers, view photos & view rock details • Geology Download – Download DiGMapGB-625, 250, 50 and 250 offshore datasets in Shape or MIF/MID formats • Lexicon Download – Download the Lexicon of Named Rock Units
  3. 3. Geology Digimap: What’s New? • Geology Roam Annotation Tools – Add your own symbols, lines, polygons and labels to the maps – Import and export annotations to and from your GIS – Move annotations between Digimap collections; OS, Historic & Marine
  4. 4. Geology Digimap
  5. 5. Geology Digimap: Features in Development • Geology Roam Upgrades – Cached maps without superficial deposits – GeoScenic Images and Borehole data on the maps – Age ordered Active Legends – Legends on PDF maps • New Geology Download – Inline with the new Data Download in Digimap OS
  6. 6. Geology Digimap
  7. 7. Geology Digimap: Future Developments• View 3D Visualisations in Geology Roam
  8. 8. Geology Digimap: Future Developments• Export images for documents
  9. 9. Geology Digimap: Future Developments• Created using HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, JavaScript & POV-Ray
  10. 10. Fieldtrip GB
  11. 11. Fieldtrip GB: Digimap data on the move • Quality cartography for both rural and urban environs • Save maps to a device • Capture data • Custom data capture forms
  12. 12. Fieldtrip GB: Home Screen
  13. 13. Fieldtrip GB: Quality Cartography • Maps based on OS Opendata and OSM data. • We hope to release an HE/FE version with 1:50k & 1:25k Raster Maps and possibly MasterMap
  14. 14. Fieldtrip GB: Data Capture Predefined basic capture forms shipped with app include: • Text • Image • Audio • GPS track log Basic Image Capture
  15. 15. Fieldtrip GB: Authoring tool for custom forms
  16. 16. Fieldtrip GB: Custom Form on device Mock form for collecting Geology field notes: – Set fields to be optional or mandatory – Promotes consistent data collection – View and edit records using the Authoring Tool – Export data as GPX, Shape or KML using the Authoring Tool – Upload to Digimap Roam
  17. 17. Fieldtrip GB: How it works Google Secure DropBox Flickr Drive HE/FE? Your Cloud Space EDINA Services Custom Forms FieldTrip GB App Authoring Tool PCAPI Record Viewer Personal Cloud API Publish Records
  18. 18. Fieldtrip GB: Beyond Versions 1 We need feedback on Version 1 What we think would be useful: – OS licensed data from Digimap – Geology base maps with a transparency slider – Compass clinometer – Augmented reality What would you add to enhance teaching and learning? – Email: Subject: Fieldtrip GB
  19. 19. FieldTrip GB