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Fieldtrip GB


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Presentation given at GeoForum2015, University of Greenwich, 16 June 2015

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Fieldtrip GB

  1. 1. Fieldtrip GB High quality background maps offering rich data in both urban and rural environments Cache maps to allow off- network usage Design your own data capture Manage your data through the Authoring tool Export data to csv/KML/GeoJSON Great Maps ManageCustomiseOffline iPhone/iPad and Android Compatible Free in iStore and PlayStore
  2. 2. FieldTrip GB • Free data collection tool for Android and iOS devices • Authoring Tool allows users to create custom forms with multiple fields • Uses GPS on device to capture location • Open mapping data, can be downloaded for use offline • Authoring Tool allows export of data in CSV, GeoJSON and KML formats for subsequent analysis • Initially aimed at individual users but found was being used for citizen science projects
  3. 3. Creating Custom Data Capture Forms • Custom forms created in Authoring Tool • Available field types: – Free text – Radio buttons – Check boxes – Range slider – Drop down lists – Photographs – Audio • Fields can be made mandatory • Forms are saved to your DropBox account
  4. 4. Downloading Forms • Open FtGB on your device • Login using: – Username: – Password: greenwitch • On the Home page, press the Download Forms button
  5. 5. Capturing Records • Go to the Capture screen • Select the form you wish to use in the Custom Forms section • Capture away!
  6. 6. Uploading Records Ensure you are logged in, then: 1. Home page: upload records 2. Records list: upload 3. Download page: upload records u/n: p/w: greenwitch
  7. 7. Viewing and Exporting Records • Log in to Authoring Tool • Retrieve all records or filter by form (and date) • View and edit existing records • Export records: – GeoJSON (for use in GIS) – KML (for use in Google Earth) – CSV (for use in GIS and Digimap)
  8. 8. What’s coming? • FieldTrip GB version 1.5 – Updates record format in Authoring Tool/DropBox – Bug fixes, no new functionality • Fieldtrip Open – Based on WGS84 and Open Street Map data – Use it beyond GB • Overlays – Upload KML and MBTiles • Multipage forms • Conditional fields • Better integration with Digimap • Additional cloud service integration • GitHUB – it’s already there as an open source project
  9. 9. Citizen Science •Get a new Dropbox account to share with your team •Download Fieldtrip GB to your devices1. Before you start •Log into the Authoring Tool •Create a custom form and save it2. Design your form •Get the team to log into the Dropbox account •Use Sync to get the form on their devices3. Share the form •Collect data using the form •Manually correct remote points or in urban canyons4. In the field •Connect to WiFi •Get the team Sync to upload the data5. Back indoors •Log into Authoring Tool •Filter by form name and edit points if needed6. Manage your data •Export to a KML file, GeoJSON, CSV or WMS •Map the points in Google Earth, OpenLayers or a GIS7. View the results
  10. 10.