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Digimap Update - Guy McGarva


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Presentation given by Guy McGarva, EDINA, as part of the EDINA Geoforum 2014 event on Thursday 19th June 2014 at the Informatics Forum, University of Edinburgh.

Published in: Technology
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Digimap Update - Guy McGarva

  1. 1. Geoforum: Digimap Update New and Enhanced features coming to Geo and Digimap Services Guy McGarva
  2. 2. Quality Improvements • We’ve listened to what you have wanted through surveys, support requests, discussions etc.. See Quality Improvement Plans at for details of what has been requested and what we are doing. • We have also made a lot of improvements to back- end systems to make the website faster, more reliable and resilient e.g. load balancing and new versions of software.
  3. 3. New Collection: Environment Digimap • Launched October last year… • Contains Land Cover data from CEH for 1990, 2000 and 2007 • Roam mapping and Data Download clients are available
  4. 4. Roams • Improvements to all Roams – Ordnance Survey – Historic – Geology – Marine – Environment
  5. 5. New Interface for all Roams • New cleaner, more consistent interfaces to all Roams • They are all essentially the same with minor changes for different collections • Has greatly increased usage
  6. 6. Stats showing increase in screen maps over the years
  7. 7. New print interface in all Roams • Layout Preview – see the area you are printing – no more wasted time creating PDFs of the wrong area • Variable scale printing in all Roams (except Historic) – choose the exact scale you want your map • A4 – A0 printing in all Roams • Can now print overlapping maps in Ancient Roam
  8. 8. Improved Search • Not much visible change but now includes street names and partial postcodes (e.g. EH9)
  9. 9. Finally…printable Legends • Create a printable PDF Legend in all Roams (except Historic) • Geology Legends are Dynamic – i.e. they only shows features on the map
  10. 10. Data Download Clients • New Geology Download launched in August last year • New Data – Northern Ireland Land Cover data from CEH – More Geology data from BGS including Geological Indicators of Flooding and Permeability
  11. 11. New Formats for OS MasterMap OS MasterMap Topo in DWG – already implemented – makes life a lot easier for CAD users Coming Soon… • OS MasterMap as File Geodatabase – Will make it much easier to load into ArcGIS and QGIS • OS MasterMap buildings as KML with Heights (Alpha version) • Uses FME for on-the-fly-conversion
  12. 12. Coming Soon: New Basemap Data in OS Roam • More Basemaps in Roam – VectorMap District – raster and vector versions will be available as alternatives to 50K Raster – We will be replacing OS 10K Raster with VML Raster – All 3 versions of Miniscale will be available
  13. 13. New data and improvements... Marine • New High Res Bathymetry data for Marine – now 30m resolution rather than 180m • Updates to Hydrospatial and Raster Chart data • New Data Download client
  14. 14. New data and improvements... Historic • Improved Metadata for Historic data in England and Wales – improved dates for publication and survey (Scotland already has it) • New Historic Download client similar to OS Data Download
  15. 15. Still to come… • Updates to Data Download basket – make it easier to select different formats and dates • Updates to the Digimap Home Page • A tablet friendly Digimap • Site Rep stats for all collections • Please provide feedback!
  16. 16. New Service: Digimap for Colleges Coming soon for FE
  17. 17. Also working on… • UK Data Service Census Support – Will become ‘Open’ shortly - no login necessary to download data • Enhancements to Unlock, including adding historic English place-names (DEEP) and improvements to the API • GoGeo – adding language conversion, a mobile app, support for Gemini 2.2. and updating GeoDoc resources
  18. 18. GoGeo Mobile App • The GoGeo mobile App is being developed
  19. 19. Geo Projects • COBWEB Creating a testbed environment to enable citizens living within UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserves to collect environmental data using mobile devices • Palimpsest Providing access to vivid, evocative and dramatic excerpts of a wide range of geolocated Edinburgh-based literary texts either via the web resource, or in the city streets via a smartphone or tablet. • Spatial Memories Enabling people with disabilities to become more independent and less reliant on others in making spatially aware reminders, hints and checklists using a smartphone app. • Trading Consequences Exploring data about the economic and environmental consequences of commodity trading during the nineteenth century.
  20. 20. Longer term aims • Integrate Geo services together more • Make more use of available data feeds • Make user workflows simpler and more complete • Provide solutions to common problems to do with the data life cycle • Increase utility and value of services • Improve support resources and capabilities
  21. 21. What do you want to see? • Data • Functionality • Support