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Open @ EDINA

Presented by Addy Pope at OS OpenData Masterclass, Edinburgh, 15 November 2012

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Open @ EDINA

  1. 1. @ Addy Pope Geo-services Email: Twitter: @go_geo EDINA website: 1 of ## <<Enter presentation title here>>
  2. 2. What is EDINA? is a National Data Centre Based at Supported by module=map&center=- 3.18,55.935&zoom=17&width=400&height=400type=cycle Open Data & Open Source Software at EDINA
  3. 3. What do we do? Ensure continuous access to resources Preservation initiatives to ensure long term access to scholarly content Repository services for open access and other licensed material Open Data & Open Source Software at EDINA
  4. 4. What? EDINA runs services primarily for the UK education sector. However, it is increasingly trying to make its services open and available to everyone. In this Presentation we will look at some of the services that EDINA run that you can access and what you might do with them and some other “Open” geo-tools.
  5. 5. GeoTagger A basic web service API for geo-tagging/geo- coding image, audio and video media A demo web client enabling users to upload media, metadata parsing and geo-tagging/geo- coding An Open Metadata collection of geo-tagged/geo-coded enriched media with a search interface (this has been seeded with 250,000 images from Geograph
  6. 6. GeoTagger Upload Your Picture Existing Exif Metadata Export Use map to locate where image picture was taken
  7. 7. Cartogrammarcar·to·gram/ˈ kärtəˌ gram/A map on which statisticalinformation is shown indiagrammatic form.A small diagram on the face of amap, showing quantitativeinformation.An abstracted and simplifiedmap the base of which is nottrue to scale.
  8. 8. Cartogrammar 8 of ## <<Enter presentation title here>>
  9. 9. Cartogrammar 9 of ## <<Enter presentation title here>>
  10. 10. GoGeo Discover GIS resources Find Data Create standards compliant metadata Learn about metadata standards Open Data & Open Source Software at EDINA
  11. 11. Unlock Unlock Text – feed in a body of text and Unlock will associate places from it. It uses fuzzy logic to Web API that provides disambiguate places with geographic reference to the same name place names.
  12. 12. ShareGeoFind and share openspatial data ……
  13. 13. ShareGeo Create maps or perform spatial analysis
  14. 14. Openstream Web Mapping Service (WMS) of OS OpenData Stream map to a GIS or Google Earth or embed the map in your website using the API.
  15. 15. Other great resources
  16. 16. Geo-Events/Groups EEO-AGI(S) and Hutton Club seminar series are held most Fridays at 1600 in the Geography Dept. They are School of Geoscience. They are free to attend. The Royal Scottish Geographical Society run regular seminars around Scotland. Topics are broad and varied. ( The Association of Geographic Information has a Scottish section. It runs GIS events and Technical special interest groups.Addy PopeEmail: @go_geo website: