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Slides used in an EDINA webinar on 3 October 2012. Aim of the webinar is to give college/university site reps for the Digimap Collections subscription services an overview of key changes in the service in 2011-12.

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  • Maps and Data Collections panel - This panel provides top-level navigation allowing users to switch between different collections and account administration without having to leave the Digimap home page.  When you select an option from this list, the information is displayed in the central panel. Eagle-eyed users may have spotted that the left hand Maps and Data Collection panel has some room for expansion.  We hope to add more data in the future and have been pulling together a number of environmental datasets which could form an Environment Collection.  Do you have any suggestions for other collections you would like to see in Digimap?  If you do, then add them as a comment. Central Panel – the central panel provides links and information related to the collection selected from the left panel.  The information is split into sections which can be expanded or hidden by clicking on the section headings.  If you want to make a simple map, click the “view annotate and print” section to see what is available.  Services, such as Roam and Data Download are accessed by clicking on the service names.  If you want help or further information about a collection, look under the “Help Resources” section. News panel - On the right hand side of the home page you will find links to the Digimap blog and twitter account.  We intend to post interesting Digimap news here as well so it is well worth having a quick glance at this panel as you pass through the home page. One really good aspect of the new home page is that it allows users to see collections their institution do not currently subscribe to.  Why is this good?  Well, if a collection looks interesting and of use in teaching and learning you may be able to show colleagues who may then be able to convince institutions to subscribe.  Think of it as a shop window!
  • Digimap Site Reps update

    1. 1. ContentWhat has changed since our last update in October2011? – New Collections page – New eLearning units – Ordnance Survey New Data Download, Annotations improvements, Hillshading, Data updates – Geology – Marine – Forthcoming
    2. 2. New Collections page
    3. 3. Authentication • No separate login page • Users can choose to login via UK federation, or to Explore Resources
    4. 4. New Collections page • Aim – develop a page that allows the user fast access to the Collection and service they need • 3 panels – Maps and Data Collections panel – Central Panel – News panel
    5. 5. Maps and Data Collections panel
    6. 6. Central Panel
    7. 7. News panel
    8. 8. Old pages outside Digimap
    9. 9. My Digimap area
    10. 10. Site Rep usage statistics • Generate usage stats for your institution • You need to have site rep status • Only for OS at present
    11. 11. Training & Support Resources
    12. 12. Training & Support Resources • eLearning units new in 2012
    13. 13. eLearning Units
    14. 14. eLearning units • No prior knowledge of topics assumed • Units 1-3: estimate 2 hours completion time • Unit 4 – 1 hour
    15. 15. Forthcoming eLearning units
    16. 16. ContentWhat has changed since our last update in October2011? – New Collections page – New eLearning units – Ordnance Survey New Data Download, Annotations improvements, Hillshading, Data updates – Geology – Marine – Forthcoming
    17. 17. OS licence • JISC Collections has made progress with this negotiation and the OS has agreed to cap the liabilities they seek from subscribing institutions. • There will be an End User Licence Agreement - work is ongoing to make this as simple for the user as possible.
    18. 18. New Data Download service • Users can download a wide range of OS map data products in Data Download • Replaces previous Data Download service and Gazetteer Download service
    19. 19. New Data Download• All steps to download data now on one screen• Allows for selection of multiple data products in one order• Can select the version of the data you prefer, e.g. 2011, 2012• MasterMap Download and Boundary Download will eventually be incorporated into Data Download
    20. 20. New Data Download • Step 1 – Select area • Step 2 – Select data • Step 3 – Add to Basket
    21. 21. New Data Download
    22. 22. Updated data • Image of 1:25000 scale raster updated in July (OS creation date May 2012) • Used to be one annual update - now update data more regularly • Data Download offers different versions • MasterMap GML data – September and May • MasterMap raster data – created annually
    23. 23. Available datasets and dates• http://digimap.edina.ac.uk/webhelp/os/data_information/os_data
    24. 24. Roam - Annotations export
    25. 25. Annotations export• Option to save and export annotations created in Roam• Can also import annotations
    26. 26. Hillshading in Roam • Click the hillshading button for a clearer idea of the terrain
    27. 27. Geology Digimap • Updated data in Roam and Geology Download • DiGMapGB-50 Version 6.20, 1:50,000 scale data
    28. 28. Marine Digimap • Updated data in Marine Roam and Hydrospatial Download
    29. 29. Quick poll Screensharing – what do you want to see? •A – Tour of new collections page •B – Demo of Roam •C – Demo of Data Download
    30. 30. Forthcoming • Prototype mobile app • Learning/resource centre • Replacement for Carto – non-Java based • Feedback survey for 2012-13 to be added shortly to the Collections page – Really important for us to get your feedback – our funders require this