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Developing a Crowd Sourcing App


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Slides and notes on the process that the Mobile Team at EDINA went through to develop an app for collecting data by citizen scientists.

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Developing a Crowd Sourcing App

  1. 1. Developing a Crowd Sourcing App Tom Armitage EDINA Geoservices Support @FieldtripGB @EDINA_Digimap @MapNav_Tom
  2. 2. Capture information  Images  Audio  Text  Location High quality backdrop maps Saved maps for use “offline” Custom data collection forms Manual location correction It’s Free! Fieldtrip GB @FieldtripGB @EDINA_Digimap @MapNav_Tom
  3. 3. Here’s how it works @FieldtripGB @EDINA_Digimap @MapNav_Tom
  4. 4. Regrets, we had a few @FieldtripGB @EDINA_Digimap @MapNav_Tom
  5. 5. What are we doing about it? @FieldtripGB @EDINA_Digimap @MapNav_Tom Going Native! OpenStreetMap
  6. 6. Feature Requests @FieldtripGB @EDINA_Digimap @MapNav_Tom
  7. 7. What we’d like to add @FieldtripGB @EDINA_Digimap @MapNav_Tom
  8. 8. And Finally @FieldtripGB @EDINA_Digimap @MapNav_Tom