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COBWEB Project Status


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Presented by Chris Higgins, COBWEB project manager, at the Dyfi Biosphere Partnership Annual meeting, 15 May 2013, Machynlleth, Wales.

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COBWEB Project Status

  1. 1. COBWEB Project StatusDyfi Biosphere Reserve Annual Meeting,15thMay, 2013Chris HigginsProject
  2. 2. Citizen Observatory Web• 4 year research project• Crowdsourced environmental data to aiddecision making• Introduce quality measures and reduceuncertainty• Combine crowdsourced data with existingsources of data
  3. 3. Crowdsourcing & citizen science• Data collection conducted by amateurs• The involvement of volunteers in science
  4. 4. Project Partners
  5. 5. What are we going to build?• A number of demonstrator mobile phoneapplications– Exactly what, deliberately left open andsubject to discussion with stakeholders• 3 subject areas:1. Earth observation2. Biological monitoring3. Flooding
  6. 6. Design approach• Top down– Work underway from the technical team• Bottom up– Collecting user requirements• How citizen science can benefit the area• What citizen science can deliver– Local engagement by;
  7. 7. Benefits of COBWEB to the Dyfi Biosphere Reserve• Brings resources into the area• Raises the profile of the Dyfi area• COBWEB - establish area as acentre of expertise in:– Crowdsourcing andCitizen science– Use of such data forbetter environmentalgovernance
  8. 8. What would we like from you?• Help us understand volunteer motivations• Talk to us, help us get a measure of the levelof awareness of the possibilities, the kinds ofprojects we might enable, etc.