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A company introduction to my apparel brand startup, NLGX Design. Based in Beijing.

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NLGX Design - Intro Feb09

  1. 1. An introduction to NLGX - February 2009 NLGX T: +86-10 6404 8088 E: W: 33 Nanluoguxiang Dongcheng District Beijing 100009 CHINA
  2. 2. What is NLGX? NLGX is a lifestyle brand inspired by the people behind the development of Beijing into a multicultural melting pot of artists, entrepreneurs, travelers, and global-minded individuals. Through original-designed NLGX apparel, cross-cultural events, art exhibitions, and our T: +86-10 6404 8088 E: network of partnerships, we are creating a community W: 33 Nanluoguxiang which embodies the spirit of change while maintaining an Dongcheng District appreciation for timeless tradition. Beijing 100009 CHINA NLGX is community, conservation, creation, design, discovery, innovation, fusion, preservation, sharing, storytelling, and tradition. NLGX is the lifestyle and spirit of the “new” Beijing. Our slogan is “Preserve...Create”, which highlights our goal of Preserving the Past while Creating New. PRESERVE...CREATE
  3. 3. Who is behind NLGX? NLGX was founded in October 2007 by Ed, Michel, and Ray - three entrepreneurs who have lived in Beijing in the tumultuous years leading up to the 2008 Beijing Olym- pics. Witnessing first-hand the changes of China’s ancient NLGX capital city, the three friends and co-founders decided to T: +86-10 6404 8088 E: capture the new spirit of the city and their experiences W: 33 Nanluoguxiang as overseas Chinese living in Beijing with a fresh, lifestyle Dongcheng District brand that is unique to the time and to the place in Beijing 100009 CHINA China’s development. The three co-founders were born in the USA, Germany, and Canada, respectively, but share a common ground that has grown into NLGX. behind the unique designs of NLGX products and brand. Michel loves to see Nanluoguxiang turning into a melting Ed was born and raised in San Francisco, and has spent pot of different cultures, forming a new unique subculture the last 6 years living and working in Hong Kong and nestled in the beautiful historic alleyways of Beijing. Beijing. NLGX is Ed’s second business started in Beijing, and is responsible for marketing and partnerships. He Raymond, originally from Canada came to China in enjoy the chance to share his love of Beijing’s hutongs 2006. He has always lived a fast-paced lifestyle from with friends coming to NLGX. Ed has lived in the being a stockbroker, a computer scientist, and an import- Nanluoguxiang area since 2006 and wishes for the er-exporter. After spending time in the hutongs of Beijing, neighborhood to maintain its original charm as an it has changed his outlook. He has discovered the quieter original, preserved hutong from a time long passed by. side of life that is placid and preserved all at Nanluo- guxiang. Raymond believes that sometimes inner peace Michel, originally born and raised in Germany came to and creativity can be found just around the corner. China in 2003. Previously working at several 4A Raymond is the operations and sourcing manager at advertising agencies and currently still working in the NLGX. creative industry in China, Michel is the mastermind
  4. 4. What’s the meaning and history behind “NLGX”? Located several kilometers north of the Forbidden City and just east of Houhai Lake is Nanluoguxiang (NLGX), an 800-meter long North-South alleyway filled with cafes, NLGX bars, and shops all designed in classical Chinese ‘hutong’ T: +86-10 6404 8088 E: style. W: 33 Nanluoguxiang Dongcheng District The letters N-L-G-X are taken from the “pinyin” or Beijing 100009 NLGX is intersected by eight East-West CHINA Romanized characters of the trendy neighbourhood of hutongs, each with its own unique bit of story to tell. Nanluoguxiang (南锣鼓巷) in Beijing. Nanluoguxiang is where NLGX was founded, and is home to our flagship Amidst the destruction of many old Beijing histori- store. cal neighborhoods in recent years, Nanluoguxiang was spared and designated by the Beijing government as a historical site for preservation and showcase for Chinese culture. The area received a face lift in early 2006 - the hutong road was paved with grey bricks, storefronts were renovated, and cafes and shops were opened - and the area has since evolved into a favorite spot for local Nanluoguxiang has a history of over 800 years. Once a hipsters, musicians, freelancers, and tourists. flourishing commercial street during the Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368), the NLGX area became a popular residential area for government officials and elites during the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties. Organized in the traditional Chinese courtyard style, many of these residences still stand today.
  5. 5. NLGX Design & Café NLGX Design & Café is the flagship store for NLGX, and is located in Nanluoguxiang, an old Beijing “hutong” (or alleyway) with a history of over 800 years. Once a flour- ishing commercial street during the Yuan Dynasty (1206- NLGX 1368), the area has since evolved into a favorite T: +86-10 6404 8088 E: destination for local hipsters, musicians, freelancers, W: 33 Nanluoguxiang and visitors looking for a taste of new Beijing culture. Dongcheng District Beijing 100009 CHINA NLGX Design & Café is our original venue to showcase our apparel designs as well as various creations from local independent artists. Integrated into our retail area is a café, which offers gourmet coffee and smoothie drinks, imported beer, and snacks. The modern, casual atmo- sphere offers a perfect gathering place and starting point to discover both old and new Beijing.
  6. 6. NLGX Fashion & Designs NLGX original-designed products include t-shirts, hats, bags, button badges, and coffee mugs. Our designs embody the change of old Beijing – taking a contem- porary interpretation of traditional Chinese icons and col- NLGX ors. This is a small selection of what our designs look like. T: +86-10 6404 8088 E: W: 33 Nanluoguxiang Dongcheng District Beijing 100009 CHINA
  7. 7. NLGX is partnering with independent designers NLGX offers both in-house designed products as well as those developed by independent Chinese designers. With complimentary styles and interpretations of the new NLGX Beijing, NLGX works with local, independent designers for T: +86-10 6404 8088 E: shoes, bags, stuffed toys, stationary, and various other W: 33 Nanluoguxiang products. Dongcheng District Beijing 100009 CHINA NLGX partners with the following designers: Shulong Shoes “Chinese-style” canvas sport shoe manufacturer IDBB Style by Uncle Blue Shanghai designer creating stuffed animals, bags, stationary and clay-made design objects SH/Radio Shanghai based company producing notebooks, postcards and wrapping paper Nine Cats Beijing designer creating “cat-themed” products of clay, bottles and postcards NINE CATS XL Individual Beijing designer and actress created a line of recycled newspaper bags and others…
  8. 8. NLGX Events and Partners At NLGX, we believe in making lives better for everyone around us. We are active in our community and continously looking for like-minded groups and organi- zations to partner up with, support and sponsor in order NLGX to put together great events in the culture, sports and T: +86-10 6404 8088 E: music fields. W: 33 Nanluoguxiang Dongcheng District NLGX has been successfully organised events with Beijing 100009 CHINA following groups and organizations: SambAsia Beijing Beijing’s one and only Brazilian Samba & percussion group Beijing Sailing Center North China’s only option for customized sailing courses Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center Chinese NGO focusing on preserving local culture and communities Free The Wax FW is a Shanghai-based bastard child production dedicated to presenting the frontline of groundbreaking musical pioneers from across the globe. An online community for students & expats in Beijing. and others…
  9. 9. NLGX.ORG This is our official website which includes a regular updated blog about everything related to NLGX and Nanluoguxiang. It also gives you all the updates about our latest t-shirts collections, designs and products. You NLGX also will find plenty of pictures and videos from your T: +86-10 6404 8088 E: latest events and activities. Please come and check it out. W: 33 Nanluoguxiang Dongcheng District Beijing 100009 CHINA
  10. 10. Nanluoguxiang Area Directory The NLGX area directory and map we have created to share our love of Nanluoguxiang. A detailed area map will help you guide your way around our neighborhood, the directory features most of the restaurants, bars, NLGX coffee shops and designer stores with a short intro- T: +86-10 6404 8088 E: duction, directions and contact infos. W: 33 Nanluoguxiang Dongcheng District The NLGX area directory is available at Beijing 100009 CHINA
  11. 11. NLGX in the Press NLGX has been featured in many local and international print, online, tv and radio publications , including those listed below. A complete list is available at about-nlgxorg/nlgx-in-the-press NLGX T: +86-10 6404 8088 E: Nippon Television Network (Japan), October 2008 W: 33 Nanluoguxiang Agenda (China), May, July, November 2008 Dongcheng District China Economic Review, August 2008 Beijing 100009 CHINA Trendshealth (China), August 2008 CRI English (China), June, August 2008 Milk (HK), August 2008 L’est Républicain (France), August 2008 Radio Eins (Germany), August 2008 Beijing Television BTV7 (China), August 2008 Spiegel Online (Germany), July 2008 Vogue (China), July 2008 Elle (China), July 2008 Radio Canada, July 2008 Ming Pao Daily (HK), July 2008 TVB (HK), June 2008 0086, May 2008 Time Out English (China), April 2008 Modern Weekly (China), March, April 2008 That’s Beijing, (China), March 2008 Beijing City Weekend (China), March 2008
  12. 12. Contact NLGX For more information about NLGX, our designs, our partners or our events, please contact us. NLGX NLGX #33 Nanluoguxiang T: +86-10 6404 8088 E: Dongcheng District W: 33 Nanluoguxiang Beijing China 100009 Dongcheng District Beijing 100009 CHINA 中国 100009 北京市东城区南锣鼓巷33号 Tel: +86 10-6404-8088 Email: Follow us on Facebook php?gid=5932990761 sign/38443831703#/pages/NLGX-Design/38443831703 Buy NLGX Design online at Thank you very much for your interest! All designs and logos are trademarks of NLGX™. Copyright © 2009 NLGX. All rights reserved.