Starline Ballroom Power Distribution Systems, Brought to you by JPE


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Starline Track Busway systems shown embedded into the ceilings so only the access slot is exposed. Clean, simple power source for kiosks, trade show set-ups, general power, lighting. Structural system that is used for a wide variety of applications. Starline Track Busway

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Starline Ballroom Power Distribution Systems, Brought to you by JPE

  1. 1. Optimizing the Ballroom InfrastructureThe Changing Electrical Systems
  2. 2.  Structured Power. Removing the mysteriesassociated with power distribution and usage forboth 415VAC three phase Starline Track Busway andall components are easy to: Install Expand Relocate Reconfigure SustainableThese unique features make Starline Track Buswayone of today’s most “Green” electricalproducts
  3. 3. Power for Produce tablesElectronic DisplaysSeasonal GoodsCheckout CountersIntegrated LightingServer RoomsConvention CentersKiosksBall RoomsWide Variety of Commercial Related ApplicationsPower to displaysWarehousing
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  6. 6. About StarLine Track Busway Continuous Access, Finger-Safe Busway Aluminum Housing, Copper Conductors Up to 800A, 600V – IEC, UL,CCCTypical Configuration
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  9. 9. Track Busway Features Speeds up construction Lower cost than using traditional methods (conduit,wire, junction boxes) Flexibility that will virtually eliminate costlyexpenses that occur for future ballroom powerchanges Compatible (plug & play) with modular wiringsystems
  10. 10. For Information on Starline please contact:JPE Jelph Power Equipment Co. Pte Ltd,1 Jalan Kilang Timor #07-06, Pacific Tech Centre, SingaporeContact: Edward
  11. 11. Starline Busway Questions??? For information: Contact Edward Hahn 65-9005-8214 www.jelphpowerequipment.comThank-you