Sustainable Six Sigma, Assembly, and Industrial power design - Starline intro by jpe


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Starline Track Busway enables the user to optimize their power and equipment scheme. The ability to more the branch circuit and reenergize it without disturbing other on going production operations is critical. Meets the goals for sustainability and improves the production scheme. Allows for changes to the electrical system using the hot connections. Operations and work stations on the facilities can be added during normal production periods. Does not disturb other operations powered from the same Starline system.

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Sustainable Six Sigma, Assembly, and Industrial power design - Starline intro by jpe

  1. 1. JPE Jelph Power Equipment Co. Pte Ltd Starline Six Sigma, Automotive Assembly Applications, Power Where You Need It Six Sigma, Sustainable Assembly, and Industrial Power Design - Starline Intro by JPE
  2. 2. • What is Six Sigma and how does it impact the electrical system of a facility? • “In its most simple sense, Six Sigma is a highly disciplined approach to decision making that helps people focus on improving processes to make them as near perfect as possible.” Six Sigma JPE
  3. 3. Starline is mounted along the entire assembly line. You can adjust your electrical devices even during actual production anywhere on the Access Slot. JPE
  4. 4. • Generally speaking, companies use Six Sigma to reduce variation in products and processes - but the net effect of any Six Sigma project is what people are really looking for: fewer defects, shorter cycle times, increased capacity and throughput, lower costs, higher revenues and reduced capital expenditures”(1.) • The ultimate goal for these efforts to “reduce variation in products and processes” is to have as a target the improvement of the process to promote a desired result. This desired result is product improvement, reduction in facility cost, reduce manufacturing cost, and increasedcustomer satisfaction. • The positive outcome, for commitment to continuous improvement, for the processes is realized using Starline Busway. JPE (1.) BMG Breakthrough Management Group Definition of Six Sigma
  5. 5. The Starline Plug-in units shown, are safely and quickly mounted onto the system as needed. Provides the electrical connection points for your equipment on individually protected branch circuits JPE Starline Plug-in Unit Starline Track Busway System
  6. 6. . Starline Busway has been described as the best kept trade secret by many manufacturers. • The ability to change the work flow, to adjust without waste, to improve the work environment makes Starline Busway the modern wiring method. • The continuous access slot of Starline Track Busway, allows the plug-in devices to be quickly positioned, inserted, rotated and attached. • Available in systems of 100, 225, 250 400 and 800 amperes. All designed for “Hot swappable” plug-in connections. JPE • DC Tooling at left is moved for each model production setup. These systems are mounted on a monorail to enable fast positioning along the assembly line. • The Plug-in connection at right is Starline and is quickly added to provide the power to the DC Tooling once positioned
  7. 7. Countless advantages exist for the usage of Starline Busway. These comments stated by automotive Electrical Engineers and their contractors: • Initial cost is low, easily recovered with usage. Every change or relocation, of a plug- in device, eliminates a future conduit & wire project. • Increases uptime for the manufacturing cell. Accelerates time required to perform setups from one manufacturing arrangement to the next. Many companies place their automated machinery on casters to quickly relocate their production equipment. • Solves the dilemma associated with fixed wiring in lean manufacturing • Addresses the problems of deviation from the standards and enables the process improvements. • Ensures improvements by maintenance without increasing the infrastructure cost. • Clearly enhances the ability to manufacture a quality product. • Ideal for error proofing equipment implementation. JPE
  8. 8.  The concept of flexible utilities was obtained by the aero-space manufacturers. They used lineal arrangements that organized the various voltages, gases, air, exhaust, and communication systems in the same pattern. The Starline Busway’s for 480v, 415v, 120/208v, 42v, 12v, were mounted on the same trapeze of althread/strut. Anywhere under this organized supply, the manufacturing processes can be quickly located. Starline Busway eliminates the waste that other electrical methods take for granted.  Conduit & wire, wireway, cabletray, and other busway systems changes, all utilize technology requiring the sacrifice of wire, or conduit, or other switchgear apparatus to the scrap heap as a result of changes. The ability of Starline Busway to promote an environmental friendly, completely reusable electrical system is recognized as a side benefit of using Starline Busway. Customers can remove and reinstall or rearrange entire workcell areas without needing to increase their electrical system cost or creating discarded electrical material. JPE
  9. 9. Complete production areas powered from StarlineJPE
  10. 10. • Flexible Utilities – the ability to change, adjust by reusing the existing system for future changes • Production Power, clean, consistent, available where and when required • Critical Mission for Lean Six Sigma applications Ref: CTP Critical to Process • Modern electrical system designs Flexible Utilities JPE
  11. 11. Pedestal mounted Starline for workcells JPE
  12. 12.  Structured Power. All products have strengths and weaknesses. Of Starline’s many strengths – The most important is the reliability of the Joint construction. Starline has never had a loose joint on this system.  Connections Heat Rise tested and rated for 40 deg. C continuous duty cycle.  Starline Track Busway and all components are easy to: – Install – Expand – Relocate – Reconfigure – Sustainable These unique features make Starline Track Busway one of today’s most “Green” electrical products
  13. 13. About StarLine Track Busway  Continuous Access, Finger-Safe Aluminum Housing, Copper Conductors  40A up to 800A, 600V - IEC and UL Listed Typical Configuration JPE
  14. 14. U-Shaped busbars Extruded Aluminum Housing Insulators that surround the busbars and provide a UL Listed “finger safe” product. Continuous open bottom About the Track Busway 225A Version Shown JPE
  15. 15. Clean, consistent power to your valuable equipment. Monitoring is also available. Starline System JPE
  16. 16. Comparisons to other Busway systems Starline Few Parts Easy Assembly Never Loosen
  17. 17. Common Types of Busway / Busduct Air-insulated Isolated PhaseLighting Ventilated Starline Continuous Access Sandwiched Cast Resin Segregated / Non-Segregated JPE
  18. 18. Feeder Bus – wrong choice for flexible power distribution requirements  Sandwich Busway – requires maintenance – bolted joints, plug connection is a positional contact of flat blade against a flat surface. Difficult and time consuming to put plugs on. Many companies require the system to be turned off when putting plugs on for safety purposes.  Cast Resin – much improved conductor insulation but same maintenance and plug connection limitations as Sandwich Busway. Both Sandwitch and Cast Resin products best applications are as feeder systems where power supplied over distance with limited connections. JPE
  19. 19. PLUG-IN BUSWAY TRADITIONAL SANDWICHED BUSWAY Plug-in Openings / Access (every 600mm apart) Not Starline Mounting positions easily blocked by anything. A bracket, or any physical obstruction prevents mounting of plug-in devices Maintenance is required on the feeder bus systems. Fire hazard if have loose joints JPE
  20. 20. Sandwiched Busway Plug-in Units (every 600mm apart) TRADITIONAL BUSWAY INSTALLATION Not Starline JPE
  21. 21. Starline vs Traditional Busway Joint Male – Female Joint Multi-Bolt Bridge Joint Removable Joint Coupler Starline - Boltless Joint JPE
  22. 22. • No bolts through the conductors with Starline. • The conductor clamping is eliminated with Starline • Conductors are connected in a preformed U shaped channel and rigid copper blade that functions like a knife switch design • Starline conductors will never loosen • The plug-in unit attaches the same way. A rigid blade turning into the U-shaped conductor. • Housing coupler provides structural strength to connect two housings together.
  23. 23. Fast installation with few parts and reliable connections Housing Coupler Housing Section Rigid blade that connects to conductors Installation Tool
  24. 24. Starline Busway Simply Stab-in JPE • Abutt the two housing ends. • Offset for the copper and use the installation tool to install the copper into the conductor, by rotating the handle • Then slide the housing coupler across the joint and tighten into place.
  25. 25. Mechanical Spring Pressure Connection Principal • Flexible , Reliable, Modular, Ease of installation and Promotes better operational performance • Creates a maintenance-free connection. Stab on Plug-In Paddle or Male end of busbar U-Shaped Copper Conductor throughout busway length
  26. 26. Starline Track Busway
  27. 27.  Improving the Design and Performance of the Infrastructure  The ability to accelerate the changes without creating errors has huge advantages  Introducing systems that have beneficial performance, eliminate the maintenance difficulties and warranty issues. To Be or Not To Be . . . Do decisions create honey or do you get stung? JPE
  28. 28. Bottom Line  Speeds up DC Tooling and other application usages from one production setup to the next. Significant Cost Savings to: – Material and Labor (Huge advantage during actual production runs)  Lower cost than using traditional methods (conduit, wire, junction boxes)  Flexibility that will virtually eliminate costly changes and delays for new plants and existing plant upgrades  Safe to use, Hot swappable (plug & play) Adjust production equipment on “live” system  Green [Scalable, Reusable] JPE
  29. 29. Starline is a fabulous electrical system. • The savings, realized by the user, comes in having an electrical system capable of continuous improvement that lowers the operating costs. It is adaptable to the ever changing electrical requirements of the user. • Try it you’ll like it. JPE
  30. 30. Available through Internationally Approved Resellers For Information on Starline please contact: JPE Jelph Power Equipment Co. Pte Ltd, 11th Floor, Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Road, Singapore 238877 Contact: Edward Hahn 65-9005-8214