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SharePoint Social: The business case for collaboration


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Edgewater Technology's Ori Fishler, Director of Web Solutions, explores the business case for taking the leap into social and the benefits companies are seeing internally and externally. Ori also highlights:

• Business case studies from working
• ROI of social implementation
• Social features available in SharePoint 2010
• How to bring social features to the forefront
• Other tools and add-ons that can be used to
create an effective “Facebook/Twitter”
style experience
• How to drive adoption for the social network
• Governance required to control and ensure

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SharePoint Social: The business case for collaboration

  1. 1. SharePoint Social: The business case for collaboration Presenter: Ori Fishler, Director Web Solutions
  2. 2. Agenda:► The business case for the social enterprise► SharePoint 2010 as the foundation for building social tools – Capabilities – Extensions • NewsGator Social Sites – Best practices► Case study 1/13/2012 2
  3. 3. The Critical Need for Sharing ► Remote / Virtual workforce and siloed information workers ► Hard to expand exposure to what is happening beyond a small team
  4. 4. Evolution► Collaboration Everyone► Web 2.0 Colleagues► Social Network► Enterprise 2.0 Teams► Social Technologies► Networked Enterprise Me► Social Graph
  5. 5. The Business Case:The rise of the Networked Enterprise: Web 2.0finds its paydayMcKinsey’s new survey research finds thatcompanies using the Web intensively gaingreater market share and higher marginsDecember 2010
  6. 6. Business Impact & Benefits McKinsey & Company 12/2010
  7. 7. McKinsey & Company 12/2010
  8. 8. Social Technologies Adoption McKinsey & Company 12/2010
  9. 9. 1/13/2012 9
  10. 10. Microsoft SharePoint 2010:Social Collaboration Enabler
  11. 11. Don’t Invent, Borrow and Integrate! ‣ My Site, Colleagues, Groups, Connection browsing, Skill browsing ‣ Status updates, Activity feeds ‣ Tagging and tag clouds, Bookmark sharing ‣ Content rating, Comments, Like ‣ Image and Video sharing ‣ Blogs & Wikis ‣ Presence and IM, Live meetings ‣ Discussion forums
  12. 12. Main Concepts► Don’t force it. Maximum Privacy► Granular control over what you share and what you see► MySite as the center of networking activity► A network of colleagues, No handshake required► Search focused approach to finding people► 5 Pillars: – Filling a profile – Building the network – Sharing – Viewing – Finding
  13. 13. Building the Network
  14. 14. Managing Permissions► Only Me► My Manager► My Team► My Colleagues► EveryoneColleagues can be organized into Groups but youcan not assign
  15. 15. Sharing
  16. 16. What is Shared?► My Status► My Actions on Content – Tag – Notes – Ratings► My Interests► My Memberships► Blog Posts► My Profile details – Manager – Birthday – Changes to Profile
  17. 17. Like, Notes & Ratings► Like is a tag► Tagging or notes generate an activity► Notes can be added to pages or documents► You can subscribe to tags► Ratings enabled at a library level
  18. 18. Viewing and Following Tags
  19. 19. My Site – News FeedYou will seewhat otherpeople chose toShare with you
  20. 20. Finding the right person ► Ask me about ► Skills ► Interests ► Projects ► Organization chart
  21. 21. Implementing a Social Networkwith SharePoint 2010
  22. 22. Implementation Challenges:► Requires users to take action – Fill Profile – Add Colleagues► Tagging not intuitive► Rating / commenting not always available► Too focused in My Site, Users may not be aware► Limited activity tracking► Limited integration into Outlook► Mental Challenges: – Sense of being tracked and monitored
  23. 23. Implementing Social Networks ► Building a process to ensure people fill their profile and add colleagues – Small group training sessions – Part of onboarding ► Executive buy in and participation ► Updating status – chore or fun? ► Use as channel for news, announcements etc. to get people used to getting information this way ► Assign local champions
  24. 24. Extending SharePoint Capabilities withNewsGator 1/13/2012 24
  25. 25. NewsGator Demo 1/13/2012 25
  26. 26. McKinsey Study Recommendations► Integrate the use of Web 2.0 into employees’ day-to-day work activities.► Continue to drive adoption and usage. Benefits appear to be limited without a base level of adoption and usage.► Break down the barriers to organizational change. Fully networked organizations appear to have more fluid information flows, deploy talent more flexibly to deal with problems, and allow employees lower in the corporate hierarchy to make decisions.► Apply Web 2.0 technologies to interactions with customers, business partners, and employees. External interactions are correlated with self-reported market share gains.
  27. 27. Helping the process along► Set up recommendations for colleagues – based on email analysis – Based on SharePoint activity► Enhanced – Centralized activity stream► Outlook Integration
  28. 28. Outlook 2010 Social NetworkConnector Hidden treasure: A way to see news stream within outlook.
  29. 29. Case Study: MOOG► Business Need: connect individuals and teams in different locations and countries to enhance collaboration and productivity► Maintain loose structure but strict security► Solution: SharePoint + NewsGator► 3 site types: Team, Project, Community► Rollout through 1/13/2012 33
  30. 30. 1/13/2012 34
  31. 31. Questions? 35