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SharePoint 2013 Social - Yammer


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SharePoint 2013 Social - Yammer

  1. 1. Ori Fishler Director, Web Solutions Edgewater Social Quandary To Yammer or Not to Yammer?
  2. 2. ► So what do we mean by “Social” ► What Microsoft included in SP2013 ► Why Microsoft bought Yammer ► How Yammer and SP Compare? ► The Microsoft Roadmap for Social ► Guidelines for making a decision ► If a decision is delayed, what to do in the interim? ► Integration options ► Resources In this talk
  3. 3. ► Remote / Virtual workforce and siloed information workers ► Hard to expand exposure to what is happening beyond a small team The Critical Need for Sharing
  4. 4. Social Circles at Work Teams Projects Professional Communities Organizational Unit Friends Manager / Direct Reports Colleagues Documents Blogs Wiki’s
  5. 5. The Business Case: The rise of the Networked Enterprise: Web 2.0 finds its payday McKinsey’s new survey research finds that companies using the Web intensively gain greater market share and higher margins
  6. 6. Business Impact & Benefits McKinsey & Company 3/2013
  7. 7. Microsoft SharePoint 2013: Social Collaboration Enabler
  8. 8. Don’t Invent, Borrow and Integrate! ‣ My Site, Colleagues, Groups, Communities, Connection browsing, Skill browsing ‣ Status updates, Activity feeds, Follow ‣ Tagging and tag clouds, Bookmark sharing ‣ Content rating, Comments, Like ‣ Image and Video sharing ‣ Blogs & Wikis ‣ Presence and IM, Live meetings
  9. 9. New in SharePoint 2013: Community ► Combines social features of a My Site with those of a Team Site ► Rich way to add discussion areas, post questions, rate results ► Use a badging system to spotlight top contributors and performers automatically. ► Simple to dynamically assemble a custom pool of users for any community at all.
  10. 10. New in SharePoint 2013: Newsfeed ► Its more than RSS… ► Every site can have an (optional) custom community social stream. ► Every microblog update can now include: – #tags (dynamically pulled from or added to MMS) – @targets (default pulls from your social colleagues list but you can post the updates to any SharePoint user)
  11. 11. The Long Road to Ubiquitous Social Computing 11 Discrete - Discussions - Favorites - Blogs - Wikis Connected - Tags - Colleagues - Comments - Communities - Newsfeed Ubiquitous - Social Graph - Recommendations
  12. 12. Microsoft Maturity Model for Social Source : Model.aspx#fbid=kdT9BMB4cN9
  13. 13. ► Buying a market leader, 8M registered users. ► Expertise in Freemium models ► Acknowledgment of social weakness, especially in the cloud. Microsoft Acquisition of Yammer
  14. 14. Yammer
  15. 15. Feature Comparison Yammer SharePoint 2013 Posting Announcements Yes No Updates Yes Yes Files Upload and share Share only Polls Yes No Praise Yes No Events Yes No Tagging @mentions Yes Yes #tags / Topics All users Author only Following People Yes Yes Conversations Yes Yes #tags / Topics Yes Yes Files Yes Yes Groups / Sites Yes Yes Liking and Replying Liking Yes Yes Replying Yes Yes Sharing Via Group or Site Yes No Via Private Message Yes No Via Link No Yes
  16. 16. Feature Comparison Yammer SharePoint 2013 Content Preview Microsoft Office Files Yes Yes, with thumbnail PDFs Yes, with thumbnail No Images Yes, with thumbnail Yes, with thumbnail Videos Yes, with thumbnail Yes, with thumbnail Internal Pages Yes, with thumbnail No External Pages No, thumbnail only No Security Lock Conversation No Yes Delete Conversation Yes Yes Keyword Monitoring Yes No Other Embeddable Feed Yes No Applications iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8 iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8 Hide Conversations Yes No Follow Up No Yes Bookmarks Yes No Friendly URLs No, only remove URL Yes, and remove URL Source: Chris Clark Microblogging.aspx
  17. 17. How do they Compare? ► Newsfeed with groups ► Global and open ► Intuitive and easy to start ► Much better UI ► Not much targeted usages ► Standalone ► Cloud only ► Site / Community focus with newsfeed ► Granular and secure ► Takes getting used to ► Set templates for different usages ► Integrated with all other SharePoint features ► Available both on premise and cloud SharePoint 2013 Yammer
  18. 18. Microsoft’s Guidance and Timeline
  19. 19. ► SharePoint search integration. We're enabling SharePoint search to search Yammer conversations and setting the stage for deeper, more powerful apps that combine social and search. ► Yammer groups in SharePoint sites. The Yammer app in the SharePoint store will allow you to manually replace a SharePoint site feed with a Yammer group feed, but we recognize that many customers will want to do this programmatically. We're working on settings that will make Yammer feeds the default for all SharePoint sites. ► Yammer messaging enhancements. We're redesigning the Yammer user experience to make it easier to use as a primary communication tool. We'll also be improving directed messaging and adding the ability to message multiple groups at once. ► Email interoperability. We're making it easier than ever to use Yammer and email together. You'll be able to follow an entire thread via email, respond to Yammer messages from email, and participate in conversations across Yammer and email. ► External communication. Yammer works great inside an organization, but today you have to create an external network to collaborate with people outside your domain. We're improving the messaging infrastructure so that you can easily include external parties in Yammer conversations. ► Mobile apps. We'll continue to invest in our iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8 apps as primary access points. The mobile apps are already a great way to use Yammer on the go, and we'll continue to improve the user experience as we add new features to the service. ► Localization. We're localizing the Yammer interface into new languages to meet growing demand across the world. Yammer Roadmap
  20. 20. ► Social in SP 2013 is definitely better but still basic and will require effort and diligence to get good adoption ► Yammer is cool and sleek but limited in governance and true integration with SharePoint ► A “Best of both worlds” integrated approach is at least a year away, maybe not until the next SharePoint release for on prem. ► Microsoft is pushing Yammer as the solution but it does not always fit. The Yammer Conundrum
  21. 21. ► Is my company OK with having confidential information in MultiTenant Cloud? ► What are the plans as to Office 365 use? ► Is SharePoint staying on Prem or moving to the cloud version? ► How comfortable are the users with SharePoint? ► Timeline in upgrading to SharePoint 2013 ► Are all users on the same email domain? Key Questions to Consider
  22. 22. ► Yammer is Free to Office 365 customers who have Enterprise Agreement (and for now, over 250 users) ► E1-E4 + SharePoint Online ► Otherwise, $3/user/month for Enterprise Network ► Basic is not recommended beyond Pilot Pricing
  23. 23. Decision Guidelines SP Newsfeed Yammer ► Not ok with Multitenant ► On or moving to SP2013 on prem and SP is well used. ► Not on office 365 & EA and want to save $$ ► Need a controlled, cohesive env. ► Need cross domain access ► OK with Multitenant ► Office 365 + EA ► On SharePoint Online ► On SP 2010 with no immediate upgrade plans ► OK with evolving, somewhat fragmented experience
  24. 24. ► Disconnected user experience between 2 platforms ► Multi-domain scenario not supported by Yammer ► Cost Why we chose Not to use Yammer
  25. 25. Integration Modes
  26. 26. On Premise: Replace Social Feeds with Yammer ► Remove the SharePoint Server 2013 social web parts from My Sites and Team Sites ► Hide user interface controls that provide social functionality ► Install and configure the Yammer app for SharePoint to embed Yammer feeds (home feed, group feed, comment feed) into SharePoint sites. Full White Paper: us/library/dn270535.aspx
  27. 27. ► Replacing the link ► Changing the social collaboration provider Office 365 Integration
  28. 28. ► Building a process to ensure people fill their profile and add colleagues – Small group training sessions – Part of onboarding ► Executive buy in and participation ► Updating status – chore or fun? ► Use as channel for news, announcements etc. to get people used to getting information this way ► Assign local champions Implementing Social Networks
  29. 29. ► Very specific to the current and planned situation of each company ► On Prem – SharePoint Social unless the organization is already on Yammer ► Cloud: Try yammer on a smaller scale and see how it works if you have EA. Conclusions & Questions
  30. 30. ► Why we picked SharePoint 2013 social over Yammer social for right now (Jeremy Thake) ► Yammer Roadmap ► O365 – picking a social network – howto ► Everything you need to know about SharePoint Social – Richard Harbridge ► Integrate Yammer with on-premises SharePoint 2013 environments (white paper) Useful Links
  31. 31. ► Ori Fishler, Director, Web Solutions, Edgewater Technology Inc. Contact