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National Patient Safety Foundation 2012 Dashboard Demo


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Edgwater attended the NPSF 2012 Patient Safety Congress in order to showcase our proven expertise in developing Patient Safety & Quality systems and processes. This presentation highlights some Edgewater client success stories as well as a demonstration of dashboards developed as part of our projects.

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National Patient Safety Foundation 2012 Dashboard Demo

  1. 1. Edgewater’s Healthcare Consulting Practice Patient Safety & Quality Integrated Data Solutions
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. Edgewater Corporate Overview► Founded in 1992► Publicly traded (NASDAQ: EDGW) – Public in 2002► Co-founders still with the Company► 400+ employees, 75%+ billable consultants► Large North American footprint – New UK offshoot► Focus on upper middle and Global 2000 markets3
  4. 4. Healthcare Focus Areas & Practice Offerings Healthcare Analytics Implementation Spectrum Quality of Patient Panel Surgical Service Line Embedded & Care, Patient & Physician Analytics Analytics Predictive Safety Relationships Analytics Finance & Enterprise / Utilization CRM in Subject Area Strategic Value and & Cost Healthcare Implementation Planning Impact to the Enterprise / Subject Area Data StrategyOrganization & Roadmap Focused Data Mart or Pilot EDW Solution BI Analytics Data Quality or FastTrack! Readiness Assessment Level of Data 4 Integration
  5. 5. Phase 1: Enterprise Data Strategy Phase 2: Pre-Production Implementation ComprehensiveEnterprise Data Cancer Center Warehouse to Phase 3: Support Production Personalized Implementation Medicine
  6. 6. Healthcare & Life Sciences Customers►6 6
  7. 7. Edgewater Technology: Case Examples: Providers ► Total Cancer Care – Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Personalized Medicine; Integrated Clinical & Research Data; Data Strategy; Q&A Methodology ► Surgical Analytics – Integrated EDW and BI Tools Enterprise Data Strategy; Data Integration; Clinical, Operational, Financial Performance Improvement ► Quality Data Management System – Integrated EDW Data Integration; Surgical Care Improvement (SCIP) Metrics; Q&A and Use Case Methodology ► Service Line Definition Data Governance Integrated Patient Safety, Quality, Pharmacy, Lab and Infection Surveillance Data7
  8. 8. Edgewater Technology: Case Examples: Providers ► Financial & Strategic Analysis Redesign and Assessment Service Line Definition, Organizational Assessment, Data Mart , Analytic and Reporting Implementation ► Enterprise Data Strategy Strategic Vision & Benefits, Implementation Roadmap; EDW Strategy & Tools ► Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Strategy Best Practices, Strategic Vision & Benefits, Implementation Roadmap; EDW Strategy & Tools ► Enterprise Data Strategy Strategic Roadmap; Business Requirements; Conceptual Data Architecture8
  9. 9. Why We’re Here: Improving Safety & Quality Proven expertise in Patient Safety & Quality, Systems & Processes ►Successful projects include: – Automated collection and reporting of Core Measures – Standardized data collection for quality metrics – Embedded anticipated values in clinical applications for efficient data entry, with highest rates of compliance – Integrated multiple sources of quality data into one data store  automated reporting  advanced analytics ► Return on Investment (ROI) – Faster time-to-decisions based on near-real-time analysis – Reduced or eliminated manual processes – Automated data collection and report generation – Standardized data sources & metrics across multiple facilities9
  10. 10. What We’ve Heard: Strategic Goals & Objectives► Patient Safety & Quality Teams Want To: – Create a single version of the truth = “trusted data” – Eliminate redundancy of work – Eliminate paper and manual processes – Standardize data collection processes – Implement standards for naming and defining metrics and data elements – Automate data collection and aggregation – Provide capability to report across care settings and facilities – Provide advanced analytic capabilities for clinical intelligence and decision support – Reduce time, effort and cost to report quality measures10
  11. 11. What We’ve Heard: Challenges► Patient Safety & Quality Teams Struggle With: – Manual hand-offs and inconsistent data entry – Poor data quality – Manual data processing – Delays in getting answers and decision-making – Inconsistent training and lack of data entry standards – Siloed data sources – Outdated, incomplete technical infrastructure – Inability to identify opportunities to decrease costs and increase reimbursement #1 – It takes TOO LONG to report quality measures!11
  12. 12. Applying Advanced Analytics Best Practices Business Intelligence Maturity ModelWhere WhereHospitals Decision Making & Hospitals Analyze ActionARE SHOULD InformationToo much time BEcollecting data… Decision Making & Action % Time SpentNot enough timeanalyzing results Analyzeand Informationmaking decisions Collect Data Analyze Information Collect Data Collect Data Classic Reporting BI & Analytic Tools First Generation EIM Less Mature More Mature 12
  13. 13. Can You Answer these in Real Time?13
  14. 14. Vision: Advanced Analytics for Quality Data - Cost per Case - ALOS Highly Aggregated - Quality Compliance / C-Level Con ility sist • Cost savings opportunities by standardizing material b enc cea and implant choices - Core Measures y Tra • Case Volume by Specialty – market alignment - ASA AQA • Improve resource utilization; patient satisfaction - NSQIP Executive Vo Quality Department cab s User rd nda • Reduce costs by automating report development u lar Sta • ID opportunities to reduce SSI’s, re-admits, ALOS yS • Improve compliance with regulatory mandates y tan Functional User ntr dar ta E dsDa Power User Analyst / Informaticist • Analytic & reporting tools - SCIP, PN, AMI • Report development and distribution - Beta-blocker • Monitor data quality; standardize vocab. - Foley Catheter - PNDS The Right Information. To the Right People. At the Right Time. 14
  15. 15. Case Example: Regional Academic Medical CenterService Line Analytics► The Need – Needed an Enterprise Data Strategy for Financial and Strategic Analysis and Planning – Anticipate Integration with Separate Initiative Focused on Clinical Data Integration► The Solution – Service Line Definitions – Service Line Analytics – Extensible Rules-Based Data / SL Definition Architecture► The Benefits – Integrated View of Service Lines Across Units and Care Settings – Immediate KPIs: Net Patient Revenue, Contribution Margin, Market Share – Greater Consistency & Efficiencies in Operations & Outcomes15
  16. 16. Case Example: Academic Medical CenterPatient Safety & Quality AnalyticsThe Need►Establish common, consistent definitions and metrics for safety & quality►Implement standardized reporting processes across all business units►Timely external & internal reporting/analytics to relevant committees & groups Core Measures AHRQ PSI Infection Control Accountability Transitions in Care Patient Satisfaction NDNQI & NHSN Coordination of Care Mortality►Anticipate organizational readiness for new standardized reportingThe Benefits►Standardized 132 metric definitions; integrated 7 source systems; DQ cleanup►Master Data - Provider (NPI) and Hospital Location►Change the focus of our analysts from data production to data analysis►Automated quality data collection = better accuracy and more timely data►Enable a faster quality improvement cycle time by front line leaders16
  17. 17. Organizational Deployment: Communication & Execution Change Mgmt Provide Support & Process Project Mgmt Analysis Change Steering Committee Identify Establish / Update Alerts & Priorities Dashboards Entities Analysts Justify Implement Patient Safety & Quality PI Champions PI Analysts Identify Design Pilot StandardJustify Implement Reports PI Design Pilot Local Response to Q&S Metrics Data Mart PS&Q Analytics UBCL Data Mart Identify IT / EDW Support Surgeons Nursing Justify Implement Safety & Quality Data Collection PI Design Pilot Implement & Physicians Capture & Improve Analyze Clinical Care 17
  18. 18. PS&Q Data – Foundation to Enterprise Data Competitive COMPETITIVE MARKET DATA Market -- Market Share -- Competitive Position; Referral Sources; Payer Mix Outcomes OUTCOMES DATA Research -- Chronic Disease & Population Management -- Targeted Quality Outcomes -- Alternative Quality Contracts & Criteria -- Horizontal Clinical Service Lines Financial & Strategic Planning FINANCIAL DATA -- Strategic Planning Data Mart & Metrics -- Strategic Finance & Financial Modeling -- Service Line Analytics -- Health Plan & Alternative Quality Contract data IP/OP Clinical Data CLINICAL DATA -- Broader Clinical Data (IP, OP, Ambulatory, etc.) -- OP and IP Systems & Sources -- OP measures (e.g., PQRI) PS&Q Data18
  19. 19. Case Example: Integrated Health System ► The Need – Needed an Enterprise Strategy to Exploit Anticipated EMR (Epic Systems) Data – Needed an Initial Focus Area as a Proof-of- Concept for the Enterprise Strategy ► The Solution – Enterprise Data Strategy / Implementation Roadmap – Surgical Services Analytics – Integrated 5 Application Systems & Sources for 7 Facilities ► The Benefits – Enables Unified Clinical, Operational, Financial Views – Realizing Savings of $3M+ in Year 1; From $20M to $4M Invtry-on-Hand“Bringing together critical data on surgical scheduling, materials, labor and outcomes in an integratedBI framework is having a dramatic impact on our performance improvement and cost reductionprograms.” VP, Enterprise Informatics 19
  20. 20. Case Example: Regional Health System & AMC► The Need – Needed an Enterprise Data Strategy for Cancer Center Informatics and Service Line Analytics – Outlining Strategy to Pursue NCI CCC Designation – Seeking to Bring Advanced & Consistent Care to Member & Affiliate Hospitals► The Solution – Enterprise Data Strategy & Roadmap – Phased Plan for Analytics Platform: Clinical, Operational, Research, Financial – Implementing Disease-Site-Specific Evidence-Based Guidelines – Additional Potential Areas: Physician Patient Panel & Referrals► The Benefits – Multi-Year Roadmap for Pursuit of Integrated Strategy Across System – Platform for Service Line & Quality Analytics Across Regional Care Settings – Increased Collaboration & Greater Consistency in Operations & Outcomes Across Member & Affiliate Sites20
  21. 21. Case Example: Comprehensive Cancer Center► The Need – Numerous, Diverse Source Systems – Lack of Integration: Data, Process – Needed a Strategy for Enterprise Data► The Solution – Integrated 14 Subject Areas – Comprehensive Data Architecture – Focus on Personalized Medicine► The Benefits – “360º View of the Patient” – For-Profit Partnership – Attracting $90M+ in Investments – New Licensing Revenue Streams21
  22. 22. 3 Hospitals 7 Source Systems 140 IP Quality Measures ALL IN 1 PLACE!!! Ask for a Demo NOW!22