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FastTrack Analytics for Healthcare


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Gain valuable insight into how to leverage complex dimensional analytics for improved clinical, operational & financial outcomes across your surgical operations, including: best practices for implementing a robust surgical analytics platform and approach, success stories of leading healthcare organizations that are using analytics effectively in various settings, how analytics informs and enables strategic decision-making in challenging economic times, and how implementing an analytics solution can be affordable, fast & customizable to your business.

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FastTrack Analytics for Healthcare

  1. 1. BI Analytics FastTrack<br />Surgical Analytics<br /> Driving Clinical, Operation and Financial Outcomes<br />May 11, 2010<br />
  2. 2. Contents<br />
  3. 3. Healthcare Providers<br /><ul><li>Service Line Management
  4. 4. Surgical Services Analytics
  5. 5. Financial & Strategic Analysis & Planning
  6. 6. Chronic & High-Cost Conditions
  7. 7. Longitudinal Record of Care
  8. 8. Quality of Care
  9. 9. Patient Safety
  10. 10. Personalized Medicine
  11. 11. Performance Improvement
  12. 12. Productivity
  13. 13. Streamlined / Lean Processes
  14. 14. Marketing Analytics
  15. 15. Relationship Marketing
  16. 16. Risk Management
  17. 17. Epidemiology / Integration with Research</li></ul>Healthcare Analytics<br />Healthcare Payers<br /><ul><li>Utilization & Cost
  18. 18. Disease Management
  19. 19. Clinical Care Services
  20. 20. Sales & Marketing Analytics
  21. 21. Customer Value Assessment
  22. 22. Market Share / Campaign Management
  23. 23. Members & Groups
  24. 24. Risk & Provider Performance
  25. 25. Financial
  26. 26. Provider Analytics
  27. 27. Provider Profiling
  28. 28. Workforce & Operations
  29. 29. Marketing & Competitive Context
  30. 30. Claims Processing</li></li></ul><li>Healthcare Analytics – A Common Data Foundation<br />Marketing Analytics<br />Chronic & High Cost Conditions<br />Quality of Care<br />Longitudinal Record of Care<br />Patient Safety<br />Service Line Management<br />Performance Improvement<br />Surgical Analytics<br />Productivity<br />Personalized Medicine<br />
  31. 31. Surgical Analytics – Questions Answers  More Questions<br /><ul><li>How well do our surgical teams adhere to the confirmed OR schedule?</li></ul>OR Schedule, Facilities, Procedures<br />Materials, Implants, . Supply<br /><ul><li>Is this issue localized: by facility, or care setting?</li></ul>Labor Tracking<br />Billing & Reimbursement<br /><ul><li>What is the impact on outcomes, or costs?</li></li></ul><li>Surgical Analytics: Complex Data: Questions & Benefits<br />Analytic Views<br />Sample Questions<br /><ul><li>How well do our surgical teams adhere to the confirmed OR schedule?
  32. 32. What is the impact of delays, cancellations, overruns, add-ons, and other issues?
  33. 33. Do we have better schedule integrity with blocked vs. unblocked schedule segments? Surgeons? Service Lines? Facilities? Care Settings?
  34. 34. Is good (or poor) schedule integrity localized by: Specialty? Facility? Surgical team? Procedure complexity?
  35. 35. How do scheduling issues affect Patient Outcomes? Complications? Costs? Profitability?</li></ul>Materials Utilization& Costs<br />Labor Scheduling<br />On-Time Starts<br />Practice Patterns<br />Benchmarks<br />Profitability<br />Total Costof Care<br />Market & Competitive Context<br />Surgical Team Composition<br />Value & Benefits<br /><ul><li>Measure adherence to OR schedule: by surgical team; by service line; by facility; blocked vs. unblocked; time of day; day of week.
  36. 36. Improve scheduling accuracy and efficiency; identify and acknowledge top performers.
  37. 37. Improve allocation of surgical facilities to handle patient volumes.
  38. 38. Align incentives for on-time starts with access to preferred schedule time/room availability.
  39. 39. Identify disruptive scheduling practices or volatility, and assess downstream impact and consequences.
  40. 40. Explore relationships between schedule integrity and outcomes, complications, costs, or reimbursements.</li></li></ul><li>Integrated Health System implements SQL Server 2005, SSAS and ProClarity Analytics Server, projected to save $5 Million within first year in Material Costs, OR Utilization & Labor Resource Scheduling.<br />“Bringing together critical data on surgical scheduling, materials, labor and outcomes into an integrated business intelligence (BI) framework is having a dramatic impact on our operational performance improvement and cost reduction programs.”<br />- VP Reinventing & Decision Support<br /><ul><li>Realizing $5M in savings from better decisions on surgical materials, reduced practice variability, more efficient processes, and higher data quality</li></ul>Savings in 3 Key Areas:<br /> • 50% Materials/Implants<br /> • 30% OR Utilization<br /> • 20% Labor Scheduling<br /><ul><li>Integrated View: Clinical, Operational, Financial </li></ul>• Source Systems Analysis,<br /> Data Quality Review,<br /> Technical Design & Build<br />• Integrated 5 transactional<br />data sources used for Surgical Operations<br />• Built a multi-dimensional<br /> Surgical Services Data<br />Mart with 30+ dynamic <br /> Analytic Views<br />• Launched Enterprise Data<br /> Governance Framework and Process<br />• Maximize the value of diverse data sets captured throughout the enterprise<br />• Create a data and system architecture able to support diverse initiatives across the extended enterprise<br />• Integrate operational and transactional system data with performance, revenue cycle and materials management metrics<br />Surgical Analytics – Delivering Benefits<br />
  41. 41. Business Intelligence – A Spectrum of Solutions<br />Quality of Care<br />Surgical Analytics<br />Utilization & Cost<br />Best Practice Alerts<br />Embedded & Predictive Analytics<br />Service Line Management<br />Financial & Strategic Planning<br />CRM / Marketing<br />Enterprise / Subject Area Implementation<br />Value & Impact to the Organization<br />Enterprise / Subject Area Data Strategy<br />Focused Data Mart or Pilot EDW Solution<br />BI Analytics FastTrack<br />Data Quality or Readiness Assessment<br />Level of Data Integration<br />
  42. 42. Business Intelligence Analytics FastTrack<br />
  43. 43. Solution Details: High Level Architecture<br />
  44. 44. Solution Details: Accelerator Approach & Components<br />Dashboard/ Interface Templates<br />Analytic Component Library<br />Access Component Library<br />Data Presentation & User Analytics Capabilities<br />Analytic View<br /><ul><li> Hierarchies
  45. 45. Dimensions
  46. 46. Key Metrics
  47. 47. Reference Data</li></ul>Analytic View<br /><ul><li> Hierarchies
  48. 48. Dimensions
  49. 49. Key Metrics
  50. 50. Reference Data</li></ul>Business Focused Analytic Views<br />Business Dimensions<br />Dimensions<br />Attributes<br />Hierarchies<br />Subject Area Based Groupings & Metrics<br />Subject Areas<br />Fact Groupings<br />Key Metrics<br />Data Integration Framework<br />Extract Specs<br />Base<br />Mappings<br />Integration Library<br />
  51. 51. Solution Details – Benefits vs. Risks<br />
  52. 52. Solution Details<br /> A Working Analytics Solution … <br /> Focuses on …<br />Not intended to be …<br />Data analytics and data visualization capabilities to enable informed decisions<br />Bulletproof production implementation<br /> Some data “plumbing” is incomplete<br />Subject area data is organized, integrated, and optimized to support analytics<br />“Mock-up” or “Throw away”<br /> All components can be built out for production, or manual execution<br />Direct impact of the client’s own data to gain immediate and valuable insight on current issues and challenges<br />Comprehensive across multiple complex subject areas<br />
  53. 53. Why Edgewater?<br />
  54. 54. Q & A<br />Questions?<br />Thank You!<br />