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CRMUG Northeast Regional Meeting - 5-17 - Jack Bender - Yammer integration


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In this presentation, Jack Bender of Microsoft highlights Yammer and the functionality within CRM. Moreover, he emphasizes how social interaction enhances communication throughout the organization and fosters productivity.

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CRMUG Northeast Regional Meeting - 5-17 - Jack Bender - Yammer integration

  1. 1. Like, ReplyPraise, Polls,etc
  2. 2. DocumentsFollow inYammer
  3. 3. Comments,Mentions, Hashtags
  4. 4. ActivityStreammessagesfrom CRMRich postexperience
  5. 5. Search forCRM records
  6. 6. Link back toCRMRelatedcontentContextualActivitystreamConsistentfollow
  7. 7. ConfigurationOne required step
  8. 8. • System messages can be public or private• Public: posted to all members of the company or a group• Private messages: posted only to users following therecord in CRMPrivate:• Users have all conversations in a private CRM group• Only members of the private group can viewconversations’Public:• Users can choose the group they post to for eachmessageAdmin chooses the privategroup to use and managesgroup membership.Admin can choose whethersystem messages are public orprivate. Default is private.
  9. 9. Demonstration
  10. 10. Questions