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CRMUG Northeast Regional Meeting - 5-17 - Brian Bachofner - InsideView


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Brian Bachofner of InsideView illustrates how the customer is changing and how buying patterns are changing. He emphasizes the importance of understanding and adapting to those changes to remain relevant in the business world.

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CRMUG Northeast Regional Meeting - 5-17 - Brian Bachofner - InsideView

  1. 1. CRM IntelligenceBrian Bachofner, InsideView@bbachofner
  2. 2. Results of Research• The biggest challenges sales people have is…– Getting in the door– Building support within the organization– Closing the deal• Biggest emotional driver in sales is Winning• Customer see us in the Vendor category• Differentiators are Insight and Connections
  3. 3. The Problem: The Buyer Has ChangedBuyers are impatientwith sellersuvInsight Research is timeconsuming and difficultwCustomerChurn/turnover isincreasingLeadsOpportunities
  4. 4. Major market shifts…require change in CRM Sales: from vendor driven to buyer driven process Marketing: from outbound to inbound marketing Buyers: from un-informed to very informed Channels: from few to countless channels Campaigns: from months/weeks to minutesCRM Intelligence is imperative to successful CRMSLIDE : 4
  5. 5. Declining EffectivenessSales & Marketing 1.0 Becoming IneffectiveSLIDE : 5of Buyers Deflect Calls and Emails92%Buyer Behavior Has Changed
  6. 6. The evolving BuyerSLIDE : 6CampaignEnrichConvert and WinRetain and GrowRelationshipManagerRECOMMENDLeadEnrichSales2013CampaignEnrichConvert and WinRetain and GrowRelationshipManagerRECOMMENDLeadEnrichSalesMARKETINGSALESAwarenessand InterestDecisionActionRetain and GrowRECOMMEND57%
  7. 7. Challenge 2: Organizational Change is Primary DriverSource: Mikael Blaisdell, Leading Authority on Customer Retention, Editor, The HotLine Magazine, 20120% 10% 20% 30%People Changes - Loss of SponsorLack of AdoptionBusiness DownturnCompeting ProductCustomer Acquired/Merged25% - 30%20% - 25%15% - 20%10% - 15%10% - 15%
  8. 8. Additional Problem: Insight Research is Not Easy…Initial Insight Research50 Accounts x 55 Mins/Account= 45 hoursTime ConsumingUpdate Insight Research50 Accounts x 10 Mins/Account= 8 hoursOverwhelmingMediaEditorialSocial
  9. 9. How Does An Average Rep Spend Their Day?Productivity and EffectivenessResearchingthe largestnon-selling activity2011 CSO Insights Sales Optimization Study
  10. 10. Discussion• What are you doing today to overcome these challenges?Whiteboard Session
  11. 11. CRM Intelligence Solution Components