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GBA program - Information booklet for applicants


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Published in: Education, Business
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GBA program - Information booklet for applicants

  1. 1. Opportunities are available in mid November 2013 Application deadline in early December 2013 Subscribe to our social media channels to get the latest updates edge Growth Business Associate information booklet
  2. 2. Continue reading if… o You are looking for new career opportunities o You want to impact lives of low- income populations o You are a graduate or young professional coming from an emerging market o You have strong leadership experience, high self-awareness and intercultural competence o You have proven results in your previous work roles, a passion for business and the ability to make things work o Introduction of Impact Business o Career opportunities in Impact Business o Growth Business Associate Program o Application process and timeline o About edge Table of Content
  3. 3. The world we live in Traditional Business focuses on providing services and goods to the top income levels. What do you think: Why do few businesses focus on these 4 billion people as their customers? (*) There are different ways of measuring the BoP, read more at for example
  4. 4. An Impact Business is... “A financially-sustainable venture whose products and services directly improve life for low income populations” creating positive impactbusiness approach innovative ideas disruptive technology game-changing distribution creative partnerships collaborative teams
  5. 5. “I developed business plans, built financial models and carried out due diligence activities on our portfolio Waste Picker Cooperatives. Our organization contributes to solving one of urban India’s largest problems! Impact business can solve many of the world's problems and provide fulfilling careers and entrepreneurial opportunities to many talented people out there.“ My Impact Business Story Siongo Kisoso President AIESEC Strathmore 09/10 , Kenya GBA in Financial Management Waste Ventures, New Delhi
  6. 6. Join a start-up or established Impact Business Start or co-found your own Impact Business Enable or accelerate businesses Join Impact Investment Create Social Policy o Business Modeling o Understanding the ecosystem o Networking o Starting and growing a business o Career Building Diverse career opportunities Get ready! Gain skills as a Growth Business Associate Acrossallacademic backgrounds!
  7. 7. The Growth Business Associate program is your path to start into a meaningful career in the field of Impact Business! Double impact: Experience a unique learning environment while working and contributing to an Impact Business start-up in India, Mexico, Brazil or Colombia for 6-12 month. This program is open for graduates & young professionals from Emerging Markets (Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, India, Indonesia, The Philippines, Russia, China, Thailand, Kenya, Nigeria). What is the Growth Business Associate Program?
  8. 8. o A challenging job description in a business serving low-income populations o A virtual and physical learning environment to sharpen your skills; o Build and share knowledge about Impact Business models; o Develop entrepreneurial skills and behaviors o Build a network with entrepreneurs, key enablers in the field (e.g. incubators, investors), other GBAs and AIESECers o Participate in creating a new field What we offer GBA program benefits o Living expenses covered o Virtual Learning Environment and GBA Community o Mentorship o Coaching on the job o Plugged In Summit o Integration in the local student community o Alumni community
  9. 9. o Previous results in a team (at least 2 years) o 2+ years of full-time work experience (relevant to the role) o Bachelor degree (higher preferred) o Excellent written & spoken English (Spanish/Portuguese skills where applicable) o Job-specific skills o From an emerging market in Asia, Africa or Latin America Who we look for Required profile o Desire to combine business acumen and social impact in your career o Personality fit with start-up culture:  Innovative  Flexible  Multi-tasker  Self-starter  Business mindset
  10. 10. The type of business our GBAs work in Some of the impact businesses we worked with in the past: GBAs work in businesses that extend access to services and products to underserved, mostly low-income populations: o Affordable and safe housing o Accessible Healthcare o Energy and Technology o Financial Services o Education
  11. 11. Some of the examples of the GBAs’ job descriptions "Expansion of the distribution of micro-solar products to a new state" "Implement a Business Development strategy for low-cost housing, evaluate partnerships with government and financing organizations" "Design and supervise implementation of a training curricula to increase farmer's knowledge about innovative farming methods" Go to to find out more about the available opportunities
  12. 12. o Fill the application survey mentioned in the TN Form o 2 Interview Rounds (one with edge and one with the company) o Visa preparation (see below) Application Process Country Approximate duration for visa approval Immigration Requirements India 1 - 4 weeks - Brazil > 6 weeks Student Status if not South America Mexico > 6 weeks - Colombia 2 – 4 weeks - o Your complete Application consists of  Motivation letter (addressing the company)  CV (max 2 pages)  Video on Personal Drivers / Passion  AIESEC EP Form Application Timeline November 2013 Opportunities opened Early December 2013 Application Deadline December 2013 Selection Process February 2014 Arrival to the host country
  13. 13. Further Tips for applicants 1) Ensure alignment of your profile and application with the requirements 2) Motivation Check  Passion for Social Change  For-Profit and business mindset  Entrepreneurial Career  Emerging Market interest  Live and work abroad 3) Further Reading about the Impact Business field The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid by C.K. Prahalad The Power of Unreasonable People by John Elkington and Pamela Hartigan
  14. 14. Responsibilities of involved parties o Facilitate communication between all parties o Final responsible and point of contact for the experience o Runs the learning environment for all participants o Coordinate salary payments o Evaluate and improve quality of the program o Facilitation of immigration process for the duration of the internship o Logistics e.g. Airport pickup, accomodation, bank account, registration o Cultural and community integration o Join the AIESEC GIP program, fulfil requirements of local AIESEC office, e.g. seminars, fee, documents o Personal cultural and professional preparation o Acquire a health insurance policy o Cover flight and visa cost (if not agreed otherwise) o Define Job Description and KPIs o Final selection of the participant o Provide monthly coaching on the job and any information and resources o Allows the participant to attend edge’s learning events Participants Hosting Business
  15. 15. About edge o edge develop talents for impact business across emerging markets. edge attracts and prepares the next generation of managers and entrepreneurs to build their careers in this field, ensuring that they add value whenever they work. o edge draws on a pool of top young talent with both leadership experience and a desire to make a difference, and offer them the possibility to explore new business models. o edge offers a diverse learning environment about Impact Business through summits, workshops, webinars, and the GBA program. o Established in 2004 o Works in 5 countries (India, Kenya, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia) o Over 205 GBA experiences created o Over 20,000 people trained about the concept of Impact Business o 15 summits with over 300 participants
  16. 16. is a pioneer organization in Social Business in Brazil. Since 2002 Artemisia has built capacity of entrepreneurs and start-ups that have innovative business models for addressing social problems. Artemisia has hired AIESEC alumni before! Artemisia is the Learning Partner of edge - materials are based on strong experience in building high-impact Solutions at the Base of the Pyramid. provides a platform for youth leadership development . Since 1948 hundreds of thousands of students have taken an active role in developing themselves and their organization. We have placed AIESEC members from over 35 countries in the GBA program. edge currently works with AIESEC in 6 countries to involve young talented people in the field of Impact Business! is backed by a group of successful entrepreneurs in the US. These investors are interested in new business models that improve life at the base of the pyramid, provide opportunities to talented and honest entrepreneurs, and contribute to the competitiveness of emerging markets. Potencia Ventures is edge’s strategic partner. edge is powered by Potencia Ventures and supported by Artemisia as a knowledge partner and AIESEC as an international talent partner. edge’s Partners
  17. 17. Iluska Vieira Latin America Coordinator Aastha Govil Asia Coordinator Manuela Müller Global Coordinator Any questions? Please contact us!