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From Ashley madison to_panama_papers - Office 365 bringing sexy back to eDiscovery


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From Ashley madison to_panama_papers - Office 365 bringing sexy back to eDiscovery

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From Ashley madison to_panama_papers - Office 365 bringing sexy back to eDiscovery

  1. 1. Edge Pereira @superedge -
  2. 2. • Introduction • Impact of eDiscovery • Challenges and Concerns • eDiscovery Demo • eDiscovery Roadmap • Q & A Our Agenda
  3. 3. About Me Edge Pereira @ Sensei Project Solutions
  4. 4. eDiscovery and the Big Guys U.S. corporations currently engaged in litigation Average number of active lawsuits for $1B+ companies Average per case cost of eDiscovery$1Million 147 90%
  5. 5. eDiscovery Challenges Data Preservation Search and Reduction Export
  6. 6. Preservation of potentially relevant data Prevent deletion of responsive data. Minimize disruption to the business. Find relevant data to produce to opposing parties Dire consequences associated with failing to produce data within aggressive deadlines. Multi-phased approach that typically involves iterative stages of filtering across different tools. eDiscovery Concerns Identify and Preserve Process and Search Review Produce In-Source Out-Source
  7. 7. Average Microsoft case from FY11-13 68 cases with active eDiscovery efforts per year 45 people under legal hold 1.3TB 13 people’s data searched 288.8GB Reviewed 16.8GB Produced 4GB Used 249 pp. If Microsoft were to outsource the unfiltered entirety of the data to be processed and searched by a vendor, the rough standard charge would be ~$200/GB, totaling $57,760 per case, or $3.9 million/year. If Microsoft outsource only the culled data, data processing charges are reduced to $3,360 per case, saving $3.7 million/year (average) Up to $40,000 per gigabyte in the Review phase Source:
  8. 8. • Completely Outsourced • Inside Corp Firewall • Managed by MSIT • Entirely MS technology Exchange Servers Local Data SharePoint Linear Review Tool Review Attorneys Production Tool Production Set File Shares .pst content Non-.pst content Common eDiscovery Workflow
  9. 9. Skype/Lync Archiving User A Mailbox Recoverable Items Deletions Deleted Items Inbox Versions Purges DiscoveryHolds Server side archiving All modalities captured (PC, mobile, web, OWA) User A on hold Hold state synced Skype/Lync archives content into Exchange mailboxes when user is on In-Place Hold Includes instant messaging and meeting content
  10. 10. • Lists, feeds, documents, and pages are covered • Admins cannot delete the hold data or site • Version history is preserved if versioning is on SharePoint In-Place Hold
  11. 11. User A Mailbox Recoverable Items Deletions Inbox Purges Versions Audits Deleted Items … DiscoveryHold Calendar Logging (6) Messages purged by query based hold (5) Message Edited (3) Message deleted (4a) Message “purged” by user (Litigation Hold / Single Item Recovery) Exchange Lifecycle (4b) Message “purged” by user (In-Place Hold) (1) Message delivered (2) Message moved to Deleted Items
  12. 12. Sara Aziz Janet Denis Sales Finance Sales Manager Legal Our Demo Participants
  13. 13. eDiscovery Demo
  14. 14. Exchange
  15. 15. SharePoint and PowerBI
  16. 16. Collaboration and Search
  17. 17. Archive, Retention, eDiscovery
  18. 18. ** Chicago out. Atlanta in. ** Next Roadmap Update
  19. 19. Archiving Coming for Non-Microsoft Data Social Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc Instant Messaging Yahoo Messenger, GoogleTalk, Jabber etc Document Collaboration Box, DropBox etc Verticals SalesForce Chatter, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg etc SMS/Text Messaging BlackBerry, MobileGuard etc
  20. 20. Questions and Answers
  21. 21. @superedge
  22. 22. EDRM XML 1.1 Support 2 5