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Product life cycle management plm software edgeax

EdgeAX Product Lifecycle Management solution embedded in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 that harnesses the unique power of AX with customized features.

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Product life cycle management plm software edgeax

  1. 1. Product LifeCycle Management (PLM) Software EdgeAX suite offers predominant Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 vertical solutions for Fashion/Apparel and Retail industries.
  2. 2. EdgeAX Product Lifecycle Management Solution Overview EdgeAX PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software solution embedded in Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2012 that harnesses the unique power of AX with customized features to deliver optimal results at incredibly operational costs for the apparel and retail industry. The EdgeAX PLM solution is collaborative, scalable, and cost-effective. It helps in managing fluctuations in demand through efficiency in managing product portfolio, delivery and inventory turns resulting in greater margins. (Photo Courtesy: Annabelle) Built on Powerful ERP Platform Dynamics AX 2012 EdgeAX PLM solution is based on one of the leading worldwide market solutions Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 as a foundation, EdgeAX product lifecycle management embeds within Microsoft Dynamics AX and provides specific Best Practice Apparel and Retail functions along with workflows creating a seamless, omni-channel and personalized complete solution. Why effective Product Lifecycle Management is pivotal for success of your business Today’s consumer is the most technologically sophisticated of all times. The trends suggest that the consumer wants 360 degree control on choice, self-help, shop anywhere and anytime and driving the apparel and retail business to be more and more agile in terms of keeping their product portfolios and store assortments dynamic. Keep with such market demand is both challenging and expensive.
  3. 3. Features of EdgeAX PLM  A Complete PLM Solution - Comprehensive set of features for Apparel Industry, providing end-to-end coverage  Highly Interoperable - Allows for connectivity with third party providers for colors, designs etc.  Higher Productivity - High degree of usability and native integration with end user productivity tools like Microsoft Office.  Internationalization - Out-of-the-box support for internationalization for increased accuracy of information.  Extensive, out-of-the-box reporting - State-of-the-art reporting including tech-packs, adhering to industry standards.  Embedded Business Intelligence - Sophisticated BI capability providing on demand insights to all stake holders from within the application. What Makes EdgeAX Product LifeCycle Management (PLM) Unique EdgeAX PLM helps companies accelerate product innovation and maximize product profitability through the robust management of the information, processes and decisions about their products across the enterprise and the global product network. For more information about Product LifeCycle Management solution’s uniqueness, business and technology benefits please visit website: We are social! You can also find us on Pinterest Google+ Facebook Twitter Linkedin