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Choosing The Right


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Choose The Right

Published in: Education, Spiritual, Technology
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Choosing The Right

  1. 1. “CTR: Choose The Right”
  2. 2. Importance • • • • It is what keeps things balanced and healthy It allows you to have certain rights You could be benefited by it. Choosing the wrong could have consequences.
  3. 3. Ways to Choose The Right • Follow the rules • Be a friendly neighbor and peer • Help people even when you wont be rewarded
  4. 4. Consequences • Certain rights will be taken away • Certain privileges removed • People wont be able to trust you a lot
  5. 5. Reasons • People will trust you • You will feel good and have a healthy conscience • You will be rewarded in certain occasions
  6. 6. People who have chosen the right Gordon B. Hinckley Mr.Haymore Michael Phelps
  7. 7. People who have chosen the WRONG Gang Affiliation Justin Bieber Tagging
  8. 8. Benefits Michael Phelps 22 Olympic Medal (18 Gold) Dean Smith is known all over the world for his greatness and for choosing the right
  9. 9. Why it matters • • • • It shows people you respect them Shows you are fair Shows you have responsibility Shows honesty
  10. 10. Rewards • You might be invited to certain high class events • People will learn to trust you • You might get free things • You will feel good about yourself
  11. 11. What it means – Work Hard – Work-Smart – Work Together – Be Kind – Be Grateful – Be Responsible
  12. 12. Choose The Right •Choose •The •Right
  13. 13. Choosing The Right • WDo • q1I