Treatments To Help Sweat Less


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Treatments To Help Sweat Less

  1. 1. Overactive sweat glands are something that lots of folks have these days. Those who have overactive sweat glands sweat more than 3 times the average joe does. Sweating is really important in order for the body to eliminate certain toxins, but when you start to sweat uncontrollably it may leave you feeling uncomfortable and ashamed. Visit for more info. The medical term for abnormal sweating is hyperhidrosis and the feet, head, and armpit area are typically affected by this ailment. This disorder can cause plenty of shame any time you try to shake hands with a different person. Plenty of difficulties may crop up whenever a person starts sweating too much. Also, this problem makes it very easy for the patient to develop fungal infections. Below you'll find many of the most powerful things you can do to keep this problem in check. 1. Anticholinergic drug
  2. 2. The sweat glands are activated by a chemical known as acetylocholine, which can be impeded by this drug. When it comes to extreme sweating you'll need to wait up to 2 weeks to experience great results, which is a sad fact. Dry mouth, blurry vision, and a lack of taste are a number of the side effects linked to the usage of this drug. If you're an outdoor worker or an athlete it's very important to note that this isn't a solution. In order for your body to perform properly it needs to sweat, so keep that in mind. 2. Botox Excessive sweating may be treated by Botox, as the FDA approves it. Patients who have tried using antiperspirants with no luck will find this treatment method
  3. 3. really efficient. What it will do is prevent a chemical from getting released from your nervous system that will cause you to sweat excessively. If you implement this treatment expect to stop by your doctor on a regular basis. Seven to sixteen months is how much time the whole treatment will require. However, excessive underarm sweating is what this treatment is normally utilized for. 3. Iontophoresis If you experience excessive sweating in the feet or hands then this treatment method would be terrific for you. It's very straightforward how this device works, and it will obstruct the flow of your sweat. Any time you go through with this treatment you will go through five to ten sessions. A maintenance schedule will also be necessary. The numerous sessions are so that the treated areas remain dry.
  4. 4. However, if you're someone dealing with epilepsy it's not encouraged you undergo this treatment procedure. 4. Antiperspirant Plugging up the sweat gland ducts inside your armpit area is what antiperspirant does. Out of all the treatments we brought up here, this is the cheapest one to take advantage of. It's likely that your doctor will offer you an aluminum chloride based antiperspirant if OTC products do not work. The doctor prescribed antiperspirants are good for treating hyperhidrosis that is moderate. However, if you utilize prescription grade antiperspirants you have to be cautious, because they can hurt your skin. In order to keep away from irritation of the skin you should wash it off as soon as you get up in the early morning.
  5. 5. Sadly, sweating can sometimes cause an unpleasent smell that antiperspirants can't remove. Thus, it's best to locate something that will work as both a deodorant and antiperspirant.