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Folklore of vietnam pwrpnt

  1. 1. Folklore of Vietnam
  2. 2. Creation Myth• Lac Long Quan, the Dragon Prince, falls in love and marries Au Co, a fairy spirit.• 100 sons are born to the dragon lord and his fairy wife.• The family splits up. 50 sons go with their father to the sea. 50 sons go with their mother to the mountains.
  3. 3. • The 50 sons who left with Lac Long Quan learned to fish and plant rice.• The 50 sons who left with Au Co raised animals, grew fruit trees and built homes on stilts.
  4. 4. • The oldest son, named Hung, founded the first Vietnamese kingdom.• There have been 18 monarchs with the name “King Hung.”• Lac Long Quan and Au Co continue to watch over their children, the Vietnamese people
  5. 5. VariationsThe Story of One Hundred Eggs—the sons of the dragon prince and the fairy are eggs from a sac that bursts after seven days.Children of the Dragon—the sons of the dragon prince and the fairy woman are the people of Vietnam.
  6. 6. Origin Tales• Many stories are simple legends about the origins of plants, animals, customs or natural phenomena, such as the man in the moon or the monsoon rains.
  7. 7. Examples:• How the Tiger Got Its Stripes• The Legend of Chu Cuoi—The Man in the Moon (Also called “The Buffalo Boy and the Banyan Tree, )• The Legend of the Monsoon Rains
  8. 8. Moral Tales• The Boatman’s Flute True Love• The Raven and the Star Fruit Filial Piety Greed• The Bowman and the Sisters Hardwork
  9. 9. Fairies• Fairies are known as the protectors of the Vietnamese world.• Frequently come in dreams to help mankind.• “Cake of Heaven, Cake of Earth”—origin of offerings given to worship ancestors
  10. 10. Vietnamese Cinderella• Tam Cam: The Vietnamese Cinderella by The Gioi• The Golden Slipper: A Vietnamese Legend by Darrell H. Y. Lum• “The Story of Tam and Cam”• Found on• Found in•
  11. 11. Recommendations• Children of the Dragon: Selected Tales from Vietnam by Sherry Garland, Illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman
  12. 12. Use the following keywords:Vietnam and folktales Tam and CamDragons and Fairies
  13. 13. Websites /tamcam.htm