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Romania-Bulgaria Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013: Status of implementation


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Programul de cooperare transfrontalieră (PCT) România-Bulgaria 2007-2013: stadiul implementării.
PCT România–Bulgaria 2007-2013 este unul dintre Programele Operaţionale din perioada 2007–2013, derulate în cadrul Obiectivului „Cooperare Teritorială Europeană” al politicii de coeziune a Uniunii Europene.
Aria eligibilă: judeţele Mehedinţi, Dolj, Olt, Teleorman, Giurgiu, Călăraşi şi Constanţa din România, precum şi districtele Vidin, Vratsa, Montana, Veliko Târnovo, Plevna, Razgrad, Ruse, Dobrich şi Silistra din Bulgaria.
Autoritatea de Management a programului este Ministerul Dezvoltării Regionale și Administrației Publice (MDRAP), Autoritatea Națională este Ministerul Dezvoltării Regionale din Bulgaria iar Secretariatul Tehnic Comun este în cadrul Biroului Regional pentru Cooperare Transfrontalieră Călărași pentru Granița România-Bulgaria, cu o sucursală la Ruse.
Bugetul total: 262 milioane Euro pentru perioada 2007–2013:,

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Romania-Bulgaria Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013: Status of implementation

  1. 1. Romania-Bulgaria Cross Border CooperationRomania-Bulgaria Cross Border Cooperation ProgrammeProgramme 2007-20132007-2013 Status of Implementation
  2. 2. Absorption rateAbsorption rate 1st of June 20151st of June 2015 Certified expenditure to EC vs. ERDF Programme allocation
  3. 3. Financial dataFinancial data 1st of June 20151st of June 2015 Payments at Programme level vs. ERDF Programme allocation RC submitted by the beneficiaries vs. ERDF Programme allocation
  4. 4. Contracted ERDF/per capita
  5. 5. ROMANIAN FIRST LEVEL CONTROLROMANIAN FIRST LEVEL CONTROL Main figuresMain figures (2009 - may 201(2009 - may 20155)) Our work in 7 lines!Our work in 7 lines! Requests for first level control – 1,484 Amount verified – 112,938,000 Eur Amount validated – 107,857,000 Eur Non-eligible expenditures – 4.5% Average time for verification – 16 working days Average value/request – 76,839 Eur First level controllers - 10
  6. 6. Indicators (finalizedIndicators (finalized projects – May 2015)projects – May 2015) 39 Programme indicators: • 24 indicators have already reached their target • 4 indicators more than 75% • 11 indicators below 75%
  7. 7. Indicators (finalizedIndicators (finalized projects – end of 2014)projects – end of 2014) 2014 vs. 2015 (cumulated values): • 22 vs. 24 indicators have already reached their target: 2 indicators have reached their target in 2015 • 6 vs 4 indicators more than 75% • 11 vs. 11 indicators below 75%
  8. 8. Main results (finalized projects)Main results (finalized projects) Intrastructure: Improved accessibility •922,534 people with access to ICT facilities •640,634 people using ICT facilities (actually using) • 168.76 km of modernized/build road
  9. 9. Main results (finalized projects)Main results (finalized projects) Environment and emergency •25 projects - improving prevention and readiness to respond to risks • 70% of the Danube already covered by joint early warning emergency activities • 14 joint management systems implemented on environmental protection • 2 million people informed on environmental protection
  10. 10. Main results (finalized projects)Main results (finalized projects) Tourism and promotion •546 promotional materials/events promoting the image of the area inside and outside its boundaries • 37 integrated tourism products
  11. 11. Main results (finalized projects)Main results (finalized projects) Human resources (employment and training) •3,660 people graduating cross border training courses •46,146 people participating in people to people actions • 167,756 people informed on employment opportunities
  12. 12. Communication and informationCommunication and information activities 2014-up to dateactivities 2014-up to date •On air •On TV •Media campaign – focus on results •We keep you permanently informed •Events •Close to us - contest •Conclusions
  13. 13. Media campaignMedia campaign We were on air! What: Radio spot – broadcasting 1 radio spot (Romanian language) When: 30 July – 26 August 2014 Where: Radio Romania Actualităţi and EUROPA FM stations, 168 spreads (84 sprads on each station) Results: the radio spot was heard by the targeted group (“11 years+ National level”) by 75,157,000 times
  14. 14. MediaMedia campaigncampaign We were on TV! What: TV spots – broadcasting 7 TV spots for Romanian counties When: September 1 to October 5, 2014 Where: National TV and TVR 1, between the hours 19.00-21.00. Results: 9,349,500 views, out of which approximately 2.77 million viewers had contact with the campaign at least once and about 860,154 people entered at least 3 times in contact with the broadcasting campaign.
  15. 15. Promoting resultsPromoting results Media campaign – focus on results! When: From April - end of 2014 Where: Programme Facebook page, What: a campaign to promote the results of the projects already finalized. In total, 37 projects were presented How: Each week, on Monday, a project was promoted. (info: projects’ budget, partners, objectives and results, pictures).
  16. 16. Promoting resultsPromoting results Media campaign We are on social media: Facebook: m/RomaniaBulgariaCbcPro gramme?fref=ts Twitter: Programme/
  17. 17. Events in 2014Events in 2014 • 9 events regarding the information and communication the Programme results were presented during our information events, inter alia: – Open Day - May 9th – Two “On site visits” (Pleven and Constanta) – European Cooperation Day (Razgrad, Călăra i, Silistraș ) – Annual Conference (Veliko Turnovo) – Information session for mass-media representatives (Ruse)
  18. 18. Events in 2014Events in 2014 • 31 workshops, technical meetings, round tables – for beneficiaries (Craiova, Calarasi, Ruse etc.) • 2 events for the programme structures
  19. 19. Events in 2015Events in 2015 • We celebrated the Europe day in Silistra – 9th of May • 3 meetings with our beneficiaries (Calarasi, Ruse)
  20. 20. WhatWhat changechange would youwould you like tolike to seesee contest?contest?  We keep our beneficiaries close to us!  Contest – launched on May, deadline – 20 May  Applications: 4
  21. 21. ConclusionsConclusions • Supporting the beneficiaries smooth project implementation • Significant improvement in the communication with the beneficiaries • Kept the beneficiaries permanently informed • Increased the Programme image in the eligible area (through the information campaign and events) • Promoted the Programme results at regional and national level
  22. 22. What’s ahead? Closure.What’s ahead? Closure.  31st of December 2015 – final date for payments  Beneficiaries: informed and alerted (Instruction no. 66 – guidance on closure)  Working Group for Closure –established  Action Plan for Closure
  23. 23. Thank you! You can find us on: