Communication testing


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A new approach to communication testing

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Communication testing

  1. 1. Edentify Fast, effective insights andinnovators in consumer research
  2. 2. About EdentifyWe workwith businesses in thefollowing industries:- Market research consultancies- Media agencies- Advertising/full service agencies- Marketing consultancies- FMCG- Media- Publishing- Financial services- Retail
  3. 3. Our servicesOnline/Mobile surveying Online communities When you need numbers When you need deeper insights Branding studies New concept testing Market sizing Purchase behaviour Customer satisfaction Sample testing Advertising awareness/effectiveness Creative testing New concept testing Product or service testing Pitch research
  4. 4. A new approach tocommunication testing…
  5. 5. Three factors inhibiting good communication research Artificial Time Something from environment constraints everyone… at best1 2 3 People don’t It’s hard for people At best – in a focus consume media in to wrap their heads group we hear a focus group around new ideas something from room, but we at the best of times everyone, but due expect them to so why do we to time constraints, evaluate to expect them to we never hear creative ideas or grasp new everything from executions there concepts, that may everyone just be ideas and not fully crafted, in the space of an hour or two
  6. 6. Online Group Forums A new, immersive way to explore creative communication concepts• Creative testing using Online Group Forums enable us to fully explore reactions to creative ideas and concepts• We get to enter the world of the research participant; we do not force them to enter our world• When testing online we can control the influence between participants and the moderator
  7. 7. Key benefits Greater gene Asynchronous Over night or pool method over a month1 2 3 Online group forums No time pressures to Home banking, on-line last longer than focus attend a focus group dating, Facebook etc. group and this means which means we get People organise their people get to sit with to speak to a wider lives and relationships an idea audience. on-line at a time when longer, understand We get to speak to it suits them. it, then make people who Research should be no judgement. otherwise may be different. Forums can be busy when focus Participants and extended over time – groups are normally moderators can dip in posing held. and out throughout questions, evolving the duration of the concepts and re- study. testing.
  8. 8. Example 1 – 1 concept, 20 participants, 2 days Does this remind you of anything (other advertising etc.)? Look for other category examples Day 1 Where does the concept fit? TV, outdoor, web etc. Day 2 24 hour taskIntroduction and Capture thoughts and thoughts and feelings about experiences overbrand / category last 24 hours Introduction to Have theircreative concept feelings changed Initial thoughts and why? and reactions Wrap up and close
  9. 9. Example 2 – 2 concepts, 20 participants, 3 days Does this remind you of anything (other advertising etc.)? Look for other category examples Day 1 Where does the concept fit? TV, outdoor, web etc. Day 2 Day 3 24 hour taskIntroduction and Capture Capture thoughts and thoughts and thoughts and feelings about experiences from experiences overbrand / category the 24 hour task last few days Introduction to Compare the 2 Reactions to thecreative concept executions and different – split into 2 discuss concepts and groups how these might Initial thoughts have changed and reactions Wrap up and close
  10. 10. What is the best stimulus to use?• Depending on how far the creative idea is executed… Simple Story Mood Video or animatic boards boards Photos Audio clips• Anything that helps bring the idea to life for the participant
  11. 11. The outputs• Comprehension of message and call to action, with recommendations on any areas for optimisation• How communication involves and engages participants, how this impacts brand involvement and how it aligns with over-arching brand strategy• How well the execution or idea stands out amongst other communication (broadly and at a category level)• An understanding of the evolution of participants understanding of this creative – how they initially think and feel about it, versus how they think and feel after having the idea sit with them for a while
  12. 12. Why is this method effective? LET AN We don’t base our results on an initial response, but how people think and feel IDEA about the idea over a day or two BREATH LIFE We let people live with the creative idea in their real life. Not in the artificial WITH THE environment of a group room IDEAEVERYTHING We get full and detailed responses from all participants, resulting in a much more FROM EVERYONE solid understanding of opinion MAKE We let people make links and see similarities with other examples in their lives toLINKS WITH CULTURE help them understand a concept further DEBATE We allow debate and interaction between participants beyond our own line of AND questioning to make sure we don’t miss anything importantINTERACTION
  13. 13. How do we share results?We can offer:Real-time resultsWeb-basedreportingCharting systemCreatefilters/segmentsOpen text analysisData export intoExcel and otherreporting systemsClient dashboards
  14. 14. Edentify Fast, effective insights andinnovators in consumer research