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QRpedia - Ignite talk at OTA11


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Ignite Bletchley Park - my talk on QRpedia.
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Published in: Technology, Business
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QRpedia - Ignite talk at OTA11

  1. 1. Introducing Terence Eden with thanks to Roger Bamkin, Lori Philips, Andy Mabbett, Tom Morris, &c.@edent #OTA11
  2. 2. @edent #OTA11
  3. 3. @edent #OTA11
  4. 4. What if there were a seamless and low-cost way to harness the synergies between the self- organised online learning communities and traditional knowledge based guardians ofcultural treasures to provide a 360-degree solution to a diverse range of stakeholders?@edent #OTA11
  5. 5. Museums + QR Codes + Wikipedia = #OTA11
  6. 6. @edent #OTA11
  7. 7. @edent #OTA11
  8. 8. Dealing With Other Languages ● 25% - 50% of visitors to UK museums are foreigners* ● This should work in museums world-wide.** #OTA11
  9. 9. One QR Code = Multiple Languages@edent #OTA11
  10. 10. Generate The Code@edent #OTA11
  11. 11. How It WorksVisitor scans the QR code@edent #OTA11
  12. 12. How It Works● Phones web browser opens the URL embedded in the QR Code● Detect the Accept-Language header● Search the Wikipedia API● Return mobile friendly translated article@edent #OTA11
  13. 13. Derby Museum Trial@edent #OTA11
  14. 14. National Childrens Museum Indianapolis@edent #OTA11
  15. 15. @edent #OTA11
  16. 16. UK National Archives Kew@edent #OTA11
  17. 17. Statistics@edent #OTA11
  18. 18. Future QRpedia Codes@edent #OTA11
  19. 19. Vision● QRpedia code on every major exhibit● every museum● ...and art gallery● ...and library● ...and archive● ...around the world@edent #OTA11
  20. 20. Thank - - @edent +44 7717 512 963@edent #OTA11