Shaping the Classrooms of our Future


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Global education systems are increasingly aware that our schools are not adequately preparing our students for a changing future. Eden Strategy Institute conducted a study in 2012 examining major trends and innovations in Singapore's education sector. This presentation is published in collaboration with the Education Innovation Conference 2012 and the UP Singapore urban innovation festival.

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Shaping the Classrooms of our Future

  1. 1. GOVERNMENT & NON‐PROFIT ∙ INFOCOMMS Shaping the Classrooms of  our Future SOCIAL INNOVATION PLAYBOOK SERIES eden strategy COPYRIGHT Eden Strategy Institute 2012
  2. 2. Most providers share a common vision for educational outcomes Global achievers from cohesive  communities that truly care and are able to  solve the problems of the COPYRIGHT Eden Strategy Institute 2012 2
  3. 3. However, the rising complexities of global challenges hinder  our progress… broken economic models Climate change resource  ageing crunch Silo‐mentalities toward academic  disciplines do not help to ‘future‐ stressed urban  systems proof’ education systems political restlessness rich‐poor divide terrorism human rights COPYRIGHT Eden Strategy Institute 2012 3
  4. 4. … together with changing social structures Competitiveness and isolation lead to  social  disengagement  and ‘me‐conomy’ COPYRIGHT Eden Strategy Institute 2012 4
  5. 5. … and capped human potential Source: All photos are property of Wikipedia except for Jack Horner ( Illustration: Riccardo Vecchio and Anita Roddick ( NO INFRIGEMENT INTENDED  What do these great people have in common? COPYRIGHT Eden Strategy Institute 2012 5
  6. 6. How would they have done in Singapore? Source: All photos are property of Wikipedia except for Jack Horner ( Illustration: Riccardo Vecchio and Anita Roddick ( NO INFRIGEMENT INTENDED  All of them were dyslexic None of them were assessed on standardized COPYRIGHT Eden Strategy Institute 2012 6
  7. 7. New trends are molding the future of education … Democratized Pull‐based learning Out of classroom Cross‐disciplinary Action‐oriented Lifelong Real‐time, anytime COPYRIGHT Eden Strategy Institute 2012 7
  8. 8. Student and teacher roles are evolving mediator? coach? tutor? facilitator? mentor? New roles to  reduce  teacher stress COPYRIGHT Eden Strategy Institute 2012 levels 8
  9. 9. Students will need to integrate knowledge across COPYRIGHT Eden Strategy Institute 2012 COPYRIGHT Eden Strategy Institute 2012 9
  10. 10. While the globalized classroom … … makes  learning  truly 24/ COPYRIGHT Eden Strategy Institute 2012 10
  11. 11. Big Data can expedite the classroom of the future • Socio‐economic data • Personality assessments • Curriculum designs  • Health records • Multiple intelligences • Pedagogy efficacy • Geo‐location data • Literacy level baselines • Teacher feedback • Online / mobile access • Peer reports • Standardized test scores • Self‐diagnosis • Facility utilization • Financial COPYRIGHT Eden Strategy Institute 2012 11
  12. 12. … with new learning applications Schedule  Knowledge  Facility Mgt Student  Student  Management delivery assessment feedback FRONT‐END • Monitoring of progress • Global benchmarking • Maximizing class contact time • Pull‐based class levels • Multiple pathways Teachers Students • Augmented reality • Cross‐disciplinary teaching • Gamification • Teaching tacit / life skills • Online global classrooms • Parent‐teacher interactive portals • Action‐based learning • Action‐oriented learning • Staff leadership training • Learning self‐diagnosis • Shared best practice databases • Individual learning portfolios • Teacher support platforms • Learning journals • Job redesign • Lifelong learning • New temporal scales • Just‐in‐time learning • 24/7 learning BACK‐END • Facilities management systems • Centralized curriculum repository • Mass customization • Technology outsourcing • Automated administration Teacher  Teacher  Curriculum  Student  Course  Marketing Fundraising training /  recruitment development compensation enrolment COPYRIGHT Eden Strategy Institute 2012 12
  13. 13. … that can drive meaningful educational & financial outcomes Students equipped with the right Understanding the value of life‐long attitudes, skills and tools to be learning increases students’ willingness lifelong learners to pay for quality education Better students Higher pricing power Outcomes  Adding Value In  = Education       Input costs Better educators Better systems Educators flexible to the changing trends in Systems which facilitate teacher role society, themselves proponents of lifelong interchangeability and support holistic and learning sustained student COPYRIGHT Eden Strategy Institute 2012 13
  14. 14. Questions to consider 1. Do the educational innovation roles differ for the private and public sector? 2. How can we future‐proof our education systems? 3. Can we always link superior educational outcomes to the bottom‐line? 4. What are novel educational philosophies, curricula, pedagogies, technologies, and business models that truly inspire us? 5. What are the easiest ways to build an innovative and resilient educational organization? COPYRIGHT Eden Strategy Institute 2012 14
  15. 15. Eden Strategy Institute. Asia’s leader in Social Innovation Consulting What we do. Eden Strategy Institute approaches the global issues of disease, poverty, illiteracy, and exploitation head‐on, by  formulating strategies, models, processes, products, and designs that help our clients create, realize, and sustain quantum  profit in addressing these issues. We focus exclusively on empowering business strategies with Social Innovations that create  enduring financial impact, such as Silver Hair Marketing, identifying Bottom‐of‐Pyramid segments, creating Ethical Supply  Chains, Microfinancing, Energy Efficiency, Socially Responsible Investing, Policy Planning and Advocacy, and so on. Our Government & Non‐Profit Practice. Eden has experience spanning the entire Non‐Profit value chain, from advocacy and  capacity building, to fundraising and implementation. We regularly  advise on policy reform and help governments plan and  set up industry blueprints and ecosystems, urbanize communities with infrastructure development, correct market failures,  allocate resources, accelerate trade and development programs, advocate causes and lobby for regulatory approvals, make  grants and raise funds, drive for results, and forecast the economic and social impact of governmental and non‐profit  interventions.Our extensive network of contacts with the entire non‐profit ecosystem across Asia‐Pacific, including  fundraisers, corporate donors, government agencies, multilateral organizations, NGOs, and charities, allows us to serve as a  conduit of knowledge and best practices across non‐profit and for‐profit ecosystems. Our Infocommunications & Media Practice. Eden helps technology leaders develop new products and cultures, set standards  in wars of attrition, reduce CAPEX, and optimize different revenue streams in managing customer lifecycles. Our work enables  firms to build capacity while reducing energy demands with cloud computing, deliver better prices to the agricultural  community with pre‐paid mobile cards, minimize resource consumption by going electronic, leverage on mass media to  impact health awareness, and increase literacy using affordable laptops as inclusive devices for Bottom‐of‐Pyramid segments. Our philosophy. We believe in the power of ideas to positively shape our world, one client at a time. Our focus is unparalleled  in bringing to bear our entire senior management team, as well as the world’s foremost experts, on our clients’ most pressing sustainability issues. In turn, we elect to only collaborate with clients who are seriously committed to creating value together. COPYRIGHT Eden Strategy Institute 2012 15
  16. 16. Thank you!Contacts: Calvin Chu Yee Ming, Partner Sarah Wong, Strategy Consultant Eden Strategy Institute T: +65 9751 5817 E: COPYRIGHT Eden Strategy Institute 2012