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Markets of Hope Art Exhibition Report

Initial report on the event space and the issues we will have in preparing the venue.

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Markets of Hope Art Exhibition Report

  1. 1. Contents• 1. Photos of the event space.• 2. Artwork Exhibited• 3. Recommended Room• 4. Issues to Discuss
  2. 2. 2. Artwork
  3. 3. Issues• Mounting • Budget for this? • Framed? • Wall hooks – Solid concrete walls (need a drill)Solutions• Photos can be framed using standard frames with glass fronts.• Art – Sizes are large and not standard. They need wooden frames that have to made by hand. This can be done either professionally or do it yourself. If tools are found then this can be done by volunteers if enough time is provided.• Do we have a budget for this?• Frame Hooks: Drill the walls and insert frame hooks. Room is not going to be used in the future so this is possible.
  4. 4. Recommended Room• All the rooms available are old and in bad condition.• Mold and water stains are on the walls making the appearance of the room look bad.• Also, wall space is a problem. • Not enough walls free of obstructions like pipes. • Some walls are two tone in colour. See here • Floors and walls are dirty.• Two rooms will be renovated so free useof those rooms to do as we please might be an issue. Rooms 1 +3 will be renovated.
  5. 5. Recommended: Room 2
  6. 6. Room 2
  7. 7. Photos – I propose puttingthem on the stairwell wall
  8. 8. Issues to Discuss• Budget • What is our budget? This will decide what we are able to do.• Rooms • Do we need more than one room?• Clean up and Setting up • Date and time? Number of volunteers? • Will we paint the walls or not? • Checklist needed of what we need. E.g. cleaning equipment.• Furniture • We will need at least one table for information and pamphlets. Where from?• Art and Photo descriptions • What needs to be written next to the pictures and who will do it?
  9. 9. Issues to Discuss cont.…• On the Day Plan • Opening? Who is doing what?• Are we selling anything? Photo book?• Advertising the Event • How are we going to do this? • Do we need to print pamphlets about the event?• Concept for Art Exhibition • Story? • Layout?• Other issues…
  10. 10. Overall• The place has a lot of potential to look good for the art exhibition but a lot of work is needed to clean and set up the event space. Based on five volunteers, I would say an hour to clean and two hours to paint. A further two hours to set up. Framing the paintings will take two hours if we have tools and timber ready.• A budget is needed.• The earlier we start the better! When will everyone get here?