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Multiple Choice Test Construction Rules


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Multiple Choice Test Construction Rules

  1. 1. Eden Mae V. Selim BSEd-English-3
  2. 2. Who is the Philippine National Hero? a. Dr. Nathaniel Mugot b. Engr. Maesille Noble c. Atty. Jennefer Edrozo d. Dr. Jose P. Rizal STEM ALTERNATIVES/ FOILS D I S T R A C T E R S KEY
  3. 3.  Example: What does the statement “ Development patterns acquired during the formative years are NOT UNCHANGEABLE” imply? a. b. c. d.
  4. 4. Example The short story May Day’s Eve, was written by which Filipino author? a. Jose Garcia Villa b. Robert Frost c. Edgar Allan Poe d. Nick Joaquin
  5. 5. Example What causes ice to transform from solid state to liquid state? a. Change in temperature b. Changes in pressure c. Change in the chemical composition d. Change in heat levels
  6. 6. ALTERNATIVE USE WEAKNESS ALL OF THE ABOVE Answer Can be identified by noting that two of the other alternatives are correct Distracter Can be eliminated by noting that one of the other alternatives is incorrect NONE OF THE ABOVE Answer Measures the ability to recognize incorrect answers rather than correct answers Distracter Does not appear plausible to some students
  7. 7. Versatility  Validity Reliability  Efficiency oVersatility oReliability oDifficulty of Construction