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Annoytation of magazine cover


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Annoytation of magazine cover

  1. 1. Masthead Sky linePuff Sell lines Main image Barcode Sell line
  2. 2. The colours and design of this magazine cover are madeto suit the plot of the featured film. The imagebackground is the American flag and the main coloursused are red, white and blue which suites the film‘Captain America’. Yellow is also used for some parts ofthe magazine like the sell lines and for the puff. This givesit more colour and also the yellow is very bright andstands out giving these parts a little more importance.The Character on the front page is also the maincharacter of the featured film and is wearing the clothingworn in the actual film. This give it more identity andhints to the plot of the film. Just by looking you can seethat the film will be about America and involve some sortof war or action because of the characters posture andattire. The main character is also giving direct address tothe reader, allowing them to feel more involved.The main character is portrayed as very strong,masculine and a hero. This will gratify both sexes,woman because they will find the male very attractiveand male audience as they can look to the character asan inspiration of some sort.
  3. 3. These sell lines gratify the reader with informationof what will be included in the magazine. Thecolours used are yellow and white. The yellow helpsthe sell line to stand out more. ‘Plus!’ is in a largerfont giving it more emphasis. This sell line is placed at the bottom of the page with a white background. It is placed in a box that separates it from the rest of the page. The sell line shows extras that will be included in the magazine. It includes a picture as well it’s the only other photo on the page apart from the main image.This puff is in yellow witch is a bright colour that isvery eye catching. The puff is related to thefeatured film. This gratifies the reader withinformation about whats in the magazine.
  4. 4. Puff Masthead Sell linesMaincoverimage Cover linesBarcode
  5. 5. Looking at the magazine without the redtext you can see that the main colours usedare white and grey. White is used for all ofthe text. The font used is mostly in, whatlooks like, impact font and is very bold andstands out.The red text adds colour to the page and thebright red stands out a lot against the dulland plain colours used on the magazine. Thefont is very rough, making it look likemarker.The front cover gives strong clues into theplot of the film and also makes the coverlook a lot more interesting. People will be alot more drawn to this magazine as it doesnot look boring. The vandalised look willcatch peoples eyes as it will make themcurious.
  6. 6. The magazines main cover image shows the maincharacter from the featured film. Unlike most of themagazines, the main character is placed behind themasthead and it almost covers his face. The red text alsocovers his moth and is on his body. These make the maincharacter look sort of weakThe puff stands out a lot on this poster because of itssize, it is a large puff and the text is also very large andbold. ‘FREE!’ is put in black which separates it from thewhite text bellow, drawing more attention to it. This willpersuade the reader to buy the magazine. There is a lotof emphasis on the word ‘SEX’ as it has the largest font inthe puff.The sell lines gratify the reader with information ofwhat else will be included in the magazine. This sellline is almost identical to the one on the magazineabove. Both are placed on the right side of themagazine
  7. 7. Sky line MastheadMain coverimage Cover linesBarcode Sell lines
  8. 8. The main cover image is a group images of fivedifferent characters from the featured film. Thepositioning of the characters and editing make thecharacter at the front stand out the most. Thecharacter has a more colour compared to that ofthe other characters, he is positioned in the frontand over laps the masthead. He is also shown aspowerful because the image is taken in a highangle. The characters are not giving direct addressand it looks more like an action shot.The characters props hints to the plot and genre ofthe film. The characters are holding guns thisshows that the film will include violence andaction.This magazine would gratify the male audiencebecause of the way it portrays the featuredcharacters. The woman are very attractive and arewearing revealing and quite provocative clothing.Only the men are holding weapons, making themlook more violent and powerful. Follows the stereotypes of both genders.
  9. 9. The colours used in this magazine are yellow, white and red. Red is used only for the films masthead. This helps it stand out from the rest of the cover. It is positioned in the middle and at the top in large text. Yellow is also used on the cover. This colour is very bright and stands out, which will help to catch the audiences eye. There is little text on the magazine compared to the others I have looked at. The cover line is of the largest text on the cover, apart from that of the masthead. ‘SIN CITY’ and ‘BRUCE WILLIS’ are written in bold white text. This emphasises their importance. This is done because this is the main story.This banner is made to look like a film real, this suites the magazine and helps tomake it more clear that it is a film magazine. The banner separates the sell lines fromthe rest of the cover. It gives information of what else will be included within themagazine. It also included pictures
  10. 10. Sky line MastheadPuff Sell linesmain images Pull quote Barcode
  11. 11. the front cove image is a long shot of the maincharacter of the featured film. She is wearing thesame clothing as what she would be wearing inthe actual film. This cover links little to the genreof the film. The film is a vampire horror, howeverthe only link to horror is the blood on her handwhich does not stand out very much.The woman on the cover is giving direct addressthis gives the reader a sense of connection. Thecover image will mainly gratify the male audienceas the woman is wearing revealing clothing and isvery attractive. She is also a very well knowactress, therefore people will be more likely topick up the magazine because they are familiarwith the character.There are only three other images on the pagethat are small, this gives the main image a lotmore importance. It is also positioned in front ofthe masthead completely covering the L in FILM.This gives the character more importance.
  12. 12. I do not like the magazine cover as it does notshow the title of the featured film. Most magazinecovers I have looked at make it clear of the title ofthe film. There are no cover lines or anyinformation of the cover images. The reader willnot be able to tell what the featured film s unlessthey have seen it or know from another source.The colour scheme is manly blue, red andwhite/grey.The largest text on the page is the films masthead,it is also in red, this allows it to stand out the mostand gives it the most importance on the page.The second largest text on most magazines wouldbe the cover line, however as this magazine doesnot have it this is not the case. The second largestfont is both the puff and the strap line above themasthead. Both of these show that there is not asingle film that is the main focus in the magazine,but instead many films.
  13. 13. The magazine has a lot of sell lines. The cover shows a lot ofinformation of what will be included on the magazine. Onthe top sell line a blue highlight, white font and a larger textare used than the below text, giving this part moreimportance. It says ‘Exclusive’ this persuades the reader andmakes them want to look more into it. It also says ‘and 94more’ this makes it so the reader will not know what elsewill be included unless they read more into the magazine.Underneath ‘PLUS’ is written in large red font that allows itto stand out further. Emphasising the word plus shows thereader that there is a lot included in this magazine. This is a pull quote gives a hint of what will be talked about in the magazine. This gratifies the reader with information. Underneath in red is the only place the name of the featured cover film image is mentioned and only in little font, this gives it very little importance.