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The Cool Kid on the Block - Pedagogical Innovation as a Competitive Advantage #edlw2019


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Presentation by José Mota,Universidade Aberta, Portugal, at the 2019 European Distance Learning Week's second-day webinar on "What might the future hold for distance education universities?" - 12 November 2019 Recording of the discussion is available: &

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The Cool Kid on the Block - Pedagogical Innovation as a Competitive Advantage #edlw2019

  1. 1. The Cool Kid on the Block Pedagogical Innovation as a Competitive Advantage José Mota
  2. 2. The Big Scare MOOC explosion: threat or opportunity? • Everyone wants to do online learning • Distance/Online learning becomes mainstream • Tough competition from established, well branded traditional universities • Who needs Distance Education universities anymore?
  3. 3. Online Learning – The New Old • Ignored decades of experience in DE & OL • Familiar, traditional methodologies – Lecture-based – Videos – Quizzes – Discussion forums – Platform centric
  4. 4. It’s a Networked Society Changes in how knowledge and information are produced, transmitted or distributed in networks that often escape the control of organizations and institutions. The emergence of a participatory culture, in which the locus of power, control and content production is displaced from the traditional producers and providers Solutions that match these new realities in the form of participatory pedagogies
  5. 5. The Opportunity for DE Universities • Long experience in pedagogical innovation and in research in teaching methodologies in HE • Successfully adapted to different technological generations • Stalled regarding innovation • Struggled with pedagogical challenges and opportunities offered by the Internet and social media • Held back by legacy investments in print, broadcast technologies, and centralized (outdated) computer systems • Need to retrain teaching staff
  6. 6. We need Networked Learning Strong social dimension emphasis on a culture of collaboration and of shared construction of knowledge Dialogue and interaction with people, resources, artifacts Diversified process of encounters, experiences and reflections Openness and Transparency – OER/OEP, open syllabus Blending of formal, non-formal and informal learning based on networks that interact
  7. 7. Re-focus on Pedagogical Innovation Innovative and ever-developing pedagogies – Connectivism – Rhyzomatic education – Existing socio-constructivist approaches common in DE &OL (COI) updated with the new affordances offered by social software Always one or two steps ahead Recognized as – Experts in the field – Specialized in DE & online learning (core business) – Cool, trending, up-to-date and probing the future
  8. 8. Best wishes from Lisbon