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Researching openness – evidence-based approach - Paul Prinsloo


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Presentation of Paul Prinsloo, UNISA, for the Open Education Week's fifth-day webinar on "Researching openness – evidence-based approach " - 8 March 2019
Recordings of the discussion are available:

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Researching openness – evidence-based approach - Paul Prinsloo

  1. 1. Paul Prinsloo • Research Professor in Open and Distance Learning at the University of South Africa (Unisa), established 1873, 350,000 students • My current and primary research focus is on the collection, analysis and use of student data as evidence, in order to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning in open and distributed environments. My secondary focus is on open and distributed learning – mapping ecologies of open
  2. 2. Some general comments Evidence in the social imaginary Open in the social imaginary The broader context in higher education Our beliefs about the practice and impact of educational research Researching ‘open’/ evidence in ‘open’ research
  3. 3. What are the today most relevant research challenges on Open Education? • Thinking beyond binaries – open/closed and rather explore the ecologies making open/closed desirable • Moving beyond definitions and declarations – what was left unsaid, who/what is excluded by whom, on what basis, and what are the effects on those (material and human) that are not included but are affected? • Realising that all evidence are ideological, preliminary/until-further-notice, contested and fragile
  4. 4. Can Evidence-Based Research approach offer a new and better perspective to the Open Education research? • A new perspective? Better than what? • To what extent can evidence be open and not close off interrogation/critique? • How is Evidence-Based Research different in Open Education compared to “non-open” education?
  5. 5. What kind of Evidence-Based research methodologies are more appropriated to research on Open Education? • Methodologies depend on and should flow from the research questions. So, what are the questions? • What research methodologies are not focused on gathering and reporting on evidence? • How will the evidence be disseminated (open/closed)? Who will have access to the findings? How will the findings be open and open up further spaces?