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Open Education in Italy: Challenges, Opportunities and Perspectives


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Presentation of Elena Caldirola, University of Pavia, Italy, for the Open Education Week's third day webinar on "Ongoing initiatives for Open Education in Europe" - 6 March 2019
Recordings of the discussion are available:

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Open Education in Italy: Challenges, Opportunities and Perspectives

  1. 1. Ongoing initiatives for Open Education in Europe
  2. 2. EC and Open Education A way of carrying out education, often using digital technologies. Its aim is to widen access and participation to everyone by removing barriers and making learning accessible, abundant, and customisable for all. It offers multiple ways of teaching and learning, building and sharing knowledge. It also provides a variety of access routes to formal and non-formal education, and connects. (Opening up Education: A Support Framework for Higher Education Institutions, 2016)
  3. 3. The 10 dimensions of Open Education Source: Inamorato dos Santos, A., Punie, Y., Castaño-Muñoz, J. (2016) Opening up education: a support framework for higher education institutions
  4. 4. Key drivers in Italy • OER • OEP • MOOCs • Open Access
  5. 5. The Conference of Italian University Rectors The "Digital Factor" as driver for innovation in didactics Teaching and Learning Digital Technologies Maps of platforms and their inter-operability Technological Infrastructures and cybersecurity MOOCs: Challenges and Opportunities Open access, Digital Libraries and big data Resources and actions to support Digital University in the EU Framework Knowledge, certificates and credits National Plan for Digital University, University of Udine, 27-28 June 2018
  6. 6. Italian scenario - HEI
  7. 7. Italian scenario - School
  8. 8. Just some words on… • Strategies • Policies • Problems • Opportunities …related to OE in Italy
  9. 9. Many thanks!! Elena Caldirola - University of Pavia, ITALY Pavia by night - The Old Bridge on Ticino River and the Cathedral