Keynote Presentation - David White


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Keynote Presentation - David White

  1. 1. Cimabue Santa Trinita Madonna Giotto Ognisanti Madonna Duccio Ruccelai Madonna
  2. 2. David White (student)
  3. 3. A ball
  4. 4. A bag
  5. 5. A purse
  6. 6. A cat
  7. 7. Unrelatedsigns…
  8. 8. Meaningdependshow they arecombined
  9. 9. Whatdoes shemake ofit?
  10. 10. Creative imitation simplifies in order to reveal
  11. 11. Look at text: Symbols inspire thought Creative metaphor refigures reality  Relational: I say it, you interpret it  Surplus of meaning  Can’t be translated into descriptive language
  12. 12.  Narrative configures reality  the plot asserts cause  history tells us why things are as they are  fiction tells us how things might be Understanding lies between text and reader
  13. 13.  Reading in the hermeneutic circle for fuller understanding 1. naive reading 2. explanation –internal coherence 3. suspicion – does it mean what it seems? 4. understanding – seeing the world it projects 5. appropriation – buying into that world What it means depends (partly) on who reads
  14. 14. Thank you.I think Iunderstand.
  15. 15.  Challenge  set aside belief-systems and read as educator Rich fund of  Take distance:  stories  hear it afresh  metaphors  let it speak  symbols  Learn told over centuries in encounter between world of text and our world  interfaces between fields of knowledge are loci of creativity
  16. 16.  Teachers: 128 references to  Jesus teachers and teaching 43 references to  Paul learning mediated by text Teaching is relational  the text itself is and student-centred teachingExpect principles rather than technical solutions
  17. 17.  Uses many forms and genres  metaphors  stories (parables)  Jesus and Paul  principles pull crowds  exhortation  Different from  poetry traditional teacher  action Tyrranus?  letters Relational and interactive
  18. 18. The light shines in the darknessbut the darkness has not overcome it
  19. 19.  What might it mean Jesus tells stories that to someone in invite the listener to distance learning? find meaning  efforts are scattered (parables) widely “A sower went out to  much is wasted sow...”  still yield huge What does it mean returns to you?  A story of encouragement...
  20. 20.  Identify with them  “puts his tent in their camp” Homes Gatherings Targets the socially excluded Goes to “the other side”...
  21. 21.  Double story  crossing the lake in a storm; and  encounter with Gadarene man with demons Story told three times (by Matthew, Mark and Luke)  Apart from words of Jesus, every word is different  But same steps Any story can be told in many ways
  22. 22. The storm on the lake Facing trouble and danger to do the job Echoes of Jonah, who ran away; and Julius Caesar, who turned back Asks a question:  Not “How did he do this?” But  “Who is this?”
  23. 23. At the other side... Man with demons prefers the dead to the living  world is upside-down  distinguish man from demons  demons in one man v demons in crowd  political subtext Man pleased to have world put right-way up Townspeople preferred things as they were
  24. 24.  Tension maintained between  building on what we have “not to abolish, but to fulfil” so work in stages; and  turning the world upside down “puts down the mighty... and exalts the humble” breaking in A method, not an answer
  25. 25.  Travelled to lay foundations Lectured and debated  could be long-winded  Built an organisation  sometimes hard to  Placed key leaders and understand managers  could be lyrical  Sent colleagues to run Wrote letters tutorials  his metaphors cross cultural barriers  adapts what is familiar
  26. 26.  Theology is about relationships  Where we are in the order of things  How to relate to others Learned in community Needs someone to exhort, guide, encourage, accompany παρὰκλητὸς parakletos
  27. 27.  Traditional Jewish festival celebrates gifts to Israel Pentecost in New Testament turns towards others And provides us with...
  28. 28. ὑμῖν τοῖς μακρὰν καὶ τοῖς ἐγγύς To those far off and to those who are near
  29. 29. Cimabue Santa Trinita Madonna Giotto Ognisanti Madonna Duccio Ruccelai Madonna