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Lesson 2#Scientific Research Skills
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Join us to the EDENRW8 Research Workshop in Oxford

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8th EDEN Research Workshop Invitation
Co-organised by The Open University, UK and EDEN

Join us to the EDENRW8 Research Workshop in Oxford

  1. 1. Workshop Themes Challenges for Open and distance learning • Learning Design • 21st Century skills and the role of ODL • Employability. • ‘Nomadic/mobile' learners? • Citizenship and learning • Accessibility • ‘The Crowd' in a mass learning in a global society (eg. MOOCS, Social media etc.) • Social Learning and the independent learner The teacher in the Open World • Learning Analytics Challenges in undertaking research and research impact • New or recast models and methods for researching learning design • How do we measure the impact of our research into ODL? • How can we increase the impact of our research into ODL? • Incubating new research ideas, and new methods and techniques
  2. 2. Call for Contributions 1st September 2014 •Paper presentations: presenting research results or reviews existing results including empirical or theoretical studies, policy reviews, comprehensive case studies, presentation of project results in their conclusive phase. •Workshops: introducing a comprehensive theme from different perspectives, focused sessions on a particular topic, debates, discussions. •Posters : work-in-progress, achievements of initial research, projects in early stages of development, case studies, etc. Poster presentations will be themed in related sessions. •Demonstrations: showcase of practical innovation, products, technologies and tools, to encourage the early exhibition of prototypes, focusing on user experience. They will offer opportunity to show and discuss, to exchange ideas and collect feedback from expert users
  3. 3. RW8 Publications Special editions of selected papers in…. EURODL European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning and Open Learning the Journal of Open Distance and e-Learning
  4. 4. Keynote Speakers Willem van Valkenburg Coordinator Delft Open Education Team, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands (Confirmed) Cristobal Cobo Research Fellow Oxford Internet Institute University of Oxford, UK (Confirmed) Philipp Schmidt Executive Director Peer to Peer University/MIT Media Lab fellow, USA (Confirmed) Pierre Dillenbourg CHILI Lab, EPFL Centre for Digital Education Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne Switzerland (Confirmed) OTHER CONTRIBUTORS Dr Tony Bates (Daily rapporteur) (Confirmed) Dr Fred Mulder UNESCO OER Chair TBC Professor Martin Weller ICDE OER Chair TBC Alison Littlejohn Director Caledonian Academy Glasgow Caledonian University, UK Chair in Learning Technology (Confirmed) Sian Bayne Digital Education University of Edinburgh (TBC)
  5. 5. See you All at EDENRW8 in Oxford… events/research-workshops/oxford.html
  • mkeppell

    Jun. 19, 2014

8th EDEN Research Workshop Invitation Co-organised by The Open University, UK and EDEN


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