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Keynote Presentation - Ingeborg boe

  1. 1. ”Grandma´, may I useyouriPad, please?” Ingeborg Bø Boardmember EFQUEL, ICDE, Seniornet Past President EDEN, pastex. dir. NADE Norway EDEN AnnualConference Porto 6 - 9 June 2012
  2. 2. - Openness- Friendliness- Collaborationbetweengenerations
  3. 3. Trends technological development New gadgets and devices Personalisation Contextualisation Communication through social media Globalisation - openness to the world Public information only available on the net Welfare technology
  4. 4. Life situationSeniors Younger generation Digital outsiders  Digital natives Many excluded from participation in the  Live separated from older generations digital society  Responsibility for parents and People live longer grandparents Better health  Live their lives on the internet Many live alone  New ways of communication Need more help to be able to stay at  Demanding obligations: home longer careers and family More demanding Shortage of personnel in the nursing homes Less resources available
  5. 5. Norwegian senior-political indicators 2011Survey: attitude towards seniors:Statement: “Employees over 50 years old are less able to master pc and ictthan younger employees.” 2010 2011 Leaders 67% 56% agree Employees 67% 62% agree Synovate for Center for seniorpolicy, 2011
  6. 6. Characteristics or stereotypes ?Seniors Young Experience  Curious Broad knowledge  Eager to learn Wisdom  Open-minded Critical  Radical Conservative  Unafraid of change Reluctant to change  Playful Old patters Rest
  7. 7. Why bridge the gap?Seniors Young Participate more actively in  Learn to help others modern society: banking, public information, tickets, information  Attitude towardsseniors Inclusion  Respect Communication  Learn about the past Welfare technology  Critical thinking Reduce public expenses  Tolerance Self sustained  Conversation More joy  More joy Learning  Learning
  8. 8. 
  9. 9. SeniornetNorway Goal: All seniors in thecountryshall be activeusersoftheinternet
  10. 10. SeniornetNorway: Development 2006 2012Clubs 20 160Volunteers 100 850Employees 36Trained per year 1.000 >25.000Budget (NOK) 2.1 m 5.5 m
  11. 11. OpplæringsstederKlubber 160 stk.
  12. 12. Why?  26% ofthepolulationofNorway, 1.3 million, areabove 55 years old 35%ofthe seniors, or 435 000, have noknowledgeabout pc or internet (National statistics; 2011)SSB)
  13. 13. Tools:Motivate– teach-maintain  SeniorSurfday  Newspaper, homepage  Collaboration withotherNGOs  Tailormadebasictraining, just for seniors  «Pyramide training”: Traintheteachers!  Training and meetingplaceswhere seniors live and meet (seniorcentres, libraries, schools….)
  14. 14. Goals for 2012: Increasethenetworkoflearningplaceswith 50 newplaces (target 200) Offer training and guidance to at least 25 000 seniors Collaboratewithschools Exploitthepotentialofwelfaretechnology, Engagegroupswithlowparticipation in theuseof ICT, immigrants
  15. 15. SecondarySchoolVoluntaryclass: ICT Service
  16. 16. Recognition: EU eInclusionAward – Rosingprisen 2006 AgeingWell:Awarded by theNorwegian Finalist in Vienna in Computer Society December 2008
  17. 17. Training camp inSpain
  18. 18. ICTcamp2012 in Gausdal, Norway
  19. 19. SeniorSurf 2012 Opening at Drømtorpsecondary school By Rigmor Aasrud Minister ofgovernment administration, reform and churchaffairs
  20. 20. Similar networks in other countriesUnited Kingdom: UK Online Centres United generations
  21. 21. Welfaretechnology Dignio AS is a Norwegianstartupcommitted to innovation in Home healthcare. the perfect world..Our senior fellow citizens are in full control of their lives. Live safely at home as long as they wish. Can contact a trained health worker whenever they want -even if its not necessarry. Are assured that someone is watching over them ifsomething goes wrong. Live a life to its fullest.
  22. 22. Some Projects  MobileSage AAL Situated Adaptive Guidance for the Mobile Elderly The ideaofMobileSage is to provideelderlypeoplewithcontext-sensitive, personalized and location- sensitivetoolswhichallowthem to carryout and solveeverydaytasks and problems in theself- servesocietywhen and wheretheyoccur, “just- in-time”.
  23. 23.  T&Tnet EU AAL & Transport solutionsthroughemotional- socialNET-workingT&Tnetprovidessolutions to helpelderlyget to a specificdestination by making useof a different transport means, and it offers navigation and orientationadapted to theuserpreference in real time.
  24. 24. DilemmasIngeborg Moreus Hansen Sherry Turkle, professor of thePresident of Seniornet Norway: social studies of science and technology,“Nothing can substitute the touch MIT:of a warm hand.” “Alone together. Why we expect more from technology and less from each other” Basic Books 2011
  25. 25. Challenges to the EDEN family•Create content of interest for seniors•Respect informal learning•Approach seniors as an interesting target group•Create learning arenas where seniors are•Engage generation Y in learning activities for seniors
  26. 26. Tore Renberg:”GrandmasGotCable TV”
  27. 27. Promise“Yes, girls, you are welcome to use myiPad, And let us play together,”Grandma