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Edelman and The Marketing Institute of Ireland Social Media Survey 2016


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This survey looks into attitudes and behaviours of Irish marketing professionals towards social media. It covers topics such as platform preference, use of paid distribution, social media influencers, crisis preparedness and measurement.

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Edelman and The Marketing Institute of Ireland Social Media Survey 2016

  1. 1. Background This is the second annual Social Media Survey conducted by Edelman and The Marketing Institute of Ireland. The research was carried out online amongst 100 Irish marketing professionals throughout January and February of 2016. Full details and infographics are available on request or via or @edelmanIreland
  2. 2. Q1: In what country do you currently reside?
  3. 3. Q3: What best describes your current role?
  4. 4. Q4: Which of the below does your business primarily target?
  5. 5. Q5: Is social media important to your business?
  6. 6. Q6: Have you integrated social media into traditional marketing activities?
  7. 7. Q7: Are you able to measure the ROI of social media?
  8. 8. Q8: How do you measure your social media results?
  9. 9. Q9: Have you set social KPIs for the year?
  10. 10. Q10: Is your Facebook marketing effective?
  11. 11. Q11: Is your Twitter marketing effective?
  12. 12. Q12: Is your LinkedIn marketing effective?
  13. 13. Q13: Rank the following social media marketing benefits in order of importance to your business, with 1 being the most important and 8 being the least important.
  14. 14. Q14: Which of the following platforms do you actively use to market your business?
  15. 15. Q15: What is the single most important social platform for your business?
  16. 16. Q16: How will you change your social media use in the future, will your level of activity on the below increase, decrease or remain the same?
  17. 17. Q17: Who manages your social media platforms?
  18. 18. Q18: Which forms of paid social do you regularly use? • Answered: 80 Skipped: 22
  19. 19. Q19: Do you plan to increase your spend in paid social in 2016?
  20. 20. Q20: Do you plan to increase the percentage of your marketing budget you give to social media in 2016?
  21. 21. Q21: On a scale of 1 (totally unprepared) to 5 (fully prepared) how would you rate your preparedness for a social media crisis?
  22. 22. Q22: Did you undertake any social media crisis simulation exercises in the last year?
  23. 23. Q23: Did your company experience a social media crisis in the last year?
  24. 24. Q24: Do you have social media guidelines for your employees? • Answered: 101 Skipped: 1
  25. 25. Q25: Did you recruit social media influencers (e.g. blogger, someone with a large following on social media) to work with your brand in 2015?
  26. 26. Q26: Have you paid a social media influencer (e.g. blogger, someone with a large following on social media) in 2015? • Answered: 100 Skipped: 2
  27. 27. Q27: How credible do you think brand endorsements are from paid social media influencers?
  28. 28. Q28: Do you believe it is ethical to use social media influencers to promote brands?
  29. 29. Q29: Do you think the use of social media influencers should be regulated?
  30. 30. Q30: Do you intend to increase your use of social media influencers in 2016?
  31. 31. Q31: Do you currently undertake real-time social media marketing campaigns?
  32. 32. Q32: Do intend to increase the use of video in your 2016 marketing campaigns?